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Lord, we thank You for these lawmakers and their support for Your people. We pray that America would be a strong ally in Israel's time of need.
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As Israel responds Iran’s vicious attack, many American lawmakers are standing boldly in support of God’s chosen people and nation.

Have you taken your place on the wall?


On Thursday, the House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a resolution condemning Iran’s attack on Israel and supporting Israel’s right to respond. As many come against God’s nation and demand a ceasefire, it is encouraging that our lawmakers are courageously supporting Israel’s right to exist and its right to defend itself.

The Jerusalem Post also highlighted several several leaders who took to social media to support Israel. We have compiled many of their comments and tweets for you below:

Rep. Ritchie Torres affirmed Israel’s right to defend itself from Iran.

Rep. Rich McCormick proclaimed that America stands with Israel.

Sen. Marco Rubio affirmed Israel’s right to respond to Iran’s attack.

Sen. Rick Scott, just like Rep. McCormick, stated that, “The United States Stands with Israel.”

Sen. Roger Marshall, likewise, said, “we stand beside our friend and ally, Israel.”

Rep. Darrell Issa declared that Israel must win its fight against terror.

Finally, Rep. Robert Aderholt said, like others, that Israel has a right to exist and a right to defend itself from Iran and other violent regimes like it.

Every lawmaker’s name mentioned above is linked to their page on IFApray.org. We encourage you to visit their pages and write prayers thanking God for their stance on Israel! As the world turns on God’s nation and people, we need more leaders like them!

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April 21, 2024

“Truly, You are a God who hides Himself, O God of Israel, the Savior.” Isaiah 45: 15 “But Israel is saved by the Lord with everlasting salvation; you shall not be put to shame or confounded to all eternity.” Isaiah 45:17 How can we not support Israel if we proclaim Christ Jesus as Our Lord & Savior? Loving Jesus means loving His Chosen People.

April 21, 2024

STAND WITH YeHoVaH and with HIS Chosen People!

America must be a SHEEP Nation, NOT a goat nation…

ANTI ZIONISM IS Antisemitism


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