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Father, we ask You to open the eyes of those who support the ending of life in the womb. Give them Your heart for the preborn, along with eyes to see, ears to hear, and understanding of Your Truth.
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In an absurd and tone-deaf opinion piece, MSNBC columnist Dean Obeidallah argues that Republicans must be insincere in condemning the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan because they themselves oppose “women’s rights.”…

He goes on to argue that, while “nobody is saying the GOP and the Taliban are equally bad,” pro-life Republicans can’t sincerely oppose the Taliban’s egregious violations of women’s rights because GOP lawmakers themselves have voted against reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act and joined in filing a brief asking the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade

Does this seem like an unfair comparison to you? Please share your prayer in the comments below.

(Excerpted from National Review. Article by Alexandra Desanctis. Photo Credit: Majid-Korang-Beheshti).

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Sue Tracy
August 23, 2021

What would Jesus do He would love first. Lord we love you and ask you to turn our hearts toward you and respect all life.

August 22, 2021

To compare the Taliban to Pro-lifers is ludicrous! Pro-lifers SAVE lives, Taliban KILLS anyone they can! What an absurd and untrue statement for Dean Obeidallah to make! The unborn baby has no voice but ours!! If Christians, Republicans, Pro-life people don’t use our voices to speak up for the unborn, who will?? It sickens me that this country has allowed this genocide to go on for years! We now have a government who loves to send millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood! We also have a government that won’t stand up to the Taliban!
We USED to have an administration that stood up for the unborn and stood against the Taliban!
I’ve never understood why many Christians will not get involved when it comes to abortion. Do you think we may be under God’s judgement now because the church was so silent on some things that God calls an abomination, like abortion and “the rainbow colors ” put over our Whitehouse??


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