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Father God, thank You for saving this pastor and for his testimony of how faithful You are.

A Virginia pastor who became sick during a ministry trip to North Carolina in mid-March and tested positive for the new coronavirus shared the experience he had with severe and horrific symptoms of the COVID-19 disease and also with God as he cried out to Him for “a chance.”

Pastor Kenny Baldwin of Crossroads Baptist Church in Fairfax County was preaching in North Carolina when he started feeling unwell and went to urgent care, according to WUSA90.

He tested negative for the flu and strep but his fever shot up to 105 degrees with chills and aches. Soon, he felt something in his chest and tested positive for pneumonia. He was sent back home with medication and instruction.

However, when his condition got worse, he got back to the hospital and was admitted and kept in isolation at Inova Fairfax Hospital, he told ABC13News.

“The doctor basically said with this disease you’re going to get worse fast or you’re going to hold on and eventually get better, and we don’t know which one it will be,” he was quoted as saying. “I was begging, God, please just give me a chance. Please get me through this.”

He said all he had was the Lord. “I saw God and experienced Him in a way like never before and He reminded me that His promises are true and that His word stands and that He never leaves or forsakes us.”

People around the world prayed for him. The pastor was given hydroxychloroquine, which is prescribed to treat and prevent malaria. It’s the same medication that President Donald Trump called a miracle drug, although more testing is awaited. “I have nothing but praises for that drug,” Baldwin said. . . .Baldwin said he supports the call for everyone to stay at home and prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The church is not the building, he said, “it’s the people so we are still the church no matter what.”

He continued, “I think the challenge for all of us is to understand that our relationship with God is not contingent on physical gatherings and being in a structure. Our relationship with God is a spiritual relationship and our faith is growing. We are being built through this and need to trust Him, and value life and the people who matter.
(Excerpt from The Christian Post.)

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April 9, 2020

That’s the key: The Virginia pastor cry out to God and he answered his prayer. Please, every one cry out to God for mercy on our countries-repent for our countries in Jesus Name!

Sonia P Badger
April 9, 2020

I thank God for this Pastor’s testimony of healing; however, I disagree with his comment about the church not being in a bldg. The Bible says we are the “temple” but the Bible expressly speaks about the “House of God” interchangeably known as the “church”. Many of these references cannot be done isolated and alone. If your definition of the church is accurate, then let’s just close the churches permanently because they are not “essential”- and even of more importance – you may consider yourself a “mature” christian and don’t need the assemblying of believers in a building, but the “new babe” in Christ certainly does.

Dee Snyder
April 9, 2020

Thank you Lord for healing this pastor so he can share his testimony and can be a witness to many others. You answer when we put our faith in and trust You not only just for healing but when things come up in our daily lives. Thank you Jesus

Darlene Estlow
April 8, 2020

Father thank you for this Pastor’s testimony and your healing in his life. May his testimony draw many to you in salvation.

April 8, 2020


Rebecca Berube
April 8, 2020

Praise God for giving Pastor Kenny Baldwin “a chance!”
So happy for you, Pastor Kenny!


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