Step 1
Daily Prayer List
December 10, 2023
Pray against the corruption of our culture. Pray that God would move... in our entertainment and media, and that we would see His values set before the desires of the flesh.
Pray against the corruption of our higher education. Pray that the Lord... would raise up faculty, staff, and students who love Him and value the Constitution.
Pray against antisemitism, specifically in the Middle East. Pray that God would... encounter every Palestinian man, woman, and child, so that they may see how He views the Jewish people.
I Prayed
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Step 2
Pray For Today's Leaders
Raphael Warnock (D)
Senator (Georgia)
Kim Schrier (D)
Representative (Washington, 8th District)
Mary Peltola (D)
Representative (Alaska, 1st District)
Greggor Ilagan (D)
Representative (Hawaii, 4th District)
Joseph Guthrie (R)
Representative (New Hampshire, 0th District)
Prince Chestnut (D)
Representative (Alabama, 67th District)
Step 3
Join A Conversation With Others