Step 1
Daily Prayer List
June 21, 2024
God, we pray that the nation's leaders would look to You for... answers to the immigration problems the nation faces in both legal pathways and with illegal immigration. Thank You that You are hearing our prayers!
Father, we thank You for Coach Joe Mazzulla's faith. We pray that... more and more athletes and celebrities would be bold and courageous enough to give You glory.
God, we thank You that Vice President Harris has publicly decried the... sexual assaults committed by Hamas. We pray that You would hold these terrorists accountable for their crimes.
I Prayed
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Step 2
Pray For Today's Leaders
Todd Young (R)
Senator (Indiana)
Joe Neguse (D)
Representative (Colorado, 2nd District)
Ted Cruz (R)
Senator (Texas)
Kevin Andrus (R)
Representative (Idaho, 35th District)
Pete Goicoechea (R)
Senator (Nevada, 19th District)
Jeff Steinborn (D)
Senator (New Mexico, 36th District)
Step 3
Join A Conversation With Others