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Father, help us to see and understand as a nation that we have gone so far astray, and that the result is disastrous. Help our society to find its way back to you.

The fall of Kabul has exposed, in horrifying and dramatic fashion, the incompetence and folly of the Biden administration.

The reports and images coming out of Afghanistan are dire. As many as 10,000 American citizens are trapped behind enemy lines, stranded in and around Kabul in what amounts to a massive hostage crisis. It remains unclear whether they will be allowed to leave or even if they can even make it to the airport safely.

Moreover, tens of thousands of Afghans who worked with the U.S. military are also trying to leave before the Taliban find them and their families. The White House seems to have no plan to get any of these people out, and the Pentagon has suggested it might not be able to do so

For days now, liberal news outlets have been repeating, as if to reassure us, that the Taliban have pledged to respect women’s rights, “within the framework of Islamic law.” But we all know what that means. Already there are reports of Afghan women and girls being forced into “marriages” with Taliban fighters, the closure of girls’ schools, and the killing of a woman who appeared in public without a head covering — likely the first of many…

The joint statement goes on to declare that all Afghan women and girls, “deserve to live in safety, security and dignity.”…

According to the twisted moral logic of Twitter, Trump’s mean tweets are tantamount to the incitement of violence and require his removal from the platform, but dissimulation from an actual terrorist group, infamous for its brutality and actual, mind-boggling levels of violence, is fine so long as they parse their tweets carefully.

All this shows that our elites don’t actually care about violence or even incitement to violence, any more than they care all that much about the rights, dignity, or safety of women. In the face of real evil, real violence, they are reduced to inane platitudes.

The truth is, it does not occur to our elites that the world they wish to impose on the Taliban might be only slightly less morally repugnant than the world the Taliban wish to impose on Afghanistan. Our leaders govern societies that systematically deny the rights of the unborn and the elderly, that aggressively violate their citizens’ rights of free speech and free exercise of religion. They seek to create a world where parents have almost no rights over the education and rearing of their children, where toxic ideologies about race and transgenderism are forced on young and old alike, and parents are afraid to oppose these ideologies for fear of the state…

Does this author’s article resonate with you? Share your comments and prayers below.

(Excerpted from The Federalist. Article by John Daniel Davidson. Photo Credit: Guillaume-Perigois).

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August 23, 2021

This all looks like it was intentional. The Power Elite are using this terrible situation in Afghanistan to their advantage. This gives the globalists fuel for replacing our government, inept and weak as it is. The behavior by the Taliban feeds into the “need” for one-world government. World dominance is their goal, and what we are seeing is one more step towards a one-world, global government. This would NEVER have happened on President Trump’s watch. He is NOT a globalist, and would not have played their games. THAT is why he is no longer President, and why the last election was rigged to remove him from power. Lord Jesus, only You can redeem this situation. We cry out to you to bring justice upon these evil people who are perpetrating this dishonest, globalistic agenda. Please replace this with a return to Trump as our President. In Jesus’ name.

August 22, 2021

Morally bankrupt and apathetic are kind words for many of the leaders we have now. And I hate to use the word ‘leaders’ because it’s an embarrassment to real people of leadership. Figureheads or imposters is more accurate. And the very fact that Biden and others were even voted into office over the last few decades is an indictment of the moral bankruptcy of voters who put a check next to their name. Sadly, some call themselves Christians but their vote for someone like Biden really calls into question how much of a relationship they actually have with the living God.
We all realize that Biden and democrats couldn’t win 2020. And legally, they didn’t. But when moral bankruptcy is your greatest account, it makes no difference.
God of everything and all mankind – we desperately need many miracles from you. Our nation will not make it without You and the miracles. We ask for the miracle of coast to coast repentance and revival.

August 22, 2021

Yes, it does resonate and I totally agree! What the elites (Democrats) want to impose on Americans are very similar to the Taliban! It’s ALL about CONTROL, POWER! MONEY! These idealogs, globalists, etc, want to control what you do, where you go, what you eat, EVERYTHING about you!! People like Bill Gates wants depopulation and you can see his “plans” clearly if you look online!! This guy is behind the vaccines!! IT IS PAST TIME TO WAKE UP! This administration, and the elites, are crazy if they think the cruel, Taliban, care one tiny bit for women and children! ( of course, we know they don’t care) These people are morally bankrupt, they have no compassion! They are given over to a depraved mind!
We all keep hoping that the American people will stand up against this godless administration, and I mean American administration! We are allowing death and destruction all over now, not just in America! When will we say STOP, and DECLARE, NO MORE OF THIS MADNESS! I personally keep praying THE CHURCH WILL WAKE UP AND SPEAK OUT! NOW!! It is getting very late!

August 22, 2021

The article resonates loud and clear! These elite leaders are a house of cards.
God, please wake up Your Lions!


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