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Michelle B
March 28, 2023, 5:37 pm
Heavenly Father We love you and exalt you. Lord we come acknowledging your sovereignty over all your creation. Father God, we plead for the children, adolescents and teens that are being led astray by diabolical narratives about gender identity. Father, lift the scales from the parents eyes and hearts to align to your revealed truths regarding gender. We ask Lord that more doctors and political leaders will turn from the lies and stand for truth. We. earnestly pray that all surgergical procedures related to gender identity be outlawed immediately and exposed for what it really is- abuse and oppression of our children. In Jesus name I pray.
Mary O
March 22, 2023, 9:52 am
Father in heaven we pray for the precious children of our nation. We ask that you would protect them from this radical, demonic agenda of transgenderism. You have made the genders on this earth, everything was created by you, This agenda is false, fake, and a travesty of confusion and heartbreak to all who have this perpetrated on them. May the laws of our nation be reverted back to the protection of our youth and not the destruction of it. In your Holy and mighty name of Jesus I pray.
gregory m
March 13, 2023, 8:24 pm
Father and thank you for your mercy your grace and your love and thank you most of all that you continue to put confusion in the enemy's camp that they have no idea what they're doing but they will come to the light and see your perfect will for their lives release these children from the horrendous Act so they can have a life that's living according to you and your plan for their lives thank you that you continue to have them in the palm of your hand or no man can pluck them. Guide them more by your spirit physically emotionally and mentally but them being a center of your will and everything they do but their Angels camped around about them as they go to and fro until you be all the glory and all the honor as they fulfill purpose and Destiny in Jesus name we pray

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