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Lord, we pray for peace in Ukraine. Protect all the refugees and residents there from harm, and help the church to be the light there in this dark hour.

The ongoing violence in Ukraine should be a regular point of prayer for intercessors.

From CNN. CNN geolocated a video shared to social media on Monday showing a large column of Russian military vehicles near Matveev Kurgan, a settlement in Russia’s Rostov region….

The vehicles are seen facing north-west, in the direction of the Donbas region.

Ukrainian and Western officials have said in recent days they have observed a redeployment of Russian troops to Donbas following major setbacks in a push to take Kyiv.

“Yes, there are still no major battles that are being discussed so much in the past few days. But in general we could say the offensive has already started,” Denysenko said.

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(Excerpt from CNN. Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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Mary Haight
April 13, 2022

Lord, please wake people up to the corrupt nature of CNN. They are liars and anti-American, and they cannot be trusted to tell the truth. Father, I ask that in Your mercy that You would draw them to Jesus and bring them to the Truth. Give us reliable sources of information and let the full truth be known. Please help the precious people of Ukraine as they are caught in the cross fire while the Deep State and the Nazis in Ukraine are taken down! I ask in Jesus name that righteousness, truth and justice will prevail in Ukraine! As Your throne, O Lord, is Righteousness and Justice, let it reign on earth as in Heaven!

Darlene Estlow
April 13, 2022

Father, I am reminded of battles in Scripture where you confused the enemy and they turned on themselves. I pray you would do this to the Russian invaders. Protect the Ukranians and many they turn to you, not just for safety for their nation, but eternal salvation for themselves. May they feel your presence and your work on their behalf.

Allena Jordan
April 13, 2022

Lord, I ask You to confuse the plans of the Russian military. Turn them all around and head them back to their homeland. Spirit of peace, fall upon all the military on both sides. Father, save President Putin. Deliver him from the domain of darkness. Lord of Heavens armies, please stop this war. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


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