State Prayer Call:
Mondays at 7:00 pm CT
(605) 313-5945
Access Code: 5281794
State Leader(s): Elisa Bowlet
Contact Email: [email protected]
Governor: Sarah Huckabee Sanders
Capital: Little Rock
State Motto:
Regnat populus[, translated "The people rule"

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Submitted Prayers For Arkansas

Brenda Pipher
February 2, 2023

Father, I ask that you watch over our state, its leaders and people; grant our leaders, in the state and representing us in D.C., the wisdom and strength they need to do the right thing, always the good of their constituents, state and country in mind. Father, I ask also that you give the people of this state and country the wisdom to know when it’s time to remind the federal govt. who is meant to be in charge and the courage and strength to do something about it. I ask that you grant us all the wisdom to know what steps should be taken at any time, help us not to go astray, making errors that could be irreversible.

In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

Helen Sposato
January 24, 2023

I am praying for people with mental illness. I am praying for them to get the help they need, and for God to send his angels to watch over and protect them

Tori Mansell
November 7, 2022

You have compared me to someone who does not pay for every day things! I have a written budget every year! Sarah said, I’m here!
I am not a prisoner or ever been one. I have never been hooked on drugs or cartel any substance ever. I am still attacked with statements in my area that pose me as threat. Continually bombarded with words that tell of an insecure story. I buy for normal things all the time. I don’t spend money on booz. I don’t buy things unneccessary. I live below my means. I am smoke free for eleven years. And the politicians in my area still think I am a problem instigator, both republicans and democrats. I am working on getting a car, and keeping everything below my budget, but in my city the wealth still becomes an issue the high profile prioritists that treat me like an issue. I have faith in my Arkansas LEaders! But I am still really hurt that christianity has not matured beyond this? Churches plaster Choose love in pride flag colors? Really? It is so heart breaking that my city has resulted to flags to expose their passion for God’s love. I am really disappointed in a lot of people. But I have seen more patriots rise to the occasion during this time than any other. Lord, I surrender this to your feet. I am sorry I ever thought they had authority in my life. I give that rightful place back to you in Jesus Precious name! I exchange rejection for love.

Mary Hillis
July 27, 2022

In the Name of Jesus I join arm in arm with the saints in prayer for the state of Arkansas.
I declare the leaders lead the state of Arkansas in concordance with God’s Holy word in Jesus Name. Passing law’s that are in line with God’s will. Throwing out laws that ungodly in Jesus Name. I declare the state of Arkansas is a Christian State and Jesus is Lord.
Father save our leaders if they are not led by you replace them with men and women that serve you.
I pray for revival and the Glory and Grace come to our State as we humble our selves and turn to you Holy Father. Save our land. Change our heart’s with your Grace in Jesus Name.

Catherine Slezak
June 8, 2022

Lord I decree and declare Tom Cotton, John Boozman, Asa Hutchinson, Tim Griffin, Leslie Rutledge, John Thurston and all those serving this state only do and say what you are doing and saying. I decree all corrupt government officials repent or are removed from office in Jesus name.

Bernie Larson
June 1, 2022

We all need Jesus to guide our lives and the decisions we make that will put God first, then the people. It is sorely needed now in our country.


Pray For Arkansas Leaders

Tom Cotton (R)
Senator (Arkansas)
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John Boozman (R)
Senator (Arkansas)
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John Thurston (R)
Secretary of State (Arkansas)
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Sarah Huckabee Sanders (R)
Governor (Arkansas)
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Leslie Rutledge (R)
Lt. Governor (Arkansas)
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Tim Griffin (R)
Attorney General (Arkansas)
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