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Father God, You hear and answer prayers. Thank You for stalling this spending spree bill. Change the course of our nation and our nation's finances and the economy.

President Biden’s $1.9 trillion reconciliation package will reportedly be shelved until 2022 due to Sen. Joe Manchin’s opposition to inflation-exacerbating measures within the deal.

As Democrat leadership has desperately tried to win Manchin’s vote to pass the largest welfare package since Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society initiative in the 1960s, a Fox News anchor on Wednesday indicated negotiations between the president and the senator exploded in failure and will not be restarted until 2022. . .

Manchin and Republicans have voiced worries that spending trillions of dollars in welfare during 40-year-high inflation would hurt the economy. The the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimated Friday the price of the package would be double Biden’s estimate.

Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said Wednesday:

Anyone with a shred of sense knows this is the absolute wrong time to unleash a multi-trillion-dollar taxing and spending spree. Every single day brings new evidence our Democratic colleagues should give the country a break. . . .

Manchin told a Fox News reporter the Senate leadership still does not have the full text of the legislation for review, and the Senate parliamentarian has not ruled whether certain radical provisions can be included in the bill.

One of those provisions includes amnesty for millions of illegal aliens.

While Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has planned to pass the package before Christmas, it appears Manchin remains the single Democrat vote blocking Biden’s massive tax and spend package from passing the Democrat-controlled Congress. . . .

Meanwhile, at the bequest of Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), the CBO on Friday released scoring on the reconciliation package that indicated the cost of the measure would be $4.9 trillion . . . (Excerpt from Breitbart. Photo Credit: Getty Images.)

Fox News reported Lyndsey Graham said last night:

I think Build Back Better is dead forever and let me tell you why: Because Joe Manchin has said he’s not going to vote for a bill that will add to the deficit. Well, if you do away with the budget gimmicks, Build Back Better, according to the CBO [Congressional Budget Office] adds $3 trillion to the deficit.

He doesn’t want to vote for a bill that makes inflation worse – and one thing we haven’t talked about tonight that was mentioned today … the child-care provisions in Build Back Better prohibit religious institutions from receiving money.

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Vghost Jay
December 17, 2021

just an update on who Klaus Scwab is- Klaus Scwab Rothschild- the Nazi Jews themselves during WW11 who aided Hitler, also Jewish, as Rothschilds have run world’s banking systems for centuries with fellow Nazi Jews The Rockefellers. Also include the Bilderburgers, Bush’s, all Masons and Illuminati who head every European Aristocracy and the defiled U.K.monarchy. They are eugenists with Gates , Fauci, Dasnak, creators of Wuhan biotech covid virus SARS 2. and made vaccines with Big pharma and FDA and CDC run by them. They are out to depopulate and become gods thru transhumanism- thinking they’ll become immortal. We are seeing mankind chose Satanism over Christ, led by chief Antichrists for centuries – popes, professing to be Jesus substitute and Mary, Joseph, St.Jude etc. the intercessors between God and man. There is only ONE intercessor between God and man- the living Son of God Jesus the Christ- the now eternal Godman since he came from his father’s throne to become human. Thank God for Dr.Martin Luther of 1400-1500’s A.D. a Roman Catholic Priest who was allowed to read scripture and saw all the lies, twisted interjected philosophy put there by Thomas Aquinas, the addiyions and heresies put forth by Roman Catholic Empire. Intersestingly it was he who translated the Binle from Original Scroptures ( being multilingual as he felt/ knew it was the people ‘s right to read the Bible. Many famous writings were also written that explain Christian doctrine and beliefs. 3 centuries later the ex- christian turned Satanist , Adam Weishupt, claimed he created the Illuminati from high degree Masons. Who did he hate – Dr.Martin Luther, his fellow German saying Luther was mad, bad, and dangerous!! Weishupt ztated they “must rule by reason, there is no room for mercy, and leave no witnesses” He was complete opposite of Dr.Matin Luther. We are now being subjagated by these evil forces who think they have everything figured out and control all money land water to make themselves filthier rich. Their pastimes are SRA torturing of babies, drinking blood, torturing adolescents b4 puberty to maximize adrenaline release which they create drug “Adrenochrome” for “euphoric” feeling- Pedowood, Clinton’s Epsteins, etc. Vatican is has their moneylaundering bank for Vegas, govt.s, CIA, whoever and all are into pedophilia and blackmail of ‘ caught ‘ politicians. These monsters of the universe will burn forever in the lake of fire this world becomes on Judgement Day- the 2nd death. Those in heaven have nothing to fear of the 2nd death obviously, as they are part of the Ist resurrection. The chosen on Judgement Day and the risen into new bodies in heaven who come With Christ will be taken to the earth and heavens. 1st Thessalonians and 2nd explain much as does 1st and 2nd Peter and St.Jude . The Recelation tells us point blank that when Jesus returns, as a thief in the night, He COMES WITH THE WRATH OF ALMIGHTY GOD. And we’ll understand why…

Pat M
December 16, 2021

Jesus, Your Word says You turn the hearts of kings and those in authority. Thank You for Joe Manchin allowing himself to be Your vessel in this hour at a great personal cost much like the founding fathers of this nation. The “herald” angels will be his protection so the sound of heaven continues to touch earth around him. Will of God be done! Will of God be the Light in the darkness. Will of God be the Hope of the world You created. Will of God: be! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!! Hallelujah!!!

Terry Cook
December 16, 2021

Thank you Lord for Joe Manchin’s courage in the face of overwhelming pressure from his peers. A travesty has been held back for a while. But you know Father that the atheistic left will be back. We need your angel armies to push back. This battle is a spiritual one–it’s only now manifesting itself in the physical. Send reinforcements please. We praise your name as our sovereign!

Roxanne Rice
December 16, 2021

While I’m grateful for all the pushback on this bill because of its cost, I am far more concerned with the frightening social engineering provisions in it. If Sen Manchion is only concerned about the cost, what will he do if they bring the cost down without addressing these issues? We need to continue to pray for him, for his eyes to be opened to the bigger picture.

I do thank God for him, though. He is God,s gift to us for such a time as this!

Thank you, Lord!

Darlene Estlow
December 16, 2021

Thank you Father for the stall of this bill. May it be dead when it comes back in 2022. Let truth be known about it and understanding of the nation as to the harm it will do if passed. We praise your name that you are at work.

Susan CC
December 16, 2021

May our Father in Heaven bless each and every one working diligently for the good of this nation. I believe we are fighting for the very foundation of our country. Victory comes with the will of God so pray, legislate, vote, believe in Him who is True! Thank you Lord!

Mine eyes have seen the glory
Of the coming of the Lord;
He is trampling out the vintage
Where the grapes of wrath are stored;
He hath loosed the fateful lightning
Of His terrible swift sword;
His truth is marching on.
Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
His truth is marching on.

Lori Lee
December 16, 2021

Praise God for an answered prayer. Thank you for guiding Sen. Manchin’s foot steps.


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