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Submitted Prayers (2) for

Kristina E
November 19, 2021, 11:55 am
Father, protect our wonderful sons & daughters serving in the Armed Forces who were forced to take the COVID vaccine... many under duress. They serve because they want the best for America. They are being subject to leaders who care nothing for this country or our servicemen & women. Protect our Military. Put your arm of protection over their hearts, minds, physical bodies. Give our military who love you, LORD, much boldness and courage in the face of adversity. We ask this nation would continue to be a beacon of Hope for FREEDOM around this globe. The light of the world. Thank you, Jesus.
Valerie M
October 28, 2021, 3:54 pm
Father God, I pray that you will open peoples eyes to the truth. Your truth that genders were created by you, decided by you and that they cannot be changed. I pray that peoples are eyes are open to this. I pray against the demons over the gender crisis. I render then useless, confused and lost. I pray for freedom for the people believing these lies, so that they may walk in your truth. I pray for the media to stop pushing CRT, I pray for schools to stop pushing CRT, I pray you expose it for what it is. I bind the demons behind CRT . I ask angels to go to people lost over gender and the truth and help them see, help the demons be silenced, help fathers will become what people believe. I pray for all Christians to stand up with mighty voices to fight this demonic lie! I pray for strength for your intercessors to fight even harder until we see our victory through you! Amen


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