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Father, thank you for the body of Christ who works together.

Praying for health professionals and praying about the trauma we all feel due to COVID-19, was the focus of the Pop-Up Prayer Call on Wednesday, April 8. If you didn’t have an opportunity to watch the prayer time for yourself, click below and immerse yourself in the helpful and healing time of prayer.

Joining us were two doctors–Dr. Sarah Coors, a neonatologist from Houston, and Dr. Tim Clinton, a renowned counselor, professor, and author.  Dr. Clinton is also the founder and President of Light University, an online training program, equipping others for roles in counseling.  Dr. Clinton shared in the call that the COVID-19 crisis has caused trauma in many of our lives–even those of us who are physically not infected with COVID-19. Instead, we are traumatized from the overwhelming impact of it all.  We need to take steps to heal from this trauma.

Dr. Clinton’s goal is to involve 750 churches across the nation equipping and training 7,500 people to act as trauma counselors.  If your church would like to participate in the training, you can visit HERE to sign up for more information.  Light University has also made a free online magazine available with relevant articles about the impact of COVID-19 on mental health in America. Click here to go to Light University and get your copy. 

A downloadable prayer guide with many of these critical steps to healing the trauma many of us are feeling from the shaking of our nation due to COVID-19 is available here.

Dr. Coors shared some critical prayer points for health professionals. Many of us know a doctor, nurse or health care worker–her insightful prayer points brought insider perspective for prayer. To see the list of prayer points for health professionals, visit our article in Headline Prayer here at this link.

Share this insightful call with others – it is sure to have some very practical tips and points of prayer.

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Catherine White
April 10, 2020

I hope I can be admitted to the Trauma Mental Health Coach course as I am a Board Certifide Faith Community Nurse and a postgraduate course in psych nursing faculty member. I filled out the application yesterday per email to Light University. My phone is 928-441-6667. Dr Clinton’s presentation was awesome. Glad I “chanced” on finding it.

Abeline Lang
April 8, 2020

Let’s pray prayer is powerful I come to God in prayer for

I command Virus to go away. I believe it will as this is not of God. God is a good God
Father we trust you
Taking care of all Medical staff around the world
– thanking You for our
protection For his love for us- For answering our prayers For Revival
– America will be a new place. Christianity ✝️ will be here Stronger then it’s ever been

Giving God Thanksgivings
For all blessings in Jesus name amen 🙏


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