State Prayer Call:
2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM EST
(667) 770-1945
Access Code: 1826876
State Leader(s): Elizabeth Ojutiku
Contact Email: [email protected]
Governor: Brian Kemp
Capital: Atlanta
State Motto:
Wisdom, Justice, Moderation

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Submitted Prayers For Georgia

Elizabeth Ojutiku
September 11, 2023

We pray for the upcoming IFA celebration. That throughout the process and planning, God’s plans will be implemented. Those planning, those participating and joining us at the event will leave that place with a greater sense of understanding about what the Heart of the Father is for the times we are living in.
Thank you Lord for being our Protection, Wisdom and strength
Intercessors for America’s 50th Anniversary
A Prayer Experience 50 Years in the
November 9-11, 2023
Capital Hilton, Washington, D.C.
preparing for Gods coming glory
Celebrate 50 years of News. Prayer. RACHEL- RUTH
*Find out more!
Please sign up if you have not already done so. We would love for you to join us.
Elizabeth Ojutiku IFA GA State leader

Elizabeth Ojutiku IFA GA leader
August 15, 2023

We come before You, Father of Glory and we thank You that we can approach You as Your Ecclesia. We thank You that you have called us to a Holy assignment in your kingdom. You are the Judge over all the earth. Concerning the wicked, they are fools according to your word in proverbs.
Proverbs 18:7 The mouths of fools are their undoing, and their lips are a snare to their very lives.
Let us pray that they reveal all the evil they have hatched so it can be adjudicated. Then we pray that
wisdom will enter their hearts so they can see their foolishness and become wise. Proverbs 8:5 “O naive ones, understand prudence; And, O fools, understand wisdom.
We agree with the Lord of Hosts that He is uncovering everything hiding in darkness and all the deceptions keeping many in darkness and turning around the hearts of the ignorant and those that are still asleep to see the truth.
Keep us focusing on Your Kingdom so we are not discouraged or distracted during these difficult times.
Keep us on the straight and narrow path in Jesus Name
We have our IFA meeting next Tuesday, August 22@7:00pm. All the information is on our Georgia website.

Stacy Golovach
August 9, 2023

Lord bless the state of Georgia and all it’s people. Bless those who lead our state – I pray that they would see you in all that they do!

Beverly Patterson
July 5, 2023

Our heavenly Father, creator of the universe, this Nation as all Nations belong to you. Father I acknowledge that the Body of Christ has been awakened out of its sleep, we your people repent of all our short comings, and slackness in prayer, and not living according to your word.
Lord I stand in the gap for the state of Georgia, a wonderful state full of your glory, I pray for the people to come together in love and unity, may all those who are coming against your will and propose to be exposed and lose any authority in governing the affaires of the state of Georgia, I pray in Jesus name, Amen

Amy Marriage
May 27, 2023

Oh Father in heaven, the Ancient of days, the Great I Am, I am so greatful for the name of JESUS! I ask in His name by the power of Your HOLY SPIRIT, our helper to stop the heinous atrocities against the unborn children and their mother’s. Please, make null and void the plots and schemes of Satan and every demonic entity who have plagued Georgia, the USA and the world with their satanic practices. Open the eyes and ears of those in governmental positions of authority, to outlaw, apprehend, strongly oppose, outlaw and condemn abortion, anyone performing them, satanic cults, haters of the gospel of Jesus Christ to be stopped. I pray they would repent, hear the gospel of Jesus Christ and be born again. Renouncing their support for satan and instead serve You Lord God. We battle not against flesh and blood, so may the undefeatable power of the Holy Spirit rise up in your church, your followers of Christ Jesus and cast out these foul spirits sending them back to the pit of hell where they belong. Bring about revival Lord. Forgive us of allowing these powers of darkness to have any form of success. Please help us to organize the church, to take Dominion over the wicked today and everyday until you come back to rule and Reign. In the matchless name of our Lord and Savior, King Jesus. Amen!

Douglas Howard
May 25, 2023

Abba, we pray that the state of Georgia will become the spark that will ignite this country into a fire of revival. A fire that will be seen and heard throughout the world. May the love of Christ shine so bright in this state that it will be called “The Lamp of God state. Abba, we pray for our government and governor to yield and obey the Holy Spirit. Lord, we pray that each legislator will be filled with your wisdom, knowledge and discernment. Abba, we pray that Georgia will be used by You to galvanize this nation. And use this state as the focal point for restoration, reconciliation and change that will draw all peoples together throughout this country!

Dr/Prophet D Kang
May 25, 2023

When the wicked rule the people mourn.But when the righteous rule the people rejoice.
Lord I pray for men like our founding fathers of the faith including us who hold up your word as the standard for democracy in our state
Even as the judges in GA eyes are open to punishing the wicked and evil men that hearts are set on perverting the law.
You re the God that keep covenant for generations you re slow to anger abounding in love and mercy, and in no way leave the wicked unpunished.
Let’s hide these words in our hearts as your covenant people as we strike down the powers of injustice in our justice system.
This we pray in Jesus name

Elizabeth O
May 17, 2023

Father God,
We thank you for our beautiful state. The Peach State. We ask You to rescue us from evil men and preserve us from violent men who devise evil things in their hearts…Guard us,(our families), oh Lord from the hands of the wicked. Ps. 140:1-4;8. Your word is clear that you place righteous boundaries around our states and cities Ps.31:20;Jer 5:22. We therefore declare that we as you Ecclesia embrace theses righteous boundaries around the state of Georgia. Let You fiery presence cover us in Jesus Name.

Godfred Mosley
May 4, 2023

Heavenly Father creator of the universe your judgment is righteous and just as I Pray for the state of Georgia and for this country I ask that you teach me and help me to humble myself and turn from my wicked ways as I pray and seek your face to find words of wisdom to intercede for Georgia and this country. I ask the Holy Spirit to help me to Pray for the leader of the state of Georgia and the United States of America that the decision they make will be based upon your Word. Because your Blessing Heavenly Father fall upon a people and a nation who trust in your word. And as I intercede for this state and country I ask that you Lord God forgive our sins and deliver us and Bless and heal our land. The land that was established on your Word. In The Name Of Christ I Pray Amen.

Pat price-Williams
March 14, 2023

Lord God, we pray for our Congress. We thank you for these men and women that give their time and energy to serve this state. We know it is a daunting task. Please give them understanding and wisdom in deserning bills, that the hidden agendas of the enemy be recognized, and denied or removed and only the goodness of bills be preserved and approved.We ask the the bills be clear and concise, so they can be deserned quickly. We ask for grace, to be over our congress that they might respect one another and we pray against the spirits of pride and power, but for an attitude of servitude to prevail. Bless them Lord Jesus with your love and grace, and wisdom. May those who know You be a drawing and healing light to the whole.
Thank Uou Lord God for Your Mercy.

Sister Laetie
March 10, 2023

Lord we pray against the strongholds of immorality, perversions, hate, violence, and idolatry in the state. Let your will be done. Awaken anew your Church and your people in this region and bring the fire down afresh. In Jesus Name.

Elizabeth O
February 24, 2023

Praise God Almighty. The revival has started in Georgia at a small town church in Athens Georgia. They report that they have been “worshipping for 29 hours and seeing healings, OCD and anxiety overcome, and true hearts in love with Jesus! People have come from miles around to our small church for a touch from God. It’s beautiful and it’s not slowing down! Mostly led by Gen Z, who I believe God is anointing in this hour!”
Hallelujah!! Let the fire spread Lord, let Your Spirit move like a mighty river.

Angie Day
February 4, 2023

Heavenly Father, El Elyon, The Most High God, we call upon you for workers to be sent into the harvest. We pray for lost to come to you out of SatanCon. We ask for lives to be changed and for seeds to be sown through intercessions leading up to this event. We pray thy will be done. We ask for the specific location of this event to be ordained by you and your choosing. If this event must go forth we ask in the name of Jesus Christ that no lives will be lost and no violence to arise but for peace and your love to cover the state of Massachusetts. We pray for a healing throughout the land that will draw lost souls to you. We pray for strongholds to be torn down and for light to overshadow the darkness. In Jesus Name

Pat price-Williams
February 4, 2023

Lord God, thank You for letting us know You, and that You are Lord. Thank You for the promises that You give to us. Thank You that You have let us know, You, Father, have declared every knee will bow to the name of Jesus. We decree that Georgia recognize that truth. We declare that this state was begun with the recognizion of the Lordship of Jesus Christ and Father we pray that those that come into Georgia’s Congress will name your Name, with that recognition.
Father I pray for Holt Persinger, as he runs for GA state house of representatives, for he has named your Name. You said in Psalms 91,”because he says has loved me therefore I will deliver him I will set him securely on high because he has known My Name. He will call upon me and I will answer him. I will be with him in trouble I will rescue him and honor him.”
So Father we declare this promise over Holt Persinger for he has named your Name. We ask that he will continue to grow in his kowledge, and love of You and that he will call on Your Name for his own deliverance in any circumstance that he needs to be delivered from; that he will call on You for every need he has. We pray that he will stand and honor You in this task concerning the GA house of representatives.
Father we know that because Jesus humbled Himself by becoming obedient to the point of death even death on the cross that You highly exalted Him and bestowed on Him the Name which is above every Name and at the Name of Jesus every knee should bow of those who are in the earth and on the earth and under the earth and every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father. (Phil. 2:8-11) Therefore, Lord, we decree that anyone that does not accept that Jesus’s name is above every name will not be allowed to enter into the Congress of the state of Georgia. And Father we know that masonry does not hold the name of Jesus above every name, that they equate Him to many other god names so therefore we declare that no one with this perception will be allowed to enter into the congress of GA. for we decree that this state is under the Lord Jesus Christ. This state was formed under God, the Father.
Father we do pray for those in masonry, particularly Charlie Chase, that they will come to a revelation of the deception that they have come into, that they will understand that Jesus’s name is above every name so we call fourth revelation to come to them and for them to know that Jesus Christ is above all and they will come to repentance and to acknowledge who Jesus is.
In Your Name, Lord Jesus, we pray

Beverly Patterson
January 27, 2023

Father God I pray for peace in Georgia, Father you know the adversary is trying to come against your plan for the great state of Georgia; I ask for your guidance with the protest that are occurring; that You will turn the evil into good and those who are being led by evil forces will have an encounter with the Holy Spirit and receive a heart of peace and love. God bless America and God bless the State of Georgia I pray in Jesus name amen.

Beverly Patterson
January 3, 2023

Lord Jesus, you gave yourself that we God’s people would have life and life more abundant, my heart is heavy for the Body of Christ in Georgia; a house divided will not stand, I pray any false prophets be exposed, the True Church will not be ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I pray protection over all church bodies, Father pour out your Holy Spirit over all Church leaders, and also all Governmental leadership, from the Governor down to city leaders; raise up the younger generation to know and love You; I pray in Jesus name amen

Virginia Dipiano
September 22, 2022

Praying for Mass healing Deliverance for All in Jesus Name Amen Awakening to our Country

August 9, 2022

Lord Georgia cries out for both discernment and wisdom
Intercessors yield ourselves to the one true and living God
Jesus our Christ. God of the nations and generations
On our faces, you shall answer. Lord we did great evil in your sight and have transgressed your laws
We realize how far we moved again from what is true and just
Lord hear us once again and reach down amid our deep political mess, we will call only on you well repent of our ways and turn to you again with all our hearts
You will beard and heal our land.
Have mercy upon us your people, your righteous men, and women, your church the body of Christ

John Crisler
July 30, 2022

First, we thank You for all our freedoms and blessings You’ve bestrode on us. We ask that You would continue to raise up Christian men and women to run for political offices; people who are NOT corrupt, and would NOT become corrupt once elected; people who would seek Your guidance every day, at the beginning of the day, and multiple times per day; people who would make right decisions according to Your will.

Help us to vote for these people throughout the federal, state and local governments, and in prestigious positions, in the executive, legislative, and judicial branches.

Have Mercy on Georgia and America, in Jesus Christ name,

Christina Benjamin
July 27, 2022

Dear Lord, let the sighing of prisoners Joseph Padilla, Matthew Weber, and Jake Wade come before You. Righteous Judge, plead the cause of Joseph, Matthew, Jake and all other Georgia prisoners who have not received justice in Jesus name.

Elizabeth Ojutiku
June 23, 2022

We come as your Ecclesia, Lord to present the $8.5 million Atlanta initiative with efforts to include an investment in the Russell Innovation Center for Entrepreneurs (RICE); support for the National Center for Civil and Human Rights to provide DEI training for community leaders and research to support the LGBTQ+ community and other investments. This was reported by the Georgia Star. Lord your word is clear about sin and salvation and how the identity that is not aligned with your original purpose brings confusion. Men loved the darkness rather than the light, for their deeds are evil. Lord we know that they are deceived and don’t understand how fearfully and wonderfully they have been made in your image. We pray for you to bring conviction to their hearts through your truth.
We pray that those in leadership in this organization that are pushing this unrighteousness agenda, will be convicted in their darkened hearts to see the light of the truth. Let them see in their inner man that they are promoting the destruction of their fellow man and not helping. As many in this lifestyle have already come to the truth to see how destructive the false lifestyle is, and that true love is found in Christ, may they be used Lord to bring truth to those still in darkness.
Under the Lordship of Jesus Christ and His Authority, We decree that this ungodly agenda to strengthen this lifestyle in Georgia by UPS will be stopped and the funds will be used to the Glory of God.

Christie Olafusi
June 15, 2022

Father in heaven, I come in Jesus name to pray for our leaders for understanding, knowledge and the fear of the Lord which is the beginning of wisdom. I ask that you remove CRT eating up our schools and leaders perpetuating this evil doctrine. I pray that every evil be exposed and judged. Destroy the plan of the wicked to sodomite our children from Preschool to higher learning. I pray you will sweep GA with revival in righteousness that people will hate evil and love right standing with God. Pray for Governor Kemp, that You will help and keep him to do Your Will oh God. I pray for protection around him and family and that the plan of evil one will not prevail in Georgia and America. In Jesus name. Pray for all our leaders to stand for God counsel and purpose. Deliver them from woke canceled culture and lies of the enemies in Jesus name. 🙏🩸🔥🇺🇸🙏🩸🔥

Elizabeth Ojutiku
June 11, 2022

We thank you Father for Jesus Christ Who is the Head of the Church which is His body. “For just as we have many members in one body and all the members do not have the same function, so we, who are many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another.” (Romans 12:4-5 NASB)
We ask Lord that you strengthen your Church in Georgia by increasing discernment so that your people are not easily carried away by the divisive schemes of the devil to cause divisions and jealousy even with the diversity of gifts you have so graciously given to the church as your body. Remind us Lord that the church belongs to you. You are building the church in and through your people as they understand by revelation, that they dwell in you. Gal 2:20. It is no longer I that live, but Christ that lives in me and the life I now live, I live by the faith of the Son of God Who loved me and gave Himself for me.(kJV)
We pray for the church in Georgia that Christ is formed in His church to the extent that even when there is resistance, they will stand together in unity and not bow to men’s praise especially in this critical hour where the church is on display in the natural and spiritual realms.
“Therefore I, the prisoner of the Lord, implore you to walk in a manner worthy of the calling with which you have been called, with all humility and gentleness, with patience, showing tolerance for one another in love, being diligent to preserve the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.”
We pray that your Holy Spirit Fire will descend on the churches in Georgia even as york spirit descended during the Great Awakening of old and your church in Georgia will be renewed and strengthen in a fresh baptism of your love. Let the chains of division and the works of the flesh that prop these divisions melt. Let the church return to her first Love in Jesus Name. Amen
Elizabeth O

Candy Garcia
June 11, 2022

Dear Heavenly FATHER, I come to you in THE NAME OF JESUS and Come against the Corruption and Deception here in Georgia. I come against satan and his kingdom and that his plans here in Georgia is broken and torn down in JESUS NAME. That the election fraud is exposed and stopped and that all those involved will be held accountable and stopped once and for all.I also pray that their hearts will be softened and that they will repent and be Saved. I also Pray for Revival here in Georgia.

Jerry Barronton
June 8, 2022

I pray for God’s intervention in our upcoming midterm elections. I ask that those whose desire to win by any means would have their plans fall apart. I pray for Governor Kemp and all our leaders. I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen

Jerry Sauls
June 3, 2022

I pray that our Federal Government will discontinue purchasing aborted baby parts. I also pray that abortion would cease. God forgive this nation for murdering over 60 million babies.

Elizabeth Ojutiku
June 2, 2022

We are grateful to the Lord for His goodness. The evil globalist agenda will not stand in Jesus Name. You oh Lord are First and Last existing before time began, you are from Everlasting to Everlasting. You are the Everlasting God Creator of the ends of the earth, we thank you that You do not grow weary, Your understanding is unsearchable, therefore we know that You God, our God, the Faithful God, you keep covenant and steadfast love with those who love you and keep your commandments to a thousand generations. We know that your plans are filled with Light and your people push back Darkness because they are the Light of the world and the devil will never be able to push his evil agendas while God’s people are alert and watchful by praying and releasing Truth and Righteousness. We stand under the canopy of Psalm 91 as our protection. Amen
Elizabeth O

Jerry Sauls
June 1, 2022

I pray for the leaders of my state, Brian Kemp Governor, Geoff Duncan, Lt. Governor, Jon Ossoff, and Raphael Warnock Senators, asking God to give wisdom to them and for God’s presence to be upon our State in this election year. Amen!

Elizabeth Ojutiku
May 24, 2022

Father, We pray for our elected leaders, those running for election and those voting. We lift them all before your throne of Grace, Mercy, Righteousness and Justice. Raise up those who will stand for righteousness and justice and will not be intimidated by accusations and lies from the enemy. Let them exhibit the wisdom from above which is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy.”James 3:7. Only the upright shall dwell in government and areas of influence so that godly philosophies and ideologies will be enacted and established. We pray for the citizens who are voting, that there will be no confusion or intimidation concerning their voting. Let your light shine into their hearts and Lord bring to their remembrance the prayers of their family members, friends or flash your word long buried in their hearts before them and guide them to vote righteousness. We thank you Lord for those who stand for righteousness as they vote and those who already voted. let your angels guard all around and expose any unseen activity to dispel it.
We thank you as we as your body stand together to establish your kingdom in peoples hearts in Jesus Name.
Elizabeth O

Gen Martinez
May 23, 2022

Father GOD we praise your name in this hour. We ask for repentance of sins on the state of Georgia. We ask for a shower of new blessing over this land. Father you who sit in the Heaven’s be a witness to our democracy. We cry out for your JUSTICE and THRUTH! We sprinkle your blood over our territory. In the name of Jesus we declare it done!


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Jon Ossoff (D)
Senator (Georgia)
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