Step 1
Daily Prayer List
December 4, 2023
Pray against the Left's attack on Christianity. Pray that the Lord would... keep his people anchored in truth amid increasing opposition.
In a world filled with lies, pray that we as God's people... would know the truth. Pray that He would reveal His truth to us in all things and at all times.
Continue to pray for Israel. Intercede on behalf of the hostages who... have yet to be freed.
I Prayed
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Step 2
Pray For Today's Leaders
Pramila Jayapal (D)
Representative (Washington, 7th District)
Mike Johnson (R)
Representative (Louisiana, 4th District)
Earl Blumenauer (D)
Representative (Oregon, 3rd District)
Jason Ellsworth (R)
President Pro Tempore (Montana, 43rd District)
Ryan Weld (R)
Senator (West Virginia, 1st District)
Robert Williams (D)
Representative (South Carolina, 62nd District)
Step 3
Join A Conversation With Others