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Father, we pray that our leaders would not be influenced by foreign powers. We also pray that You would promote honesty and transparency in our leaders, especially the President.
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The Hunter Biden laptop scandal continues to grow and unravel as more and more dealings with Chinese interests are called into question.

From Yahoo News. During a White House briefing Wednesday, Press Secretary Jen Psaki refused to explain why President Biden reportedly wrote a college recommendation letter for the son of a Chinese business associate of his son Hunter.

The president has repeatedly denied speaking with Hunter regarding the latter’s business dealings.

However, emails purportedly from Hunter Biden’s laptop appear to show that the president gave a letter of recommendation to the son of BHR investment firm CEO Jonathan Li, Fox News reported on Wednesday. Hunter once owned a 10 percent stake in BHR, which is registered in Shanghai, although Hunter’s attorney told the New York Times in November 2021 that the president’s son “no longer holds any interest” in the firm.

A separate email purportedly from the laptop, sent by Hunter Biden associate James Gilliar, included the line “10 held by H for the big guy?” which Hunter’s former business partner Tony Bobulinski, one of the recipients of the email, claimed referred to Hunter holding a 10 percent stake in a 2017 deal for Joe Biden.

Fox’s Peter Doocy asked Psaki if it was “common for President Biden to do favors for Hunter Biden’s international business partners, like writing college recommendations,” during the White House press briefing on Wednesday….

The emails Fox published on Wednesday begin with a January 3, 2017, message from Li to Hunter Biden and Hunter’s associates…

The president also sent a letter of recommendation to Li for his daughter’s application to Georgetown University, the New York Post reported on Wednesday. Li’s son and daughter were not accepted to Brown or Georgetown respectively, the Post claimed.

Hunter is currently the subject of a federal tax investigation as well as potential violations of foreign lobbying disclosures, people familiar with the probe told the New York Times in March.

Additionally, the Bidens have come under fire for securing visas through a loophole for another Chinese businessman. Furthermore, the Chinese businessman in question is one with deep connections to the Chinese military.

From The Washington Free Beacon. Members of the Biden family helped a Chinese businessman with suspected links to the Chinese Communist Party in a bid to obtain visas to the United States for himself and family members.

Emails from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop show the Biden family solicited help from a former Obama administration immigration official working in private practice to secure visas for Ye Jianming and his family. At the time, Hunter Biden, his uncle Jim Biden, and his aunt Sara Biden were in business with Ye’s energy conglomerate, CEFC China Energy….

The Biden clan’s relationship with CEFC has come under intense scrutiny because of Ye’s alleged ties to the Chinese military. CEFC was also a key part of China’s ambitious plan to snatch up energy companies across the globe. CEFC helped promote China’s Belt and Road Initiative, a program that Beijing uses to increase its global influence. In one email to Ye, Hunter Biden wrote of the mutual benefit that his work for CEFC would provide China and the United States. Biden negotiated a deal that would allow CEFC to have access to a liquified natural gas terminal in Louisiana, saying it would be “good for both the United States and China simultaneously….”

CEFC paid Hunter Biden’s firm $5 million for consulting work beginning in August 2017. CEFC paid him another $1 million to represent a CEFC executive, Patrick Ho, who was charged under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act with trying to bribe African officials for oil drilling rights….

According to emails from the laptop, Sara Biden, the president’s sister-in-law, inquired with John Sandweg, an acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement during the Obama administration, about visas for Ye and his family. Sara Biden contacted Sandweg at the request of Gongwen Dong, a CEFC employee who handled the company’s U.S. operations….

Sandweg offered up several options for the immigration case. Dong picked an option that would allow for visas for Ye, his wife, and his children through a loophole that provides temporary visas to executives for the American subsidiaries of foreign companies….

Notably, Sara and Jim Biden received a $99,000 line of credit authorized by Dong on Sept. 12, 2017, the same day Sara Biden reached out to Sandweg. Dong and Hunter Biden signed the document authorizing the transaction. It is unclear if the credit line is related to the Bidens’ help with the visa issues….

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(Excerpts from Yahoo News and The Washington Free Beacon. Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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Darlene Estlow
April 12, 2022

Why is our President helping these people connected with alleged ties to the Chinese military? Father, give our leaders wisdom and integrity. May the elections bring people to office who will realize the danger of this activity. Deliver us from the god of money and power.

Carroll Dannettell
April 11, 2022

We thank You for the “gift” of Hunter’s laptop. We know it was You that caused it to be left with someone who would turn it in and expose the deep corruption of the Biden and Obama families. We pray that as more and more of the content come to light that people’s eyes be opened, and that their eyes hear and believe the truth. There is no lie that can stand against Your Light. We pray that our leaders in Washington become convicted and step up to do something about the information exposed. We especially pray, Lord, that as all this is revealed that those that have been complacent for so long will wake up, and join the ranks of those praying and that revival will break out in this land as never before.


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