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Father, restore our economy and a sense of fiscal responsibility to this nation. Help the families struggling to get by, Lord, and help us to help one another.
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Gas prices hit record highs earlier this year before their recent decline, but we may be headed back in the wrong direction.

From Fox Business. Gas prices in the U.S. have gone down significantly since the national average hit a high of just over $5 per gallon in June, but Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warns that prices could shoot back up. …

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Appearing on CNN on Sunday, Yellen was asked whether Americans can expect to see an increase in the coming months.


“Well, it’s a risk, and it’s a risk that we’re working on the price cap to try to address,” Yellen said, referencing an effort by G7 countries to place a price cap on Russian oil. …

The national average gas price was at a high of approximately $5.02 on June 14, according to AAA, and it is currently down to about $3.72 per gallon.

President Biden has largely blamed the price jump on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which began on February 24. …

On Jan. 20, 2021, when Biden took office, the national average price per gallon was approximately $2.39.

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(Excerpt from Fox Business. Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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September 14, 2022

Corrupt, wicked, evil, satanic, liars that is the admin and various departments in U.S. government! Oh Lord my God how excellent are Your ways! Father God in your name we ask you to bind up all these evil ways-You know ALL of them! You know TRUTH. We need Your help to bring about an honest election 2022! Father come quickly please. A mighty spiritual revival under You God is what is needed also. Thank you God! In Jesus name we ask and pray. Amen.

September 13, 2022

Joe Biden already said that the gas prices were coming back up! He said they were going to stay high from now on! They went down to soften people to support the democrat regime at mid-term elections! Please tell everyone to vote in JESUS NAME! I bind those words of joe biden’s and command them to die in JESUS NAME! FATHER GOD please help us to fight against this wicked regime in the MIGHTY NAME of JESUS! Amen!

Kathy Emahiser
September 13, 2022

Father, you said in your world that you will supply all our needs according to your riches and glory by Christ Jesus, so no matter how bad the economy gets, you will take care of those who have put their trust in you. Thank you Father for your provisions for your children. I pray that those who don’t know you as Father will open their hearts to you and invite Jesus into their hearts so they can be members of your family, and they will see you as a loving Father who takes care of his own. In Jesus name I pray with thanksgiving, Amen


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