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Lord, thank You for compelling the CDC to reveal the truth. Protect us from the dangerous side effects of the COVID vaccine.
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The CDC has been forced to release vaccine injury reports that were previously kept hidden. Why were these reports hidden, and what else might the CDC be hiding?

From The Epoch Times. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released previously hidden reports of facial paralysis and other adverse events following COVID-19 vaccination.

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The 780,000 reports were received shortly after the COVID-19 vaccines were rolled out, and show people experienced a wide range of post-vaccination problems, including heart inflammation, miscarriages, and seizures. …

People lodged the reports with V-safe, a text-message system created by the CDC to monitor for possible side effects of COVID-19 vaccines.

The CDC, for years, declined to make the V-safe data public, instead publishing studies that described the reports as providing reassurance about the safety of the shots. However, according to data released in 2022, nearly 8 percent of the 10 million users required medical attention or hospital care after vaccination, and many others reported missing school, work, or other normal activities. …

The same judge who ordered the release of that data ordered the agency in January to disclose free-text entries from a different section where individuals could describe their experiences. U.S. District Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk, appointed by former President Donald Trump, dismissed the government’s arguments that processing the responses and redacting sensitive information would require too much work.

The first two tranches, comprising 780,000 reports from some 523,000 people, include dozens of reports of heart inflammation, hundreds of reports of facial paralysis, and thousands of reports of tinnitus.

Multiple people said things were so bad that they were struggling with suicidal thoughts. …

Another person said they experienced symptoms of an allergic reaction. “I read where [sic] this vaccine should not be administered to anyone allergic to PEG and I am allergic to PEG. It would be incredibly reassuring if someone would call me as all I run into is dead ends,” the individual said. …

Judge Kacsmaryk’s order came in litigation brought by the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN), a nonprofit that has compelled the release of a number of government files since the COVID-19 pandemic started. …

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(Excerpt from The Epoch Times. Photo Credit: ArtistGNDphotography/Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro)

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Linda Humphrey
April 6, 2024

My son suffered neurologically even unto death on November sixteenth 2024, this all began after his COVID vaccines and one booster. He was forty four when he passed into Glory. Asking our Lord to give us, the born again Christians of The United States of America hearts of humble repentance and wisdom to pray and stand against all that is displeasing to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and to become bold Truth bearers standing for all that honors and glorifies our Abba Through the Blood of The Lamb and the Word of our testimony, “Not by power nor by might, but by MY SPIRIT, says The Lord” The Lord of Heavens Armies, The Lord of hosts! Amen and Amen, So Be It!

Debbie Ball
April 5, 2024

Big thanks to the attorneys and the Highwire for forcing them to comply with acknowledging what we all have a right to know!!
If there are no consequences, they will continue to be complicit in these egregious crimes against humanity!
Thank you, Jesus, the truth is being made known.
Luke 12:2-3

April 4, 2024

Within two weeks of getting the covid 19 vaccine my older brother age 65 in perfect health began getting paralysis in his right arm, then he and his family went to Hawaii and got the boosters shots. His left arm was next and he started losing his balance alot. Doctors said he had Lou Gherigs disease. No one in our family has had that and you dont get that when your older anyway. After a year he couldn’t drive and he started losing his balance ALOT ! He and his family went to glacier National Park in Montana where he lost his balance hit his head on a brick wall causing massive brain bleeding and died two days later as they had to take him off life support. I warned him not to get those shots but he and his family were scared because of the CDC saying EVERYONE should get them. No long term studies were done on the vaccines yet they were SOOOO insistent on pushing this on us, doesn’t that tell you guys something ???

Diana Gomez
April 4, 2024

Regarding the coovidi vaccine……I developed 2 autoimmune diseases after the vaccine. Poly myalgia Rheumatica and Giant Cell Arteritis. It has been a long road to try and find the right amount of meds to combat the inflammation and pain.

judy Furlong
April 4, 2024

Thank you for releasing all truthful information!

April 4, 2024

Thank you and praise you Father for disclosing these things that our mortal enemy that is working to kill rob and destroy is trying to keep hidden. Show us and help us in using weapons mighty in God to defeat and destroy Satan’s plans, including and especially setting free those he has taken captive to do his evil will. ( 2 Tim 2:24)

Ron Glenn Deere
April 4, 2024

The CDC is horribly irresponsible in that there is a list of problems kept about ANY drug on the market. Typically, in the past, all it took to take said drug off the market was a few hundred complaints. With Covid, this list ended up in the several thousands with no end in sight. There seemed to be NO level of problems that would induce the CDC or other health organizations to repent!! Praise the Lord that Congress leaned on the CDC to tell all. Hallelujah!!

Brian lynch
April 4, 2024

No surprise here! Lord Jesus, please, supernaturally protect us from these potentially harmful vaccine injuries. keep us safe from these effects of the vaccine. Thank you, Jesus.

Helen Phillips
April 4, 2024

This is a fraction of the actual cases as many were never reported.

Allena Jordan
April 4, 2024

Lord, thank You for revealing more truth regarding this Vaccine. Father, cause people to look to You for their health, what steps they should take, whether to bow to government mandates such as these or to say “no.” And cause Your people to be Your army which takes its orders from You and You alone. Open our ears to hear Your commands. Open our eyes to see the dangers lurking around us. Open our hearts to receive Your Truth, Your peace, Your love. Thank You. Amen.

April 4, 2024

GOOD!! This is another organization used as a weapon to destroy our health and constitutional rights.. and..

I pray that these covid injury reports would reveal so much truth that the humiliation would be great enough to not only stop the any further assaults on us with the bio weapon shot but to humiliate the CDC out of existence-, they have long since overstepped their boundaries and have ceased in serving their original purpose. Lord have mercy on us and cause this agency to cease and to even be dismantled.
Lord let your guardian angels cover our nation and let your Holy Spirit direct the minds of the management of CDC to repent and stand down and confess their evil ways. Lord let us retain our national sovereignty or health sovereignty and our personal choice in governing our own nation and our personal health and of course in protecting our children and families from these evil satanic globalists who have sold their souls to the globalists. Lord we pray that they will see the error of their ways and be cleansed from the narcotic and addicting effect of allowing the lust of total control and power to dictate their thinking and to allow themselves to be addicted to this dangerous control device.

Lalita Smith
April 4, 2024

I am grateful for the staff at the Epic Times. They work tirelessly to root out hidden evil agendas and expose the truth to all who will hear. Lord Jesus, bless this organization and cause many more Believers to be made aware of their ministry to us. We pray they are undergirded with our prayers as they provide the hidden data we need to pray more effectively to bring about positive change and impact against such evils. Thank You.

    April 4, 2024

    Yes Lord I Lift Up To You The Epic Times And I pray to continue to use them as a conduit through which your cleansing power and your goodness is planted into the Earth in our nation and grows up as a cleansing power to eradicate evil and that the Epic Times continues to flourish and telling the truth and exposing the corruption in our land and the corruption in these institutions.. which should not have existed in the first place. In Jesus name-, amen


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