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Call to leave a prayer that will be heard around the nation.


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Dial 844-599-7729

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Headline Prayer: News Christians need to pray about EVERY DAY


Father, we lift our voices and cry to You right now for Your help and justice in America. We ask You Father, first and foremost, that if there are any unrighteous politicians in America who can still be saved - from the local town level to the highest level of government – we ask You to save them.
Father, we lift our voices and cry to You right now for Your help and justice in America. We ask You Father, first and foremost, that if there are any unrighteous politicians in America who can still be saved - from the local town level to the highest level of government – we ask You to save them.

In the early 70s, Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew occupied the White House as president and vice president. Behind the scenes they were engaged in harmful activity. Ten minutes from…


Lord God, Thank You that You are always with us and You fight for us. Help us
Lord God, Thank You that You are always with us and You fight for us. Help us

Frustration at school boards boiled over for some parents and activists who protested outside of the Department of Justice building in Washington, D.C. Sunday. A small crowd gathered for the…


Father God, thank You for stirring people to stand up for rights and for the nation's children. Thank You for Sen. Johnson and other leaders who are boldly defending the rights of parents.
Father God, thank You for stirring people to stand up for rights and for the nation's children. Thank You for Sen. Johnson and other leaders who are boldly defending the rights of parents.

Sen. Ron Johnson ripped the Department of Justice probe into schools, saying it appears evident to him that the real focus is on parents who are protesting the introduction of…

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Our Nation: Post Your Prayer Here

Our Nation: Post Your Prayer Here

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Joe Biden, President

Joe Biden, President

Pray for protection and wise counsel.

Send Your Prayer

Kamala Harris, Vice President

Kamala Harris, Vice President

Pray to walk in full understanding.

Send Your Prayer

Antony Blinken, Secretary of State

Antony Blinken, Secretary of State

Pray for endurance and wisdom

Send Your Prayer

Merrick Garland, Attorney General

Merrick Garland, Attorney General

Pray for truth and justice

Send Your Prayer

Gen. Lloyd Austin, Secretary of Defense

Gen. Lloyd Austin, Secretary of Defense

Pray for wisdom and guidance

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Prayer Focus: Our Nation: Post Your Prayer Here

Thank You, Father for the United States of America!

I left up every person in authority in this great nation. Father guard and protect them from satan’s evil plans and fill them with Wisdom, discernment and faith! May faith in the resurrected Christ & hope- the positive expectation of good- be in their hearts

Submitted by: Carol H., California

July 12

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Prayer Focus: Joe Biden, President

Lord I pray Mr Biden comes to know you as his Lord's and savior. Speak to him at night in dreams and visions, being the right person to him to introduce him to You. Save this lost sheep.

In Jesus name amen

Submitted by: Lynn Dananay

October 21

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Prayer Focus: Kamala Harris, Vice President

Father Lord Jesus Christ

I prayed you to be power to USA government

We believe only God have a power to do what you like in our life

We are under Almighty God

Father I pray in this time your hands must be with this leaders

Father I pray about USA

All province to get more free access in your name

Not with others name

Father I pray

I'm leaving in Africa make plan me to see American with my face

You are Almighty you are alpha and omega

Bring new things to all world you Holly name

Bless me

Change my life father I prayed as I'm a Cp member

Father even by mistakes

Bless my account

First national bank


Submitted by: Mokopane

October 21

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Prayer Focus: Antony Blinken, Secretary of State

Father i believe you have allowed Antony Blinkin to be Secretary of State for your purposes as scripture says to Pharaoh, “FOR THIS VERY PURPOSE I RAISED YOU UP, TO DEMONSTRATE MY POWER IN YOU, AND THAT MY NAME MIGHT BE PROCLAIMED THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE EARTH.” Romans 9:17 . your hand is in politics & I ask that your good & perfect will for USA be done through Blinkin in this administration, let your Holy Spirit intercede for him through your best, most anointed servants who hear your voice accurately & who you have given intercessory authority over the USA to break all types of enemy spiritual & religious bondages & all national & domestic enemy threats. Give him the true & full gospel of Jesus Christ from the lips of a tried & true servant who walks in your manifest presence & has yo…

Submitted by: Victoria

July 10

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Prayer Focus: Merrick Garland, Attorney General

I speak the Lord's blessings over you today! I speak that you will understand how much He loves you! I speak that you will receive His blessings over you, that they will benefit your speech and your walk amongst ALL people and they will know and see that you are influenced by the Lord and nothing else! I speak health, contentment, wisdom and the use of your knowledge in the most favorable way and that all you think, say and do is pleasing to the Lord!

Submitted by: Judith Leitner

October 21

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Prayer Focus: Gen. Lloyd Austin, Secretary of Defense

Father, You say, “Don’t be afraid, I have redeemed you; I’m calling you by your name; you are Mine. When you pass through rivers, they will not overwhelm you; when you walk through fire, you will not be scorched —the flame will not burn you. I regard you as valued and honored and I love you. I have chosen you; know Me, trust Me. Understand that I AM HE, no god was before Me and none will be after Me. I am ADONAI. I am doing something new…can’t you see it? I am the One who blots out your offenses for My Own sake. I will not remember your sins. I will pour My Spirit on your descendants, My blessing on your offspring. I formed you, don’t forget Me. Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.” Father, I pray Lloyd Austin would trust in You. I pray he would serve Yo…

Submitted by: Susan C., North Carolina

July 8

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IFA Contributing Writer Gloria Robles joins Judy McDonough to share one intercessor's inspirational story of listening to the Holy Spirit and the surprising results it brought. Whitney Thorn's story will challenge and encourage you.

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Praying about Election Integrity and Audits

Joined by guests PA Senator Doug Mastriano, wife Rebbie, and PA Rep. Stephanie Borowicz, Arizona Audit participant Cheri Tuttle and MI Prayer leader Rick Warzywak. Powerful time of prayer. Great intel for intercession!

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First Friday Calls at 12:15 PM ET

(712) 775-7430 (no code needed) Facebook Live Webcast
October First Friday Prayer Conference Call

Join us on Friday, October1st, 2021 at 12:15 p.m. ET to pray with us. Call (712)775-7431 (2452#), or join us on Facebook LIVE or our NEW YouTube webcast (click on the video camera icon above). Missed IFA's last prayer call? Watch the video replay on our YouTube or Rumble channel or click the Previous Livestreams button below!

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Latest Videos

Obedience Opens the Door to the Impossible

IFA Contributing Writer Gloria Robles joins Judy McDonough to share one intercessor's inspirational story of listening to the Holy Spirit and the surprising results it brought. Whitney Thorn's story will challenge and encourage you.

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Praying about Election Integrity and Audits

Joined by guests PA Senator Doug Mastriano, wife Rebbie, and PA Rep. Stephanie Borowicz, Arizona Audit participant Cheri Tuttle and MI Prayer leader Rick Warzywak. Powerful time of prayer. Great intel for intercession!

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Action Center

I am a Parent not a Domestic Terrorist

Push back against AG Garland's memo that painted concerned citizens and parents as a domestic threat to the FBI. Send your message today that speaking up to school boards is a parent's right and a concerned citizen's business.

Take Action
No Vaccine Mandates!

Vaccines are being mandated in many areas in our nation. From government employees, to large businesses, to health care facilities and more, freedom to make medical care choices is being overrun with tyrannical rule on this issue. Speak up for freedom. Weather you agree with the vaccine or not, we all should have the freedom to choose what is best for us and our families. Send your message today!

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The Infrastructure Bill is full of FAT! Do not pass this bloated bill!

The Infrastructure Bill contains far more than actual infrastructure and carries a crippling price tag of $3.5 Trillion--only a portion of which is considered actual infrastructure. Congress is pushing to get this massive spending package passed. The trouble is that approximately 75% of the Infrastructure Bill is spending on items that are not considered typical infrastructure. In Biden’s Infrastructure Bill, only about 25% of that money will go directly toward improving America’s actual infrastructure--roads, bridges, airports, water systems, and ports. The rest of those trillions is for funding climate change and social programs and projects, spun as human infrastructure and climate infrastructure. Appeal to your elected officials that this "Infrastructure Bill" is overloaded with pet projects and too much spending!

Take Action
Do not bury vaccine mandates in the Infrastructure Bill!

On Tuesday, Forbes reported a shocking insertion into pending federal legislation that would impose fines of up to $700,000  per infraction for companies failing to meet testing and vaccine mandate requirements imposed by President Biden, buried on page 168 of the House Democrat's 2,465 page mega bill revising OSHA requirements The original language was initially sponsored by Congressman John Yarmuth (D-KY-3) as HR 5376 before being added to the larger omnibus bill.  If this succeeds, these fines will go into effect January 1, 2022 and drive companies into submission to government mandated vaccines with no reprieve. Send your message to your elected officials asking them to remove this piece of legislation!

Take Action
Do NOT overrule states' authority on abortion laws!

Alert: Dangerous new bill in Congress! Some lawmakers are trying to get ahead of the potential overturn of Roe v. Wade by thwarting state's rights to make laws about abortion for their state. Send a message to the Senate urging them to vote NO on the so-called "Women's Health Protection Act of 2021."

Take Action
Illegal immigrants are flooding our nation!

Many of us have seen the pictures of the influx of illegals rushing the porous southern border--upwards of 10,000 Haitians were just released unchecked into cities across the nation with no processing. Our border has truly been overrun, and this administration is okay with that. This administration has made a challenging situation on the border an unmitigated disaster. Send a message to your elected officials today!

Take Action
Afghan refugees need to be vetted

Many undocumented Afghan refugees are being brought into our nation because of the Afghanistan crisis caused by the botched withdrawal. While we want innocent people to be safe, the process has many security holes and many are concerned. Let Congress know that refugees coming into our nation must be vetted for the security of our nation.

Take Action
Limiting care for non-vaccinated is NOT OKAY!

Some doctors and facilities are refusing care to those who have chosen not to vaccinate. This is happening for patients who seek health care for health issues that have nothing to do with covid. The covid mandates are also causing mass firings and staff shortages affecting Americans. Let your elected officials know that the covid mandates are creating a potential health care staffing crisis.

Take Action
No American left behind in Afghanistan!

Let your elected officials know that leadership and strength is needed to bring all Americans home from Afghanistan. Send this important message about our exit from Afghanistan and the failures that need fixed.

Take Action
No vaccine mandates!

Speak up for medical freedom and against vaccine mandates! Send your message today to let your elected officials know you do not agree with forced vaccinations or penalties on those who refuse them.

Take Action
The Infrastructure Bill should NOT include an Amnesty plan

The $3.5 TRILLION infrastructure bill moving through Congress is already known to be a catch-all funding vehicle for many leftist projects. Now we are learning that AMNESTY FOR ILLEGALS will be snuck in with the infrastructure bill. The Senate Parliamentarian will have to approve of such a maneuver. The Democrats are willing to push far as they can to move amnesty down the pipeline.

Take Action
Maintain Parental Rights for Kids' COVID Vaccines

Parents are concerned about the Mature Minor Doctrine which allows under-age children in various states to get the COVID-19 vaccine and other medical treatments without parental consent. This is not a vaccine issue--it's a parental rights issue. Kids could be given medical treatment such as vaccines, be taken for an abortion, or even be given transgender hormone therapy. Currently 18 states have a policy that allows for some form of this. Other states may be considering it. Send a message today.

Take Action
Protect our Kids' Innocence. Stop graphic sexual content in the classroom

Did you know that groups like GLSEN and Planned Parenthood write curriculum that is adopted by school systems across the nation? You will be shocked at the graphic content that is shared with small children as well as older students. These activists are not only exporting their values but are also destroying our kids' innocence. Send a message today letting your officials know that this is not acceptable. Let them know you are praying they make a good decision.

Take Action
I am Praying for You!

General message to let your elected officials know you are praying for them as they make decisions. The message is applicable to lawmakers with whom you agree with and with those you do not. Send a message that is not tied to policy or laws, but let's them know you are praying.

Take Action
Do not adopt elements of HR1 in our state

Political operatives are peeling off parts of HR1 proposed federal legislation and pushing it on the states. Every state has at least one bill that mimics elements of HR1. Send a message to your lawmakers that HR1 policies are harmful to your state.

Take Action

An international group of scientists, headquartered in Illinois, has issued new "ethical" guidelines that are alarming. They are growing unborn babies in the womb for 40 days for the sole purpose of killing them for research in grisly experiments. They are crossing the lines of ethics by: -Creating 3-parent human embryos -Conducting human-animal chimera research -Creating life for the sole purpose of experimentation Send a message TODAY that growing babies for research is WRONG!

Take Action
Say NO to a "woke" military!

There is a new "woke" political bias in America's military institutions. Social justice and critical race theory-focused trainings are pervading our military and are antithetical to biblical, conservative, and traditional values that have long been part of the nation's military code. In fact, in addition to the immersion of bias awareness, inclusion structures and Marxist ideology, we are also seeing "cancel culture" at work for those who speak out about the new leftist focus. Send your message to elected officials pushing back on the new "woke military" training.

Take Action
Stand with Israel

Let your leader know that Israel is an important ally and you stand with Israel. Our messages are important because we have a stronger voice when we send our messages together. If you have already sent a message in the past, you can send another message! Stand with Israel today!

Take Action
State Message: Protect Women's Sports in My State!

Girls from across the nation are losing their right to a fair playing field in sports because they are being forced to compete against biological male athletes. Biological differences are why sports are separated by sex in competitive sports. Forcing girls to compete against boys and men increases injury potential, removes equal opportunities, crushes female-made records, and takes away chances at scholarships and awards. Send your message today urging your lawmakers to pass similar legislation that protects women and girls in sports.

Take Action
State Math Classes sacrificed for "Equity"

An initiative by the Virginia Department of Education could profoundly impact students who excel in STEM related areas. The Virginia Mathematics Pathway Initiative (VMPI). eliminates all accelerated math options prior to 11th grade. This would keep gifted students from accelerating. You may not be a Virginia resident, so why participate? This may not be happening in your state, but you can speak out nonetheless. What happens in Virginia could be replicated in other states and districts across the nation. We need to stop these equity programs from taking further root in our nation. What can you do? Take action by sending a message sharing your concern about this new focus with the Department of Education and your elected officials. Look for these kinds of actions popping up in your state's Department of Education, school board, and schools. It will not stop being implemented unless people like us stand up and speak out.

Take Action
I'm Praying for our Cities

Riots. Violence. Division. Fear. Our cities are under attack and they need prayer. The Enemy wants to break down law and order, stoke fear and hate between citizens, neutralize unity and create division, but as believers and intercessors for our nation we can shift the atmosphere through prayer and action. Let your leaders know that you are praying for your city, state and nation. May they be encouraged to know that there are people interceding and reminded that prayer is a powerful tool to bring healing and health to our cities. Send your message today!

Take Action
Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act

You may remember that in 2019, many House Republicans tried repeatedly to get House Speaker Pelosi to take up the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act (HR619). Not only did she refuse every time a motion was made, but they aggressively sought to keep the information from being heard--even in hearings. That effort is being given new life in the 117th Congress! Rep. Kat Cammack (R-FL), bill author Rep. Ann Wagner (R-MO), and Republican Whip (R-LA) are introducing a new strategy to move this legislation (HR619) forward. A discharge petition will be used to gather signatures and bypass Speaker Pelosi and force a vote on HR619. There are 218 signatures needed to move it forward--currently, there are 209 signers. Let's pray and take action to see victory on this bill! Get started sending your message now...

Take Action
No Court Packing!

Appointing four additional justices at one time is a political effort designed to shift the balance of the Court to a left-leaning Court again.  Movement on this is already happening. Your prayer and action is needed. Click below, find out more, and send your message today!

Take Action
D.C. Statehood is unconstitutional

Our founding fathers sought to guard against one state controlling the seat of national government--D.C. statehood would enable that control. Take a moment to send a message. HR51--The Washington D.C. Admission Act is in the House now. Let your voice be heard--speak for the founders and send your message today!

Take Action
Ban Experimental Transgender Treatments on our Children

Children across the nation are being subjected to transgender treatments with hormones, surgery, and counseling. All of these treatments are truly experimental in that we have no data on the long-term effects of these medical alterations--children have truly become medical guinea pigs. Every state should have legislation that protects our children from these experimental treatments, and protects families from being pushed into accepting them. Send your message today.

Take Action
The Border Doesn't Have to be in Crisis

After stemming the flow of illegal immigration in the previous administration, we are now seeing an unmitigated surge of illegal crossings into our nation. It is truly a humanitarian crisis in addition to being an immigration, health, economic, safety, and a law and order crisis. It doesn't have to be this way. Action can be taken by this administration to curtail the flow of crime and chaos at the border. Send a message to share your concerns about the border, now in abject crisis and encourage your leaders to take action.

Take Action
Preserve the Senate Processes: Don't Skirt Senate Rules

The Senate Parliamentarian, Elizabeth MacDonough, ruled on Monday that the Democrats CAN bypass the filibuster on an additional two bills, allowing them to conduct a simple majority vote to pass their massive infrastructure bill. At Senator Schumer's request, she is reinterpreting Section 304 to allow this. This is a gamechanger. The concern is that with this new allowance for a simple majority vote on these bills, the door is now cracked for additional allowances for other bills that come from the Democrats--namely H.R. 1 (the bill that would essentially end fair elections) and H.R. 5 (the bill that threatens religious freedom on LGTBQ topics)--and even more legislation. Send a message to the Senate Parliamentarian to stand firm and maintain the Senate rules and processes.

Take Action
Protect the Fourth Amendment

The Fourth Amendment is not a stumbling block, but a guaranteed protection for American citizens in the Bill of Rights. We know that our privacy is compromised--from tracking internet browsing, automatic surveillance on our phones, wide-ranging data collection and more. We have seen this intelligence gathering weaponized against citizens--the ObamaGate and RussiaGate scandals being some of them. Send a message to your elected officials to stop any additional measures that would further impact our privacy and freedom. Protect the Fourth Amendment. Send your message today.

Take Action
Protect the Hyde Amendment

The Hyde Amendment is a provision inserted in annual Congressional spending bills that prohibits using Medicaid money to pay for abortions, except in a few limited cases. Using The Hyde Amendment has been a bipartisan agreement since 1977 and its application has been inserted in other areas such as Affordable Care Act. Now, some in Congress are aggressively seeking to remove the Hyde Amendment. Send a message to your leaders in Congress telling them to protect the Hyde Amendment.

Take Action
H.R.1 is in the Senate--a vote may be imminent. Prayer and Action Needed!

The House has acted. The Senate will now take up the bill. The White House has promised to sign it into law. They have a clear path to make HR1 the law of the land. One thing stands in the way--a praying, acting contingent of Americans--that's us. Our time to act is now—send your message today:

Take Action
The "Do No Harm" Act is Harmful to People of Faith

Congress has proposed the “Do No Harm Act” which, if passed, would strip the protections the Religious Freedom Restoration Act currently provides. This bill, HR 1378, is discriminatory against Christians and would force people of faith to act against their deeply-held religious beliefs. Let your Congressional Representative and Senators know that you are a person of faith, that you support religious freedoms, and that you are praying for them as they consider this bill. Click the link below to send your message.

Take Action
Two new bills on Second Amendment regulations

Two bills are sailing through Congress that greatly impact our freedoms guaranteed by our Second Amendment. HR8 greatly expands background checks for gun purchases and HR1446 gives the FBI the ability to indefinitely delay the background check process of the purchasers.

Take Action
Say No To The Equality Act 2021

Please contact your Senator today to tell them NOT to cosponsor and NOT to support the Equality Act. Just send the message on the right with one click or personalize it. We have written a sample that you can edit to personalize. Send Your Message:

Take Action
Urge Your Senators to Preserve the Filibuster!

The filibuster is critical to preserving the protections the Constitution established to protect political minorities and prevent the tyranny of the majority. Changing the filibuster rules is a rash, partisan action designed to push through radical laws the House is passing.

Take Action
Thank You, Justice Thomas!

Recently there have been calls to "cancel" Justice Thomas--in fact, the documentary about his life was even removed from Amazon streaming during Black History Month. Send a message of encouragement and gratitude to Justice Thomas. Share your prayer for him as he stands firm for the Constitution in our nation. Send your Encouragement:

Take Action
Don't Defund the Police!

The House has passed the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, which will harm policing in our communities. Pray for our police officers! And send a message to your senators that you are praying and that this bill will unnecessarily harm our police.

Take Action
Send a Message that You Support LIFE!

Let your elected officials know that you stand for life. It's easy. It's quick. And it can make a difference. Click here to get started:

Take Action
Bible Read-A-Thon Over Our Nation

Join us to speak the word of God over our nation from cover to cover repeatedly until Inauguration Day. You can sign up for a shift or get more information at the link provided! This is open to believers outside of IFA as well, so invite a friend! Sign up:

Take Action




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