State Prayer Call:
Mondays at 12:00 p.m. CST
Access Code: 6371309
State Leader(s): Pam Zook
Contact Email: [email protected]
Governor: Mike Parson
Capital: Jefferson City
State Motto:
Salus populi suprema lex esto, translated "The Welfare of the People is the Highest Law"

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Submitted Prayers For Missouri

Dana Lytle
June 7, 2023

Dear Lord,
I come humbly to you to have mercy on us, bring us back to the virtues of Jesus, to be conscious of our actions & how we should live. Give our leaders wisdom to do what pleases you. Amen

Brenda Jenkins
May 10, 2023

Lord Jesus, please save our leaders so that they will have a divine encounter with you and lead well.

pam Montgomery
April 26, 2023

i pray for all leaders of missouri to be guided and protected from any evil here or coming our way! i pray for protection of all schools in this state and libraries from drag queens and a harvest of souls to happen i your mighty name Jesus Christ the King. thankyou Lord

Nava Michaels
January 27, 2023

Father, I’m so thankful to have been transplanted to the Heartland! Thank you for showing me and others who have also moved their families here the divinely protected state as Missouri is. I ask for continued protection, holy and righteous laws and law keepers, prosperity upon the land and it’s people. Embolden the hearts of the citizens in Missouri to understand who they are in prophecy and raise up more and more ranks of warriors here – intercessors, watchmen/prophets. Keep us strong, focused and steady on the wall Almighty God. Let us know the enemy even from afar off, and embolden our hearts to make that clear, prophetic shofar blast at your command, El ‘Elyon, Lord of Heaven and Earth! May the Show Me State rise fuller to its position of that place of refuge, a haven for the people in your end time plan, Lord. Protect this state from spiritual destruction, seek out and uproot evil ideologies, and may your face continue to shine upon her. In Yeshua’s (Jesus) name. Amen.

Cynthia Weatherwax
September 19, 2022

Father, I pray that our Senators and majority Senators will vote no on the 8404 bill in order to protect our children in the United States of America so that the children will not become fatherless or motherless. I pray that they will put the children first in Jesus name so that justice will be established in the square. Amen Thank You Lord!

Cynthia Weatherwax
August 18, 2022

Father I come and ask that the churches come together in unity across Missouri in Jesus name. To work together in our communities at Your will Father. That Christians would grow up spiritually and seek Your will for their assignments. Pastors continue to preach Your truth and that we would walk in Your truth in Jesus name! I pray for more churches to be involved in their communities in Jesus name. Father thank You, praise Your Holy Name!

August 2, 2022

Father, I come in agreement with Marcia A. Please, Father, protect your cattle on a thousand hills; protect those who steward your land. Grant wisdom to your servants who tend your lands both in America and abroad. Give your people one mind and one vision — Yours. This land is your land; these stewards are Yours; and they are not to be directed/managed by the whims of man, elitist boards, committees, groups, forums….Father, grant wisdom and firm direction to your stewards while keeping them under the protection of Your Almighty wing. Thank You that it is Your Will that will be done!

July 27, 2022

Father, may Missouri’s leaders be as the Sons of Issachar — those who understood the times and what to do about them….

Priscilla Meyenburg
June 26, 2022

I pray you will get the women from Il. That needs help with abortion decisions since you are next door. I know God would be full of joy until the problem changes in IL. Jesus I ask this request in your precious name.

Marcia Abbott
June 24, 2022

Lord, I have a specific prayer for Missouri’s livestock and crops. I pray that you will protect the beef industry, as well as the dairy, poultry, and pork industry. I ask that you block all bioterrorism leveled at animals, crops, or our food supply. Shield us from the Level 4 biolabs and from all forms of vandalism, false journalism, and evil legislation intended to sabotage Missouri agriculture. I ask this in the name of Jesus, to the glory of God the Father.

Skye Alison
May 25, 2022

Father in heaven, holy is your Name. There is no one like you and what a privilege to call upon you! Thank you for inviting us to your throne room, Lord, the place I derive strength, assurance, hope, comfort and courage. Lord, when you said “I can do nothing of myself” (Jn 5), I think how much more true that is for the rest of us! God, how we need you! Lord, I pray for the leaders we elected here in Missouri. I pray for them. I ask you Father that they may be people after your heart, seeking to know and do your good will above all else. Give them insight and your particular wisdom in discharging the duties before them. Help them carry out those duties with grace and courage and help them to know what is best for all the people. Finally, God bless them as they do so with singleness of heart to receive your approval. In the Name of Jesus, the Christ who gives every good and perfect gift. Amen


Pray For Missouri Leaders

Josh Hawley (R)
Senator (Missouri)
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Mike Parson (R)
Governor (Missouri)
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Mike Kehoe (R)
Lt. Governor (Missouri)
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Jay Ashcroft (R)
Secretary of State (Missouri)
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Eric Schmitt (R)
Senator (Missouri)
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Andrew Bailey (R)
Attorney General (Missouri)
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