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Father, we pray that President Biden would make a full recovery, and we also pray that the media bias and manipulation of Covid data would end.
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Biden’s diagnosis showcases how the media has lied to us for years now. The Covid manipulation needs to stop.

Analysis. From The Federalist. Remember when bureaucrats and talking heads warned you ominously that Covid was so arbitrarily deadly that you couldn’t go to church, your kids couldn’t go to school, and you couldn’t have Christmas dinner with your family? If you didn’t triple-mask, you were killing grandmas. And if you came down with the virus? Boy, were you a selfish, evil person clearly set on trying to kill us all….

Pray for your fellow intercessor.


And yet, now that President Joe Biden has contracted Covid, all those people who warned you the virus should leave you in constant fear for your life are awkwardly trying to avoid eye contact. … At 78, Biden is at a far higher risk for severe Covid complications than the average American, and far more vulnerable than the millions of schoolchildren that were banned from their classrooms by the Covid gatekeepers. But are those gatekeepers as worried now as they told you to be?…

They’re clearly not worried about Biden falling deadly ill, or at least they’re going to great pains to convince you they’re not. But if Biden’s Covid diagnosis is no big deal, why was a similar diagnosis portrayed so ominously as a deathly threat to millions of Americans who are at far less risk than Biden is?…

There are only two possible conclusions. The first is that the Covid cabal of media and bureaucrats genuinely think 5-year-old kindergarten students or able-bodied men whose small businesses were shuttered or loyal churchgoers are somehow at far more severe risk of Covid complications than the frail, septuagenarian president who just told the world that he has cancer.

What do you think of the media’s portrayal of Covid? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

(Excerpt from The Federalist. Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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August 3, 2022

Im an icu nurse and vaccinated for almost every imaginable virus. Some I even have serval boosters for. When they started pushing for quarantine I was for it , just to give Drs enough time to figure out a plan. When they said they had this miracle cure I was skeptic. After I did a ton of research on it I had many many questions. It wasn’t making sense. Everything I had known of science for over 20 years was being ignored . No vaccine should attack and kill your natural antibodies. Hospitals have always given exemptions for everything, suddenly there were none… not even natural immunity. They weren’t allowing people to get titers drawn because they knew they were lying . They were downplaying monoclonal antibodies and even discouraging it and limiting the supply even though it was proven science and was shown to be effective, much more so than the jab. They couldn’t come up with a viable excuse as to why tens of thousands of nurses and Drs were working with little to no PPE, having extremely high viral loads, getting sick and recovering yet the virus was so deadly for everyone else. They didn’t even touch on the fact that for a virus so deadly.. people only died in the hospital, they weren’t pulling dead bodies out of homes, people werent dropping dead on the sidewalk. That is because of the ventilator which very early in Drs figured out it wasn’t a lung issue but a clotting issue and yet they continued to push ventilation. They knew early on that Ivermectin worked and Remdesivir was destroying kidneys and killing people yet they were forcing people to ignore this and hospitals to comply. They knew the testing was severely flawed and in fact was completely unreliable.. yet they made people get tested over and over and the hospitals were reporting false positives and the positives after negatives even though patients were reporting they felt fine. Hospitals were claiming crisis status but firing the very medical professionals that had worked the previous year, had natural immunity and could even prove it with a titer. The hospitals fired their own staff because they could claim crisis shortages and use Federal help to use travel nurses. Later in the game they stopped using separate units for covid and noncovid and nurses were made to take assignments caring for both which increased the covid numbers. If a person went into the ER but left before being seen they counted them as a positive.
When this first happened people were saying it was used as a weapon to throw an election. I said that the very idea of our government killing its own people to win an election was preposterous and I was appalled at the thought of it . By 2021 I was convinced I was wrong.
They used healthcare as their weapon. They destroyed the American Healthcare system and I am convinced it will never be the same. I am ashamed of the “professionals” that knew better or at least should of and yet they made excuses after excuses of why it was the right thing to do. They also pressured and persuaded people into complying.
They took an oath to do no harm and that’s exactly what they were doing.
The truth has always been out there if people were willing to look outside of google and MSM, away from the CDC recommendations and actually do their own research. They used Nazi tactics “ fear and hope” to control the world. So many people proved how easily they could be manipulated into taking an active part in their own demise and even allow their children to be subjected to the same fate.
The first time around I know people were scared and made decisions based on that fear, however after so many adverse reactions and deaths they continued to follow the plan like sheep. Double and triple jabbed people in the icu these days. The quote people will say is “ it may not prevent them from getting it but at least they didn’t die”… well they didn’t end up on the hospital on a ventilator either.
My mom is a 72 year old smoker and drinker who caught covid and got very sick. When she went into the ER they insisted on admitting her and putting her on a ventilator. I insisted she refuse and allow tapering oxygen over the course of her short stay. They continued to push but luckily she held fast and refused. She made them start tittering her oxygen down each day, making them check her oxygen rates sitting and walking. She left the hospital after 5 days, continued to take her aspirin and has had no issues since. I am convinced if she had been put on the vent she would be dead.
I was a Democrat when this all started. I would even go as far as saying I was a borderline liberal. This has opened my eyes to so much about our healthcare system and our political system. I am no longer Democrat or liberal, I am Independent but I lean way right.
Death by medicine is the new way of the world. Do your research, look into Gates and his “ vaccines “ in other countries. The new covid poll by them is the syringe in a capsule. I would go with monoclonal antibodies first and then if I had to choice I would go with the ivermectin sister pill before I ever used a pfizer or Moderna concoction. This is just my two cents .. what do I know I am just a nurse and sadly an antivaxer now.. not because I don’t believe in the science but because I very much do.
God bless . Hold the line.

David Manchen
July 27, 2022

I did everything possible to prevent my 94 year old father from getting covid because I was told if he got it would kill him but 3 days after he got a covid vaccine, he became extremely sick with aspiration pneumonia and died. The doctors said vaccine had nothing to do with it but everything points otherwise and I am so lost in this I do not know who or what to believe anymore no matter who says it. I believe there are those that will use covid as a reason to do whatever they want to do to us.

Karen Secrest
July 27, 2022

We got a taste of living under Communist control. It should be a wake up call since the only thing saving us from complete dominion is the prayers of the righteous.

    Mike Kinkle
    August 3, 2022

    We will soon be under complete control unless something is done very very soon. people will end up relying on them to eat. 100 processing plants , water plants etc were destroyed, 3 million chickens and 10k cows killed , fertilizer withheld and more contaminated food in the last year than in the last 10 . They plan on giving out chips or stamps or some other kind of government issued pass to get into the food line. That food will be made of the bugs Gates is now “ farming”.
    This is why I am against the “covid passport “ it’s just step one.

July 27, 2022

May all the lies told about Covid be totally revealed to every person. Let all the truth come out clearly. I proclaim in Jesus’s Name that all the evil machinations of those who seek money and power be totally defeated and revealed because the sin is great. May God deal with the people who care for no one but themselves!! Restore all honesty and truth in these areas dear Lord God so we can trust one another and work on problems together again as friends and fellow countrymen. In Jesus’s Name amen.

Barbara Janicki
July 26, 2022

What do I think of the media’s portrayal of COVID? From day one it has been false, deceptive, full of lies designed to fill us with fear and keep us afraid so that we could more easily be controlled and would go along with whatever we were told to do “for the greater good” and our own safety too. From the beginning, nothing made rational sense. Liquor stores left open, churches closed? Quarantine was fourteen days, ten days, five days? Wear a mask but take it off to eat? No groups greater than ten can get together (even in backyards/outdoors) so funerals were not held to say good bye to loved ones and weddings were canceled and no birthday parties – but streets packed with people (not socially distancing) for days and nights on end was not dangerous because it was for “an approved cause”? (you can get a large group together to burn down a building but it’s too dangerous for you to go to work in one?) We couldn’t sing in church (too dangerous) but protesters could yell and chant in the streets? Small businesses had to close but big box stores could stay open? Just how discerning was this killer COVID virus? When have we ever vaccinated over natural immunity before? So many people had and survived COVID pre-vaccine (that’s why we were shut down, because so many people had COVID, remember?) that there should not have been a need for those already immune naturally to get the vaccine. We were told the vaccine would stop the spread. Now it appears the vaccinated and boosted are the ones getting COVID multiple times. It is hard to make good decisions about the vaccine or COVID without accurate, truthful information. Families should have been allowed to decide for themselves how much risk they were willing to take, if indeed there ever was a risk beyond what illnesses do pose to human beings. The elite eating out or getting their hair done while our restaurants and salons were closed is classic “rules for thee but not for me.” This should have tipped us off that they didn’t believe what they were trying to get us to believe. The falsifying of death certificates leading to false numbers, which led to keeping us locked down – all crimes against humanity which should be prosecuted. Giving an experimental vaccine to children who are at no risk from the virus is evil by pure deceit – they are at more risk from the vaccine than the virus. When will the medical community speak up in mass? The fact that you were threatened with and feared you would lose your medical license and your job if you questioned anything, should have been all the proof you needed that this was not about the “science” and saving lives but about mass deception and control. You remained silent and they got away with it. I can no longer trust my doctor. The media is no longer an uncoverer and exposer of truth, but they are the ones covering up and suppressing the truth in order to promote the approved narrative. We all need the truth to set us free! God is our only hope – God please prompt many to rise up and proclaim truth even though it will cost them something. http://www.mtothe5th.wordpress.com

    July 27, 2022

    You said it exactly like it is. Many of us chose not to comply and we smelled the rat and knew from our own independent research that what they were telling us did. not. add. up. God gives us discernment so we could see through the lies and deceptions. I am saddened that the church did not rise up in unity and say NO to these unconstitutional rulings but I pray that we learned from this and will put on the whole armor of God and stand against the enemy. After all, we have the power of almighty God on our side! Hallelujah!!!

Gail King
July 26, 2022

I’m very concerned about our military that chose not to be vaccinated. They are going to be separated from their military positions not knowing the final consequences of their decisions- honorable or dishonorable discharge? Will they be able to find jobs in the private sector?
Our military is having great difficulty recruiting new soldiers. This leaves our nation very vulnerable to our enemies.
Please pray the mandate will be lifted.

Brett Kinney
July 26, 2022

To all those ultra liberal elitist it doesn’t matter what they told us back then, just do what their telling you now, they just make things up whenever they want. They think the goalposts can be moved any time they want to. After all, they’re the adults in the room not us!!!

Sharon Weisser
July 26, 2022

We recognize that the liberals are controlled by demonic forces. They serve the “father of lies” himself. They cannot see truth or know the difference between truth and untruth.. We must continue to pray that God will not always chide but will finally remove them. I believe there is a great shaking coming. We are living as in the days of the Exodus and will once again know freedom at the fall of our political pharaoh(s) plot to enslave us. Keep praying.

Joy Whipp
July 26, 2022

Media portrayals and accepted spokesmen made it very clear that a worldwide very dangerous disease was now here. Discerning and knowledgeable persons recognized that many reports were from paid-off hacks, ignorant hysterical personalities, and other “useful idiots”. In the meantime, loved ones, neighbors, former friends, refused to interact, discuss, research or consider they may be receiving lies.

The challenge was to keep your head up, figure out how to survive, inform your own family, and seek God constantly knowing He could be trusted. Each day was important but a mystery to be faced.

The lies continue and the power brokers deepen their control if you are a citizen of King County Washington. My goal is to out-smart them all by living in the cracks they have left open and recognize the “new freedoms” for their falsehood. The new “Kings” have NO INTENTION of letting go but I plan on winning the game anyway because I know the King of Kings and do my best to seek Him. Mordecai (Uncle of Esther) comes to mind as an example.

July 26, 2022

I pray that Biden will make a full spiritual recovery into the Light of Truth, that he would reverse all of his evil edicts, that he would issue God-honoring and righteous executive orders, and that he would do more for God in his last days (months or years, whatever he is given) than he has done against God in his lifetime before turning to God.

Adrian Lee Steininger
July 26, 2022

God is the only one in complete control. Yes, we should pray for all elderly, all people who are sick and for or children, grandchildren and Great grandchildren. God says to pray for our enemies. Maybe Biden is sick with Covid and cancer to open his mind, heart, eyes and ears to our living God. We can only hope that those who work with him will also change. God says to not only pray for our friends but to pray for our enemies too! Hate and wishing evil on our enemies is not what God wants. The Bible says over and over, Have no fear! God repeats important messages over and over to show how important His messages are to us! Listen to Him!

Eric Younkin
July 26, 2022

The media is run by Marxists.


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