Praise God! Vote failed on the NASA bait and switch bill - let your elected officials know you are pleased

UPDATE: Praise God this legislation FAILED! Now you can send a message letting your officials know you are pleased that H.R. 5746 did not pass as is. Click to send your message quickly and easily.

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Thank you Senator Manchin for Standing Firm against Build Back Better!

Senator Manchin's NO vote halted the passage of the Build Back Better bill--a bill that would hike taxes in exchange for promoting globalist policies. You can send a message of support to Senator Manchin for standing firm against saddling Americans...

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I am standing for freedom!

Wherever you look, it seems our freedoms are being challenged, squelched and curtailed. Let your elected officials know you are standing for freedom and inviting them to do the same.

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I am Praying for You, Casey DeSantis!

First Lady of Florida, Casey DeSantis has been diagnosed with breast cancer. You can sign on to send a message of prayer, hope, and encouragement to her and her husband, Governor Ron DeSantis, and their family. Click to add your prayer!

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I am Praying for You!

General message to let your elected officials know you are praying for them as they make decisions. The message is applicable to lawmakers with whom you agree with and with those you do not. Send a message that is not tied to policy or laws, but...

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Urge Your Senators to Preserve the Filibuster!

The filibuster is critical to preserving the protections the Constitution established to protect political minorities and prevent the tyranny of the majority. Changing the filibuster rules is a rash, partisan action designed to push through radical...

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Weighing in on OSHA and Medicare/Medicaid Vaccine Mandate rules

There are several ways you can make your voice heard on the vaccine mandates for both OSHA and Medicare/Medicaid. First, let your elected officials know your thoughts on the vaccine mandate. If you have privacy and freedom concerns, share...

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No Vaccine Mandate Tracking Database!

A national database for tracking the vaccinated is in the works, and it has already passed the House. Now this bill is with the Senate. This is alarming on many levels because the purpose of this bill is clear: To strengthen the current...

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Religious Exemptions to the Vaccine Mandate for our military

Military members seeking religious exemptions to the vaccine mandates are being denied. Share your concern about the lack of religious freedom for our military. Send your message today!

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Send a Message that You Support LIFE!

Let your elected officials know that you stand for life. It's easy. It's quick. And it can make a difference. Click here to get started:

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Say NO to mandated vaccines and vaccine passports!

Usurping our freedoms by mandating vaccines and requiring vaccine passports is a concern. You can send your message to your officials and let them know you want your freedom! Click below to learn more and send your message!

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I am a Parent not a Domestic Terrorist

Push back against AG Garland's memo that painted concerned citizens and parents as a domestic threat to the FBI. Send your message today that speaking up to school boards is a parent's right and a concerned citizen's business.

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No Vaccine Mandates!

Vaccines are being mandated in many areas in our nation. From government employees, to large businesses, to health care facilities and more, freedom to make medical care choices is being overrun with tyrannical rule on this issue. Speak up for...

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I am Participating in 50 Days of Prayer for Life!

Announce your participating in 50 Days of Prayer for Life, the importance of protecting life in legislation and even invite your official to join in prayer!

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Do NOT overrule states' authority on abortion laws!

Alert: Dangerous new bill in Congress! Some lawmakers are trying to get ahead of the potential overturn of Roe v. Wade by thwarting state's rights to make laws about abortion for their state. Send a message to the Senate urging them to vote...

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Illegal immigrants are flooding our nation!

Many of us have seen the pictures of the influx of illegals rushing the porous southern border--upwards of 10,000 Haitians were just released unchecked into cities across the nation with no processing. Our border has truly been overrun, and this...

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Afghan refugees need to be vetted

Many undocumented Afghan refugees are being brought into our nation because of the Afghanistan crisis caused by the botched withdrawal. While we want innocent people to be safe, the process has many security holes and many are concerned. Let...

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Limiting care for non-vaccinated is NOT OKAY!

Some doctors and facilities are refusing care to those who have chosen not to vaccinate. This is happening for patients who seek health care for health issues that have nothing to do with covid. The covid mandates are also causing mass firings and...

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No American left behind in Afghanistan!

Let your elected officials know that leadership and strength is needed to bring all Americans home from Afghanistan. Send this important message about our exit from Afghanistan and the failures that need fixed.

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No vaccine mandates!

Speak up for medical freedom and against vaccine mandates! Send your message today to let your elected officials know you do not agree with forced vaccinations or penalties on those who refuse them.

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Maintain Parental Rights for Kids' COVID Vaccines

Parents are concerned about the Mature Minor Doctrine which allows under-age children in various states to get the COVID-19 vaccine and other medical treatments without parental consent. This is not a vaccine issue--it's a parental rights issue....

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Protect our Kids' Innocence. Stop graphic sexual content in the classroom

Did you know that groups like GLSEN and Planned Parenthood write curriculum that is adopted by school systems across the nation? You will be shocked at the graphic content that is shared with small children as well as older students. These activists...

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Do not adopt elements of HR1 in our state

Political operatives are peeling off parts of HR1 proposed federal legislation and pushing it on the states. Every state has at least one bill that mimics elements of HR1. Send a message to your lawmakers that HR1 policies are harmful to your state....

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An international group of scientists, headquartered in Illinois, has issued new "ethical" guidelines that are alarming. They are growing unborn babies in the womb for 40 days for the sole purpose of killing them for research in grisly experiments....

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Say NO to a "woke" military!

There is a new "woke" political bias in America's military institutions. Social justice and critical race theory-focused trainings are pervading our military and are antithetical to biblical, conservative, and traditional values that have long been...

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Stand with Israel

Let your leader know that Israel is an important ally and you stand with Israel. Our messages are important because we have a stronger voice when we send our messages together. If you have already sent a message in the past, you can send another...

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Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act

You may remember that in 2019, many House Republicans tried repeatedly to get House Speaker Pelosi to take up the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act (HR619). Not only did she refuse every time a motion was made, but they aggressively...

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No Court Packing!

Appointing four additional justices at one time is a political effort designed to shift the balance of the Court to a left-leaning Court again.  Movement on this is already happening. Your prayer and action is needed. Click below, find out...

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D.C. Statehood is unconstitutional

Our founding fathers sought to guard against one state controlling the seat of national government--D.C. statehood would enable that control. Take a moment to send a message. HR51--The Washington D.C. Admission Act is in the House now. Let...

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Ban Experimental Transgender Treatments on our Children

Children across the nation are being subjected to transgender treatments with hormones, surgery, and counseling. All of these treatments are truly experimental in that we have no data on the long-term effects of these medical alterations--children...

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The Border Doesn't Have to be in Crisis

After stemming the flow of illegal immigration in the previous administration, we are now seeing an unmitigated surge of illegal crossings into our nation. It is truly a humanitarian crisis in addition to being an immigration, health, economic,...

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Protect the Fourth Amendment

The Fourth Amendment is not a stumbling block, but a guaranteed protection for American citizens in the Bill of Rights. We know that our privacy is compromised--from tracking internet browsing, automatic surveillance on our phones, wide-ranging data...

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Protect the Hyde Amendment

The Hyde Amendment is a provision inserted in annual Congressional spending bills that prohibits using Medicaid money to pay for abortions, except in a few limited cases. Using The Hyde Amendment has been a bipartisan agreement since 1977 and its...

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Contact Your Legislator

Contact your legislators! Write your personal message and click send. It's that easy!

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Join Millions, Sign the Prayer to Defend Life

This Fall the Justices of the Supreme Court heard their first case that could impact Roe v. Wade.

It’s not too late to add your name and prayer to IFA’s amicus brief. This brief includes the prayers of the intercessors as a permanent part of this Supreme Court case and judicial history.

Let your prayers be known to God and the Justices of the Supreme Court through the amicus brief in the critical life case Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health. Keep praying about the Justices’ decision and the opinions they write that impact federal abortion in our nation.


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