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Father, we pray for the truckers in The People's Convoy traveling our country. We pray that you would protect them and empower them to continue fighting for freedom.

Following in the footsteps of Canada’s Freedom Convoy, these truckers are seeking to end the state of panic and restore freedom in our country.

From Springfield News-Leader. American flags waved in the wind as a 15-mile convoy, made up of hundreds of truck drivers, passed through Springfield on Interstate 44 Monday morning.

The People’s Convoy leaders are calling themselves a “peaceful and unified transcontinental movement” of truck drivers, according to a news release. The convoy, which began its travels in Adelanto, California on Wednesday, Feb. 23, is on its way to the Capital Beltway, an interstate highway that surrounds Washington D.C. They anticipate arriving Saturday.

The group wishes to protest in favor of re-opening the country by “lifting all mandates and ending the state of emergency” related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The U.S. Department of Defense recently approved the use of 700 National Guard members and 50 large tactical vehicles to help amid concerns of major traffic disruptions in the Washington D.C. area….

Monday’s travel began in Vinita, Oklahoma, and the plan was to end in Sullivan for an overnight stay. Updated information about the convoy’s route can be accessed on The People’s Convoy websiteFacebook group and Instagram.

What do you think of The People’s Convoy? Share your thoughts below.

(Excerpt from Springfield News-Leader. Photo Credit: Lukas Juhas on Unsplash)

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March 4, 2022

I am very concerned if their plan is to block the beltway completely. I hope they only plan to partially block it – that would make the point without alienating everyone and forcing the hands of the police. Remember Chris Christie and the blocked bridge incident? It totally backfired on him! Please pray their plan is guided by God’s wisdom!

March 4, 2022

Thank you for representing me & millions of Americans!
I’m praying it will be a safe & peaceful protest without
attacks from the enemies of Freedom! God Bless You All!

March 3, 2022

Praying for safety and supernatural protection & support, especially as they encounter Washington DC. It is sad that Canada’s trucker convoy got more media coverage than our own! We need more Americans to stand up against all this evil control! GOD is calling all of us to step out of our lukewarm comfort zone & stand up for freedom & our rights. Praying they are covered in Psalm 91! GOD bless all of them !

Charles Smith
March 3, 2022

the COVID restrictions are being lifted everywhere……this convoy started out too late. There is no longer any support and everyone can go home now please.

    Holly Holy
    March 4, 2022

    ” Biden threatens to VETO Senate vote to end the COVID national emergency because it would be a ‘reckless and costly’ mistake – despite saying the US was heading back to normal at the State of the Union.”. Daily Mail. March 4, 2022

    Some.states (hopefully ALL states are dropping mandates but Biden is still gung ho on his federal mandate and retaining national emergency status which gives him more power, due to Covid. He is not ready to let his hold go even if the Senate passes the act.

    It is a shame the truckers couldn’t make it sooner but the need remains to voice and stand up for our concerns. God b!ess you all, convoy truckers! I wish I’d been able to see.amd.greet you in person and to experiemce.the sight of the 14 miles of trucks!! Honk! Honk! You are making history and standing for most of us and we thank you!

Ian and Heather Nott
March 3, 2022

Our small group of intercessors in Australia are praying.
Come on guys add your support. these truckers will win by prayer and decree. They need our covering from demonic interruption. God is in this. Pray pray, decree, decree.


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