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Lord, we ask You to route out corruption from our government agencies. We ask You to place people who love You in government positions at every level. We ask for revival in our nation.
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Coweta County School Board Member Linda Menk, a 71-year-old grandmother who lives in the rural community 40 miles southwest of Atlanta, says she was paid a visit by a pair of FBI agents for attending former President Donald Trump’s now-infamous D.C. rally on Jan. 6.

“It wasn’t festive, but it was friendly,” Menk said of the rally, telling The Federalist she remained on the outskirts of the crowd at Trump’s White House speech, standing on the grounds of the Washington Monument to watch the jumbotron from afar. “That was kind of where we camped out so-to-speak,” attending with a group she met in her hotel the night before since she got separated from those she drove from Georgia with…

In Coweta County, Menk’s presence became the center of controversy by local Black Lives Matter activists who demanded Menk’s resignation for her participation in the peaceful protest.

“Just FYI. I’m here in DC for the Trump March,” Menk wrote on her Facebook page on Jan. 6. “These people your seeing on TV who supposedly stormed the capitol do NOT look like the peaceful marchers.”

The next local school board meeting on Jan. 12 erupted with left-wing activists branding Menk an insurrectionist who should be forcibly removed from the board…

When neither would reveal their badge numbers and offered no warrant, Menk instructed the two to remain where they were so she could phone an attorney…

In the FBI interview, Menk outlined her involvement in the rally, telling the FBI where she was and when.

“You can verify everything I am telling you,” she told them, recalling one agent tell the other, “she would not have seen him based on where she was.”…

The second was what she thought should happen to those who stormed the Capitol complex that day. Menk said she complained about the billions in damage wrought by left-wing anarchists nationwide over last year: “You guys have done absolutely nothing.”…

At the next month’s school board meeting, Menk was provided a police escort while leftist activists remained up in arms over her presence at Trump’s January rally, outraged she had not been removed for exercising the same rights as those who oppose her. Her removal could only be accomplished by recall. First elected in 2013, Menk is running for a third term to begin next year.

“What really bothers me,” she says, “is this accusation that I’m a racist.”…

Are you concerned about the disparity between the FBI’s treatment of those who peacefully attended the January 6 rally, and anarchists who damaged property in other states? Share below.

(Excerpted from The Federalist. Article by Tristan Justice. Photo Credit: Brent Stirton/Getty Images).

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August 24, 2021

Thank you for the wisdom and courage of this woman. She is wonderful example of truth, honesty and courage. We pray that her responses shame the FBI and help bring them to repentance. Amen

August 23, 2021

Lord, please restore righteousness, integrity, justice, truth, and fear of God in the government agencies. Please protect innocent lives like Ms.Menk.

August 22, 2021

We see again the weaponization of the FBI by the present administration and deep state operatives. They are NOT going to be concerned about facts..these are people who don’t have enough moral backbone or courage to do what is right. They are carefully placed robots operating under marching orders to prosecute the innocent or patriots so they can keep up their false narrative. It is incredible how spineless a department of government has become – a department that is supposed to be neutral in justice but now has become a political swordsman due to their absence of fortitude and courage.
I continue to pray and in given situations, demand that these weak godless people who think they are doing their jobs – resign, be forced to resign or be removed and that real people who know what it means to be a servant take their place.

August 22, 2021

Isn’t this the way the Nazi’s acted?? Where were the FBI and other National security people, when Antifa was burning, looting, rioting, when BLM was right there too? Where were they when Democrats , like Maxine Waters,threatened and prodded people to “go after them” meaning Conservative Republicans and Trump supporters! Are we still living in America!?! Have our National Security people become the enemy to Conservatives, now??
Nothing has been “right” since Obama! People, who are not racist are called that! It’s wrong. I agree with Mrs. Menk, that Martin Luther King’s dream IS A REALITY now! People are ignorant, on purpose, that don’t see that!!
I pray that the school board is wise enough to keep this brave lady on their board! We need more like her, lots more!!

August 22, 2021

We pray for the prompt investigation and release of over 600 protesters whose only misdemeanor was trespassing. We pray for a full investigation of the FBI’s involvement and organizing of the riot with BLM and ANTIFA terrorist groups. We pray for judgement of the true instigators and their criminal actions brought to justice for the sake all victims.

Ann Lee
August 22, 2021

I am very concerned that there is never any mention of the vast majority of peaceful protestors on January 6 th, only emphasis on the small minority who spoiled what could have been a peaceful protest. I witnessed destruction in Chicago during the Black Lives Matter movement and hope that the government will hold those people who ruined private and government property will be honorable enough to use the funds from BLAm to repair the damages.

    August 22, 2021

    On Jan 6 didn’t I see videos of the capital police removing barricades and unlocking the doors to the Capital and waving people inside? Half of the people were sent home early by their supervisors. The doors were not broken into! Do not let this administration gaslight you! This was planned by the left and BLM and antifa who had just spent 2020 terrorizing American cities and looting and burning cities. It was planned to try once again to impeach President Trump but GOD has HIS Hands still on him. Look for the video of the last Chicago looting event downtown and see how organized and orchestrated it was. Not a spur of the moment event. They communicated on social media to meet for the looting event and the drivers did not leave the cars, only the looters. FATHER GOD please expose the enemy and darkness and those lying spirits gone all out over our nation. Put down the unfruitful works of darkness in America! Please protect YOUR people in JESUS MIGHTY Name! Amen!


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