Step 1
Daily Prayer List
May 29, 2024
Lord, we pray for Gen Z. Every young adult in America is... someone You designed and died for. Many avoid church; call them back.
God, we pray over our relationship with Niger. Bring our troops home... safely, and keep our equipment from being misused in our absence.
God, set Your hand upon every election in November. And You've told... us to pray for authorities, so we lift up President Biden.
I Prayed
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Step 2
Pray For Today's Leaders
Josh Brecheen (R)
Representative (Oklahoma, 2nd District)
Mitch McConnell (R)
Minority Leader (Kentucky)
J.D. Vance (R)
Senator (Ohio)
Rick Ladd (R)
Representative (New Hampshire, 0th District)
David Bickford (R)
Representative (New Hampshire, 0th District)
James Libby (R)
Senator (Maine, 22nd District)
Step 3
Join A Conversation With Others