State Prayer Call:
Thursdays at 6:30 PM PST
(605) 313-4119
Access Code: 1816936
State Leader(s): Diane Scofield and Sande George
Contact Email: [email protected]
Governor: Tina Kotek
Capital: Salem
State Motto:
Alis volat propriis, translated "She flies with her own wings"

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Submitted Prayers For Oregon

marie norris
February 6, 2024

Lord, I pray for the state of Oregon today. Let us give You Lord Praise. When we have been sick, near death and in trouble when we cry to you , you rescue us. Let us give thanks to our Redeemer. Lord I pray for a great awakening in this state today. Let the people see your glory in their lives. Our Redeemer lives. Let us rejoice and be glad. Thank you Christ Jesus. Amen

Nancy Reed
November 17, 2023

I pray Dutch Sheets’ prayer today over our state of Oregon : This is the season of their entrance into the King’s family, their day of salvation. We declare over them that the veil is lifting, and the spirit of revelation is invading the territory. We loose them from their darkness and deception, their oppression and bondage. Signs and wonders are manifesting; powerful evangelists are being raised up and anointed with the level of power Stephen, Phillip, Paul, Peter, and others demonstrated in the book of Acts. We decree revival there now. And we do all this in the name that guarantees victory, Jesus.

Elizabeth Lowe
November 14, 2023

Father I come to you asking for a mighty, powerful move of Holy Spirit to rest upon and fill our pastors as they prepare for each sermon. That they will teach the whole word of God so that people are drawn to forsake their sins.

Vicki Manous
August 31, 2023

Father God- Forgive us here in Oregon of stiff resistance of Your Majesty and Word – the Bible- is very clear to Love the Lord God first and your neighbor as yourself. We paint Oregon with the Oil of the Holy Spirit for Mercy Protection and the Love of God to be Poured out upon all flesh – openings of blind eyes and setting all leaders and people free of errors-Renew our minds Cleanse us of all sins and HEAL Oregon back to our roots. In Jesus Strong Name amen

Jennah Shetler
May 4, 2023

Just tuned into Dr Ben Carson’s National Day of prayer call in Washington DC. Wonderful prayer time. Continuing this evening at the Oregon City court house. Join us ..

Terry Cook
April 22, 2023

Father in Heaven, You have blessed the Jewish people since the time of Abraham. You know the hearts of Your people and I believe Your heart is still with them in spite of their two millennia of rebellion. I ask for a miracle today–that You would turn the heart of Senator Wyden back to You.

Clear the deception that has blinded him to Your love, may it reign no longer. Imagine Lord, this man of influence speaking not for party politics but for You! Call him back that he in turn may use his influence to call others back to You as well. To Your glory. Amen.

Jeannie Fraley
April 5, 2023

Heavenly Father I lift high up to you this beautiful state of Oregon. I pray for our elected officials to see you in everything they do. Shine your light brightly upon the path so they will not stumble and lose the way. I pray they will look to you in all decisions. No longer will they try to do what ever is popular, but instead do what is good and righteous for all. I pray protection over our lands. Protection over our water resources. Protection over your people!

Rodemarie Porter
August 23, 2022

Christine Drazan to win the Governorship in November!

Diane Reynolds
June 24, 2022

Today is a day of gratitude at the Supreme Court Decision to overturn the ability of the Federal Government to have permission to rule over a State in such delicate matters as abortion. Thank you, Father for what I believe is an answer to 50 years of prayers to return this to the states, and now God may we in our states do what is the next right thing in this decsion. Which means hard decisions and choices at the local level in November. Our vote counts, just like our prayers count, we ask that your Spirit lead and guide us in the months ahead. Be with us in Oregon and give us Your wisdom and grace. Amen

Robert Henderson
June 21, 2022

We love our beautiful state and we pray that we can remove control from those who are under great deception and restore voter and election integrity! Have mercy and help wake up the Body of Christ in unity! Ecc 7:8

carol Alery
June 1, 2022

I pray that the Lord would continue to bring unity into the body of Christ and His Jewish and Christian brother to walk together in our state. That the strongholds that have keep the church from raising up in this hour in prayer for our State be broken and a outpouring of the Holy Spirit to move with mercy and grace in the Body of Christ. I especially pray for Forest Grove that God would bring a fire of His Love into this city that will consume the whole state. In Jesus name

Janice Flowers
June 1, 2022

Lord I ask for an awakening in Oregon to who you are and what you want for the peoples. I ask that you what touch each leader in our state with your love and mercy. Open their eyes to see and know you and that their hearts would turn to you alone.
We bind the strategies of our enemies and ask for you glory to fall upon many! We praise and thank you Lord King of glory!


Pray For Oregon Leaders

Ron Wyden (D)
Senator (Oregon)
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Jeff Merkley (D)
Senator (Oregon)
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Ellen Rosenblum (D)
Attorney General (Oregon)
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Shemia Fagan (D)
Secretary of State (Oregon)
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Tina Kotek (D)
Governor (Oregon)
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