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Lord, we thank You for continuing to defend, preserve, and love Israel. We pray that the rest of the world, including the terrorist working around the clock to destroy Israel, would come to see Your chosen nation as You do.
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As the whole world turns its back on Israel, God continues to save and protect his nation. Read on, intercessor, to learn what the secret weapon Israel holds is.

From Breitbart. The past few weeks had been, until last Saturday, among the most difficult for friends of Israel around the world. …

Join others crying out to the Lord day and night.


Hezbollah continued firing from the north; the Houthis kept shooting from the south; and one wondered how this tiny nation had managed to survive this long.

And then on Thursday night, a day after I arrived in Israel, I found an answer of sorts, as I attended a concert in Jerusalem. …

Halfway through the concert, people began to stand up and dance, until the whole theater was rocking. …

It dawned on me in. that moment: of course Israel will survive. …

The late Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir said that Israel’s “secret weapon” was that Israelis “have nowhere else to go.” …

But after Thursday, I realized that it was insufficient. Israel’s secret weapon is not fear of annihilation, but rather love — love of the country, love of God, love of life itself — against the hatred cultivated by its enemies.

On Saturday, in the Old City of Jerusalem … I visited the Christian holy sites, and found throngs of pilgrims and worshippers, undeterred by the dangers of war. …

Perhaps [their] prayers worked, because what transpired later that evening was miraculous.

Iran launched over 300 drones and missiles at Israel … and the Israeli military was able to intercept almost all of them. …

I had wondered, for weeks, whether love would defeat hate — whether the desire of Israelis to live in peace with their neighbors could overcome their enemies’ efforts to indoctrinate their own children with hate, and to export that hate around the world.

After witnessing, and living through, the incredible events in the Holy Land over the past week, I believe I know the answer: love will win in the end — given the weapons to fight, and the will to use them judiciously.

Share your continued prayers for Israel below.

(Excerpt from Breitbart. Photo Credit: Taylor Brandon on Unsplash)

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April 22, 2024

Psalm 25:22
Amplified Bible, Classic Edition
22 “Redeem Israel, O God, out of all their troubles.“

Sande Lofberg
April 21, 2024

In Washington, D.C., many Jews marched together, feeling surprised and grateful for the support of Christians. Some of us were carrying Christian flags, i.e. the Appeal to Heaven flag. Those we spoke with were grateful for the solidarity. As the adversity and hatred continues may our love and support grow stronger!

Immanuel T Ededey
April 21, 2024

What the whole world failed to know is the same failure of Egypt then, when they trusted in their gods until they lost all their first borns and paid the price with pharoah and all its armies drowned in the red sea.
So many people are saying that Israel is not a Christian nation and why are Christians praying and supporting them.
We must pray for them and we must support them, they’re the tree that bears us as branches. How will a branch fight against the main tree?
Our prayers for Israel is that they WILL be saved from all global conspiracies and terrorisms until the return of the LORD in the fullness of time when we all shall in one faith serve and worship this GOD of Abraham, isaac and Jacob who also is the father of our LORD JESUS CHRIST according to the scriptures.
This whole thing started from Israel and Egypt is a living witness.
Israel stands tall in all these sponsored adversaries.
They will attain the peak according to GOD’S designs and will for them.

April 21, 2024

YeHoVaH Promises are yes and amen! HE has promised to NOT uproot them again. Jer 24:6

ISRAEL Regathering from the nations IS THE SUPER SIGN.
Jer 30:18

AFTER A Nation will be born in a day.! May 14, 1948 **at 6:11 PM** when President Truman signed his signature.


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