Rhode Island

State Prayer Call:
Saturdays at 9:00 AM EST
Access Code: 2621657
State Leader(s): Cheri Markward
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Phone:
Governor: Dan McKee
Capital: Providence
State Motto:

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Submitted Prayers For Rhode Island

Tori Ethier
November 9, 2023

My prayer is that our democratic leaders stop lying to the contrary & acknowledge we have wide open borders.
Almost 8,000,000 people from 174 countries including China, Russia, Venezuela and more..
Hundreds of top terrorist in world caught walking over the border,
Which now completely run by drug cartel.
Every person that crosses has on a band of color
which says how much $ they drug cartel for letting them through the border!
We have 85,000 missing children from border handed over 2. Mayorkas care.
Not only r Dems denying truth no 1 lking 4 thm 2 bst of my knowledge.
Not one demn been to the southern border, including vp & potus
If she is here to say, there’s no one coming over the border illegally by the millions when you refuse to go there and see if your self
many Republicans have been there on more than one occasion?
Each time the Texas governor does some thing to close the border Joe Biden sends someone down to destroy what ever Texas has put up to stop the illegal crossings.
This has become a national emergency. Every democratic state has called state of emergency New York Chicago overwhelmed with the amount of illegal people they are getting,.
Texas is getting millions people
farmland destroyed people afraid for their lives .
thousands of pounds of trash left on farm land.
people getting killed.
Fentynol in one year killed more peopleI believe from the border than people in the last four wars. .
Now allowing illegal people to get drivers licenses, &some states trying to change laws to let them vote.
Our democratic leaders in Congress are not fighting any of this.
we need people in Congress that are willing to stand up against these dangers to the American people.
They’ve made it about having votes illegally by letting all these people come in on Biden’s watch,
This is about endangering the people of the USA and nothing more ,
We need leaders in Congress
whether republican or democrat
that have the spine to stand up
and do what’s Right
for the American people.
That’s what we need to pray
That they change quickly
or they’re taking out of office

Andrea Puerini
March 22, 2023

Holy Spirit come to Rhode Island!! Father God remember the covenant promises you made to this nation here in RI. Jesus, your blood paid for each life in this state I pray they will TURN and HEAR and be saved by your GRACE. Thank you Lord for your love and mercy. America will be saved. In Jesus Name.


Pray For Rhode Island Leaders

Jack Reed (D)
Senator (Rhode Island)
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Sheldon Whitehouse (D)
Senator (Rhode Island)
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Daniel J. McKee (D)
Governor (Rhode Island)
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Peter F. Neronha (D)
Attorney General (Rhode Island)
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Gregg Amore (D)
Secretary of State (Rhode Island)
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Sabina Matos (D)
Lt. Governor (Rhode Island)
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