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Father, we pray that You would stop the evils and lies of Planned Parenthood. Protect our youth who struggle with gender dysphoria, Lord, and get them the safe help they need.

Conservative Liz Wheeler has found that it was Planned Parenthood that coined the term “don’t say gay.” As she discussed in a Twitter post, this revelation carries sinister implications.

From LifeSiteNews. According to conservative pundit Liz Wheeler, Planned Parenthood is behind the original use of the term “don’t say gay” that has been used to describe Florida’s recent bill that protects children from being indoctrinated with LGBT values in primary school.

Wheeler posted a video to her Twitter account yesterday outlining her findings on how the term originated with Planned Parenthood….

In 2020, the state of Missouri entertained House Bill 1565 and Senate Bill 778.

Wheeler referenced a Planned Parenthood blog post from March 2020 that spoke about the Missouri bill. The post read, “During the 2020 legislative session, Missouri introduced a quote don’t say gay bill that takes this a step further. It requires schools to notify the parents before a teacher can mention someone’s gender and or sexual identity, and to notify them before they can talk about different genders, identities and sexual orientation.”

Wheeler believes it was intentional to “launch” the phrase “don’t say gay” into the mainstream because Planned Parenthood is in the business of pushing progressive sex ed….

The Planned Parenthood sexual indoctrination program includes teaching children about abortion and LGBT ideology….

Wheeler opined that the abortion organization wanted to push libertine sexual values as this would increase the desire for abortion as a result of promiscuous sex.

She also demonstrated in her video that Planned Parenthood is an advocate of hormone treatments for gender confused youth. According the website from the organization, youths can receive hormone medications within a week of their first appointment….

The host concluded her segment by saying that the revelation about Planned Parenthood being behind “don’t say gay” shines a “whole new light” and that “you see this phrase as an agenda, you see this phrase as blood money.”

“You really see the truth behind this agenda. The truth behind the don’t say gay phrase, this narrative, which of course, is a lie and profit for Planned Parenthood.”

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(Except from LifeSiteNews. Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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April 12, 2022

This is one of the most sinful acts a woman can promote. I lift up LIFE through the words of Jesus who gave me the authority to bind and release Gods presence to any woman who tries to go through a Planned Paren Hood door. I lift up prayer they will not enter and make a different decision as she feels Gods presence. I pray safety over every child that is in a woman’s womb. I bind the forces of Baal who is the destructive spirit that is slyly speaking lies to these mothers. Jesus I ask in your name to stop this horrific darkness that is ruling all Planned Parent Facilities. I thank you for your presence and ask in your Name Jesus that your will be done.. Jesus, Jesus the name above all names. Children are essential!! 🥰

Toni Kushner
April 11, 2022

Jesus said if anyone hurts one of these children, it would be better for them to have a milestone tied around their neck and be thrown into the sea. Awaken parents to the deceptive ways this organization has operated as wolves in sheeps clothing. Most see this organization as helpful to a community and don’t pay attention to the evil it represents. Educating the people is important.

April 11, 2022

Dear Holy Spirit, I vomit reading this and it is only a small measure of how abhorrent this evil is to our Holy God. Sear us with grief and repentance for our lack of prayer, attention and daily obedience to address whenever, wherever we face evil in our daily life. Strengthen us by your Holy Spirit in the name of Christ Jesus your Son. Embolden us to act, to stand and to finish the race strong in whatever you would have us do. Amen.


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