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Father, we pray that truth and justice would prevail in this country. We ask that You would protect the freedoms of Your people, God, and allow them to proclaim You openly in public without fear.
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In the most recent instance of cancel culture and censorship, the Christian group Inland Empire Family PAC was barred from their chosen venue after the venue in question was harassed by dozens of leftists. This is yet another instance of the erosion of freedom of speech in America.

From The Western Journal. A California progressive group managed to pressure a business to back out of being the venue for a Christian-led political action committee’s school board candidates event.

Tim Thompson, pastor of 412 Church Murrieta, in southern California, formed the Inland Empire Family PAC to support school board candidates who hold to Judeo-Christian, conservative values.

Some main issues of concern for the PAC are the sexualization of children through school curricula, the teaching of critical race theory and parental rights over any medications children receive, such as transgender therapies and vaccinations.

The Bible indicates parents have the ultimate responsibility for raising children, including instilling values.

Opposing Thompson’s efforts is the Temecula Unity, a progressive group that accuses the preacher of wanting to impose his views in the schools.

“They say I’m trying to install a theocracy in the school board, which is not at all accurate,” Thompson told The Western Journal

“I’m not trying to install a theocracy. I’m just trying to say, ‘Hey, listen, let the parents be the parents. Let kids be kids. That’s it. Teach them reading, writing and arithmetic. Teach them true history.”

Julie Geary, a member of Temecula Unity and a teacher finds the pastor’s efforts “extremely offensive because public schools are for every child,” The Press-Enterprise reported….

The first venue the PAC contracted with pulled out after receiving pressure from Temecula Unity.

The group “posted where our event was, gave the phone number to the location and said, ‘Flood that location with calls. Tell them, you’re going picket. All this kind of stuff. And they did,” Thompson said.

“And the company that was going to let us hold our event at their place of business called and said, ‘Hey, look, we’re going to have to cancel.’”

A member posted on Temecula Unity’s Facebook page last week, “Update: our efforts worked. Event has been canceled!…”

Thompson said Inland Empire Family PAC did not want to cause any trouble for the company and agreed to pull the event from the dealership.

“So we got canceled,” he said. “We ended up just keeping [the event]. Same schedule, same day, same speakers, but at a different venue….”

Thompson says Christians definitely have an important part to play on schools boards and in society as a whole.

“I think the the church has forgotten what salt and light are,” he said.

“Salt is a preservative. And somehow we think we’re not supposed to be trying to keep truth and righteousness as a staple of American civilization,” Thompson continued. “You know, we as Christians are supposed to preserve our communities.”

“And light is a revealing agent. It exposes the wickedness that is in the darkness, and I think the church has forgotten that.”

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(Excerpt from The Western Journal. Photo Credit: Nadine Shaabana on Unsplash)

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Darlene Estlow
April 12, 2022

Father, may this group be able to work and bring about change in the school board. Protect our children and bring people into school boards who will protect our children from evil agendas.

April 11, 2022

We win in the end. Let’s live as we are winners for what Jesus has done!! The battle is here in front of us in plain view. The masking uncovered for all to see. I encouraged all those in the fight to press on in every aspect revealed to you, press on. That the Lord find us working to that end. If you’re not in the fight get in! Plenty of room indeed. God Bless All as we believe from the ending to now as the Lord sees.

April 11, 2022

Apologizing and retreating is what the demons want. If people think that shutting down will result in peace and quiet inside their churches they’re dreaming. People under demonic influence cant tolerate a Christ centered world view. They will soon demand the power to censor religious speech everywhere. They dont believe in live and let live.

Chris Wilkerson
April 11, 2022

The double talk and contradictory words are the Liberals accuse others for which they are doing. Here is a perfect example, accuse of putting theocracy in the school board, their theocracy is they are god and whomever pays them gets the currIculum information. Majority of the time comes to personal gain in exchange for other’s suffering.
Lord help us hear you and see the plans of the evil one.
Satan is behind all plans against freedom, be Christ makes all people free.


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