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Lord, we ask that in the midst of tragedy, more and more Haitians would come to You. And we ask You to bring peace and restoration to this nation. Amen.

Five days after an earthquake struck Haiti’s southern coast, the death toll has risen to more than 2,100 and the number of people injured has surged to over 12,000. With an estimated 684,000 people in need of immediate assistance, several Christian charities are providing basic provisions and medical care for those devastated by the recent disasters.

Haiti’s Civil Protection Agency said late Wednesday that dozens of people are still missing and confirmed that 2,189 have been found dead, while those wounded had risen to 12,268.

Just two days after Saturday’s 7.2 magnitude earthquake near Les Cayes, the country was hit with heavy rains from Tropical Storm Grace that brought flooding and hindered search and rescue efforts…

LiveBeyond, a Christian nonprofit organization that’s been operating in Haiti for over a decade, said in a post on Twitter Monday that its operations in the Thomazeau region were not affected and urged people worldwide to pray for Haitians mourning the loss of loved ones and for the nation’s recovery. The nonprofit is providing medical care for many who suffered injuries from the earthquake near Les Cayes…

Saturday’s earthquake is the deadliest to hit the Caribbean nation since January 2010, when a 7.0 magnitude earthquake claimed 316,000 lives and left more than 1.5 million homeless…

Five years after the Vanderpools moved to the Caribbean island, five armed gang members attempted to kidnap Laurie Vanderpool while she was standing outside the couple’s home.

Both David and Laurie Vanderpool ran to escape. Laurie, however, was severely injured by the attackers who dragged and beat her. As a trauma surgeon, Vanderpool said he had no choice but to perform multiple surgeries on his wife on-site at the medical clinic on their property. She was later transported to the U.S. for further medical treatment…

Following his wife’s attack, Vanderpool said they had no hesitation in their minds about continuing God’s mission for them in Haiti.

Vanderpool said he has seen violence firsthand, particularly gang-related violence, which has escalated since the assassination of Moïse on July 7, he added. Yet, the increase in crime and facing natural disasters has led to a rise in spiritual hunger and growth among Haitians…

In an interview with “This Is America & The World” host Dennis Wholey in 2018, two years after the country was recovering from Hurricane Matthew, Menos described Voodoo as the center of Haitian culture. She asserted at the time that even many Catholic and Protestant Haitians incorporate Voodoo practices in their daily lives…

“Many people in Haiti worship the devil through Voodoo and they understand there are bad spiritual forces in the world, and that when bad things are happening it’s due to the evil that Satan brings about,” Vanderpool said. “Many Haitians have a clear picture of the spiritual realm and they know God is a God of love.

“It’s a complex issue, and our goal is to continue to preach about the truth that can be found in God only, while doing the work we were called by God to do for the purpose of aiding in humanitarian development to improve people’s physical and spiritual lives,” Vanderpool added.

Even with the increased levels of violence in Haiti, Vanderpool said he and his wife plan to return to advance the mission work of their nonprofit.

But he cautioned church missions groups against traveling to Haiti at this time and instead give to organizations that are already operating on the ground.

Before the earthquake, the U.S. State Department had already raised its travel advisory to a level four “due to kidnapping, crime and civil unrest.”…

Does it encourage you to hear this report from Haiti? Share your comments and prayers, below!

(Excerpted from The Christian Post. Article by Nicole Alcindor. Photo Credit: Richard Pierrin/Getty Images).

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August 23, 2021

I want to encourage people reading this article to also share it. Share it with your friends, family members and church. BUT I also want to encourage people to give. If this article is read by 1000 people and each person gives $5 to a reputable disaster relief organization (operation blessing or Samaritan’s purse, etc.), we can create a huge amount of emergency financial help for the people of Haiti. I know there is inflation, disasters,etc. here at home but if we give something and ask God to increase it ten, twenty or a hundred fold, He will do so.


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