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Father, we pray that you would put courage and conviction into the hearts of our Senators, that they would stand up for Biblical truth and the conscience of the nation, Lord.
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We are in a major battle over marriage right now. On top of that, Democrats are trying to weaponize the issue to take power.

From CNN. Ten GOP senators are needed to join all 50 Democrats in order to overcome a legislative filibuster in support of the House-passed bill to codify same-sex marriage into federal law. CNN asked all 50 Republicans where they stand on the legislation.

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It’s not yet clear how many Republicans will support the bill, but GOP and Democratic senators said Wednesday they expect it could eventually win the 60 votes needed.
Here’s what we found:
Four Republican senators, so far, have either said they will support or will likely support the House-passed same-sex marriage bill, and that includes: Rob Portman of Ohio, Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska (likely) and Thom Tillis of North Carolina (likely).
Eight Republican senators, so far, have indicated they would vote “no,” and oppose the same-sex marriage bill.
Sixteen Republican senators, so far, are undecided or did not indicate support for the House-passed bill.
Twenty-two Republican senators have yet to respond to CNN’s inquiries.


  1. Susan Collins of Maine is a yes on the bill….
  2. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska is likely a yes on the legislation….
  3. Rob Portman of Ohio is a yes on the bill….
  4. Thom Tillis of North Carolina told CNN that he “probably will” support a bill codifying same sex marriage if it comes to the Senate floor.


  1. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana suggested he’s a no on the bill….
  2. John Cornyn of Texas told CNN he is a no on the legislation.
  3. Ted Cruz of Texas suggested he’s a no on the bill….
  4. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina told CNN he is a no on this bill. He said, “I’ll support the Defense of Marriage Act” — which is what the House-passed bill would repeal.
  5. Josh Hawley of Missouri is a no on the legislation, according to his office.
  6. Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma said he’s a no on the bill. “Any attempt by Sen. Schumer to bring up legislation codifying same-sex marriage in the Senate would clearly be an attempt to distract from the Democrats’ failed agenda. That said, my views on marriage have not changed and I would not support codifying same-sex marriage into law,” Inhofe said in a statement to CNN.
  7. Marco Rubio of Florida told CNN he is a no on the legislation, saying it’s a “stupid waste of time.”
  8. Roger Wicker of Mississippi told CNN he’s likely a no on the bill. “I’d probably be a no,” he said, adding: “I do not believe the Supreme Court is going to touch this issue.”


  1. Richard Burr of North Carolina is undecided. He told CNN on Wednesday that he has not seen the bill yet, when asked whether he’d vote for it.
  2. Roy Blunt of Missouri told CNN he isn’t sure and wants “look at it and see….”
  3. Mike Braun of Indiana told CNN on Wednesday he’s going to wait until the bill is brought to the Senate floor, then he’ll look at it.
  4. Joni Ernst of Iowa is keeping an open mind about the same-sex marriage legislation, and she’ll review the bill should it come before the Senate, according to a spokesperson from her office.
  5. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin told CNN: “I have not fully reviewed it.”
  6. Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming said she’s waiting to read the legislation.
  7. Rand Paul of Kentucky said he hasn’t had a chance to look at it yet.
  8. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky was noncommittal on Tuesday when asked whether he’d vote to in support of the House bill that would enshrine protections for same-sex marriage into federal law, saying, “I’m gonna delay announcing anything on that issue until we see what the majority leader wants to put on the floor.”
  9. Mitt Romney of Utah was noncommittal on the bill, telling CNN that the same-sex marriage bill “is not something I’ve given consideration to at this stage” since “I don’t see the law changing.”
  10. Mike Rounds of South Dakota said he hasn’t looked at the bill…..
  11. Rick Scott of Florida told CNN he wants to wait and see, but believes the Supreme Court has already decided this, when asked if he’d support the bill.
  12. Dan Sullivan of Alaska told CNN he “has to review” it. He noted that he accepts the Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage.
  13. John Thune of South Dakota, the GOP whip, told CNN he will take a “hard look” at the bill, even though he has previously opposed same-sex marriage….
  14. Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania said he hasn’t looked at the bill yet, when asked whether by CNN whether he’d vote for it.
  15. Tommy Tuberville of Alabama told CNN on Wednesday he’d like to wait and look at the entire bill….
  16. Todd Young of Indiana said he hasn’t read it….”

Do you think this bill should pass? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

(Excerpt from CNN. Photo Credit: Louis Velazquez on Unsplash)
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manual da mulher sábia
January 12, 2023

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Manual da Mulher Sábia
January 12, 2023

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January 12, 2023

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Marta Knox
August 1, 2022

I don’t need to “see a Bill” to know that I would vote ‘no’, no matter the form or wording of said Bill. GOD instituted the concept of marriage, and He assigned it to a man and a woman. Every people group the world over and throughout history recognizes this. There have been and even may be still, laws on the books against ungodly and unnatural sexual relations. GOD tried to show us just how much he hates the practices of homosexuality when He destroyed Sodom and Gammorah. GOD hasn’t changed his mind! He never changes. But He tells us that in the last days “men will be drawn away by the lust of their own flesh.” Matthew 10:15 tells us it will be even worse that it was in those cities He destroyed. Whoever is not for GOD is against GOD.

Gretchen Zinna Squires
July 27, 2022

My statement to our senators who are being asked to take stand to not back down just because the Dems ae lording over you with intimidation and fear. To stand in from of a leading political figure is one thing but to stand before God and a great Cloud of witnesses
is far more daunting. the Lord says: ” You are either for Me or against Me” Choose this day who you will serve! Joshua 24:15

Scott Singletary
July 26, 2022

DADDY help defeat this evil bill and raise up the right Defense of Marriage like Lindsey Grahams this summer we cry and send grass roots revival and discipleship movement in Us by YOUR SPIRIT!

Wanita Fewell
July 26, 2022

We can’t go wrong with the written word of God creator of each of us who specifically says marriage is for one man n one woman. This is simple to understand isn’t it?! This is a sacred thing to be Honored ,not made legal to be perverted like talked about..Why do we need to make these perversions legal ? It’s not the American Way of Honor n Respect that makes marriage last n be enjoyed! So if a different type of relationship is desired it your choice but America does not need or want to legalize it!

Joanne Rice
July 25, 2022

no this should not pass

Linda Vaughan
July 25, 2022

Father God, we ask that You would stop any & all attempts to make same sex marriage a law in our land! God, give our senators Your boldness & courage. We also ask that the US Supreme Court will overturn the case that made it legal.

We ask that You would return us to a love of Your laws.

Thank You for Your faithfulness & for hearing my prayer! In Jesus Mighty Name, Amen!

Lynn Molnar
July 25, 2022

ABOSULUTELY NOT! Like Roe v Wade legalizing infant sacrifice over our Nation and brought us under a nationwide curse, so had the illegitimate Supreme Court decision legalizing pretend same sex marriage nationwide, though the majority of states had already voted against it!
Reverse the curse of this legalized abomination!

July 25, 2022

I don’t agree whatsoever with same-sex marriage, but it should be at least decided by the states and not the federal government. Granted I don’t agree with it all. I live in a very liberal state and it’s frustrating to have no representation on these important social issues. Praying.

Linda Pierce
July 25, 2022

Same sex marriage is not mentioned in the Bible. We cannot let the left take that away from Biblical believing Americans. It is a sin in God’s eyes and mine too. Vote NO!

July 25, 2022

Just emailed my two GOP Senators to please vote NO on the Respect for Marriage Act. Yikes – the vote is TOMORROW! ! !

Thank you, IFA, for bringing this to our attention!

    July 25, 2022

    * Correction – I’ve misunderstood WHEN the Senators will vote on the Respect for Marriage Act. Some of the news reports are confusing. My apologies.

    Not sure when the vote will be taken, but I’ve emailed both of my GOP Senators to vote NO on the Respect for Marriage Act.

    Thank you, IFA, for your news report and for bringing this to our attention!

Stephen Swanson
July 25, 2022

I’m really thinking that we should do away with the word “revival” in our prayers. It is misleading. From henceforth it should be “repentance”. That makes it more personal and truthful.
I need to change this myself.
Revival is the outcome of repentance.
And what’s the point of praying for revival if you don’t know what it is.

Stephen Swanson
July 25, 2022

The death warrant of the Republican party. AKA How to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
Canada has been in this position for years. No major party for a social conservatives to vote for. And I warned it’s coming here.
Maybe we will get our priorities right.
These people are not our friends. And are poisoning the entire world.
The silence and disunity from the so-called churches allowed us to get to this point.
Our prayers are pssn. against the wind without revival or prayer for revival of an evil nation and church.
We are too comfortable in Sodom.
Whereas the good-orthodox leaders are now coming from Africa and elsewhere.
Franklin Graham excepted.


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