State Prayer Call:
Tuesdays at 10:00 AM EST (excluding holidays)
(667) 930-8451
Access Code: 7232218
State Leader(s): Tim and Denise Endres
Contact Email: [email protected]
Governor: Gretchen Whitmer
Capital: Lansing
State Motto:
Si quaeris peninsulam amoenam circumspice, translated "If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you"

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Submitted Prayers For Michigan

Cheryl Anguiano
January 2, 2024

Lord, you are the King of the Universe and you are in control of all kingdoms and nations, we can find peace knowing that you hear our prayers, and we open our hearts to bring prayer for our Leaders within the State of Michigan asking for an outpouring of your Spirit as they come and as they go to make the decisions affecting our families. May they use Godly wisdom as you send the Spirit to open their hearts and let them see how they can benefit the families of our State by supporting the Police and Legislators of the Laws. Lord, bring down any principalities or powers that come to war against the Men and Women who have been placed into roles of Leadership and protect and guide them while they are serving your people. We humbly come to ask for your Glory to shine upon us, as we submit to those in Authority and offer ourselves as obedient to your Word. Amen

Pamela Schneider
November 1, 2023

Please pray the HB4949 is not passed. Open eyes, minds hearts to this evil agenda. Calling it by different names does not change what it is, pure evil! Let us pray: O God, who didst teach the hearts of Thy faithful people by sending them the light of Thy Holy Spirit, grant us by the same Spirit to have a right judgement in all things, and evermore to rejoice in His holy comfort. Through Christ our Lord. Amen

Bruce Meyer
October 23, 2023

If we have a place to discuss our prayers for Michigan, please let me know.
Other than praying for restraining the rampant lawless spirit in our state, I think that one of the great gifts and calling from God on us is to be a place of beauty and love of neighbor, which is a distinctive thing, and requires a move of His Spirit to make manifest. “Lord, please manifest the grace of beauty and love of neighbor here among us.”

Patricia Volkhardt
October 18, 2023

I come before you, Father of Heaven and earth, and my Beloved Jesus, my Savior and Lord of all, to ask first to cleanse our Capitol, Lansing of lawlessness, evil deeds and schemes that are against Your Will. I pray you create in lawmakers and all beurocrats too, a new heart to do Your Will. Lord be quick to rid Michigan of all evil doers. Break the schemes of those who plot to do wrong here in Michigan’s Leadership and Law. I pray for Michigan to support Your chosen people, the Nation of Israel. I pray for all our Officials do God’s Will for the People of Israel, and my fellow citizens of Michigan. Lord Jesus, guard those who serve us, let them be victorious that Your Will be done.
Reveal any lies and evil schemes and punish those who are responsible for lawlessness and evil deeds that run contrary to Your Will.
Thank you Lord Jesus for your answers to this prayer and for giving us your Love and Life everlasting ✝️
I pray in your Mighty Name above all names, King Jesus!

Dusti Hershberger
April 1, 2023

Father in Heaven, Please watch over our Great State and Beautiful waters created by you Lord, We Pray for Revival and against Corrupt Powers that would seek to destroy Biblical Values. I pray that John Moolenar and others could withstand the attacks of the left, I pray against the spirit of Transgenderism that is pervading our country and our state. I pray that we would seek you and Repent and that you would heal our Land, We Praise you and worship you and ask all in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Marie Eisbrenner
November 15, 2022

Father, while we are all disheartened by what took place last week in our elections, our faith in You does not waiver. We know that Your desire is for all life to flourish, and we trust in the plans You have for the state of Michigan. We pray that You would have encounters with our governmental leaders, and that there would be Saul to Paul conversions in the name of Jesus! Speak to them through dreams and visions Lord, and convict those who don’t yet know You, drawing them close to Your heart. We declare that Your will- On earth as it is in Heaven- will manifest in every life, in Jesus’ name. Amen!

Linda Cirenza
November 8, 2022

Father God, I ask that you overshadow all election places in Michigan today. Help all people see clearly what your will is as they read Proposal 3.
In Christ’s name we pray, Amen

Dusti Hershberger
November 4, 2022

Dear Heavenly father,
I pray your Holy Spirit hovers over our Beautiful State and your light shines through in your people. I pray these Evil Proposals get Voted down, The lying Spirit of our Airwaves gets cast down and your Love and righteousness reigns in our State and Our Elections are True and Good. In the Beautiful and Holy name of Jesus I pray.

Pamela Schneider
October 14, 2022

Please Lord expose the evil plans of Michigan’s proposals on Novembers election. Let them be overturned overwhelmingly. Let these vile politicians see that Jesus reigns over our state. Let your Angels be released to show the truth and open eyes. Thank you Jesus

Donna Matejcek
September 10, 2022

Since abortion will be on the ballot in November I pray that doctors are awakened to the dedication of promoting life. It’s their calling. If doctors refuse to perform abortions, standing for life, it will crucify the lefts political movement. God, open the hearts of purpose in doctors and elected officials to do righteousness in their positions. Protect the unborn and awaken those to the responsibility of getting pregnant is a choice before practicing sexual activity. We speak the overcoming power of life through the Scriptures in Jesus name

Rose Rocha
September 7, 2022

Lord, I pray for the Michigan Supreme Court Judges, especially Judge Richard Bernstein, may you open his spiritual eyes to see that abortion is harming women and their unborn babies. Touch his heart in the evening while he sleeps. Also let him see a manifested miracle in his life that he will realize but God. In Jesus name I pray.

Dona Schmidt
September 2, 2022

Father, just as the Kendrick’s brothers prayed, I pray in agreement that, You, O Lord, would bring down the Hamans and raise up Mordecais people who know You, love You desire Your best for this state and government! Raise up Esther’s who are living for such a time as this. People who understand the times. Thank You Lord for stopping the proposal about abortion not being on the ballot in November. Crumble and destroy the plans of the wicked. And fill us with a love for You and Your purposes. In Jesus name!

Kathy Breton
September 1, 2022

Holy Father, in the name of Your son, Jesus Christ…I pray that you will soften the hearts in any way You see fit of the elected and appointed officials who should be servants of the people of my community. Because, dear Father, we do need righteousness here performed by our leaders. The people are like sheep wandering without Godly direction from the leaders we have. We NEED Your intervention in every decision being made on behalf of these people. Come quickly, Lord to help so Your work continues with great influence.

Cynthia Watson
August 15, 2022

I cry out to you Lord of Heavens Armies, Sovereign One, Righteous One, our victorious conquering hero. Please intervene. Please come with your heavenly host and surround our city of Jackson, MI this Saturday. Reign King Jesus. Reign over our city. Intervene over the gay pride event and parade planned. I pray that you will interfere with the Enemy’s plans in powerful ways, Lord. Let it rain. Let their sound systems fail. Interrupt the spirits of deceit and cause confusion among them. Let their voices be weak. Let their efforts fail to persuade or infuence hearts and minds. May your kingdom of light and truth prevail over them. Reveal yourself to them, Jesus. Protect the innocent, unaware citizens, Lord. Protect their minds and hearts. I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Amen.

Freda Vukovich
August 13, 2022

Open their eyes Father God. Help them to see what the enemy is doing and how he is using them to do as he would have. Help them to see that the confusion and chaos that surrounds them IS the work of the enemy.

Help us to do a daily spiritual cleaning as well, so we can remain diligent in bringing these prayer needs before You. In Jesus precious name we pray, Amen.

John 3:34
I give my spirit in unlimited measure.

Denise Endres
August 8, 2022

Calling all Michigan prayer warriors!!! We need you ! Join our state of Michigan prayer call every week on Tuesday at 10:00 am EST Dial in at (667) 930-8451 Access Code: 7232218. We are standing strong in prayer for our state. Join us. –
Denise – prayer call host

Kimberley Marshall
July 22, 2022

Lifting Michigan in prayer. Heavenly Father, forgive our sins and heal our state.

In Jesus name

Karen Wilbanks
June 25, 2022

I declare the earth is the Lord’s and all of its fullness. Michigan is the Lord’s and all of its fullness. We place a bloodline upon the believers in Michigan and decree we have the mind of Christ. No weapon formed against us will prosper. By the authority of King Jesus we declare a tearing down of every lofty thing and every demonic scheme of the devil and expose the evil plans of the enemy. We cry for justice and righteousness to rise up. We say light will shine in the darkness and Michigan shall be saved!

Mark Andrews
June 24, 2022

Lord let Your Glory cover all of Michigan as the waters cover the seas. Set us apart for You. We declare that anti-Christ shall not rule here for we belong to You! We belong to You Lord. Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done here in Michigan

Michell Newcombe
June 22, 2022

Our Father, who art in heaven, hollowth be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us, lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil, for You are the Power, the Glory, and Kingdom, forever and ever.
Father forgive them for they know not what they do. Amen

Michell Newcombe
June 22, 2022

Our Father, who art in heaven, hollowth be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us, lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil, for You are the Power, the Glory, and Kingdom, forever and ever.
Father forgive them for they know not what they do. Amen

Bernard Figlan
June 1, 2022

Dear Lord God…please go into the hearts, minds and souls of our useless leaders in Michigan and let them know how displeased you are with the way they are leading Your people…show them how they are keeping Michigan down and that You’re not happy with that. Let them know the people of Michigan need to have no abortions and need You back in our schools. Put a fear and awe in them Lord God in the name of Jesus I pray. Amen


Pray For Michigan Leaders

Gary Peters (D)
Senator (Michigan)
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Debbie Stabenow (D)
Senator (Michigan)
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Gretchen Whitmer (D)
Governor (Michigan)
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Garlin Gilchrist (D)
Lt. Governor (Michigan)
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Dana Nessel (D)
Attorney General (Michigan)
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Jocelyn Benson (D)
Secretary of State (Michigan)
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