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Father, we pray for the refugees fleeing Ukraine. Keep the safe as they seek safety. God, we pray for a swift and peaceful resolution to this conflict so that these refugees can once again find peace in their home country.

From Breitbart. European Union officials have stated they are preparing for millions of refugees from Ukraine due to the ongoing conflict with Russia, with half a million moving west already, many going to Poland….

The United Nations, for their part, have predicted that as many as four to seven million people may try and seek refuge after fleeing the invasion, a number that could far surpass the number of asylum seekers who entered the EU during the 2015 migrant crisis, broadcaster Deutsche Welle reports….


Since the start of the Russian invasion last week, Poland has reported that around 200,000 people have crossed the border as of Sunday. Women, children and elderly men were the majority of the refugees as men aged 18 to 60 have been prevented from leaving the country by the Ukrainian government. In all, The Times of London reports, half a million Ukrainians have gone west in recent days, with a further 127,000 from Russian-held areas of Ukraine going to Russia.

While hundreds of thousands have left Ukraine for EU countries in recent days, some African nationals trying to flee the country have claimed that they were stopped by Polish border guards or prevented from getting onboard trains….

According to a report from BBC journalist Stephanie Hegarty, African students are being sent to the back of the line in terms of priority at the border….

While countries like Poland, Austria, Hungary and others have expressed a desire to open their borders to refugees from Ukraine, others like the so-called “humanitarian superpower” Sweden, have largely refused….

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(From Breitbart. Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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March 4, 2022

Heavenly Abba, in these troubling and uncertain times, especially with the Russian War, we are humbly seeking You for Your intervention in protecting the innocent men, women, young adults and all children & pets of all the Ukrainians who had no choice but to flee their own country – standing in the gap now, we ask You that they be well received and sheltered and fed everyday, IJN, amein!

ron sorrentino
March 4, 2022

God, Father Almighty, I humbly ask for your divine intervention for the protection, caring, feeding and housing of all Ukrainian refugees seeking a safe place. May You, Merciful God, send your Spirit to all those still in the Ukraine and protect them from harm.


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