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Lord, protect our nation from this push for drug legalization. We want to be a nation of sobriety and holiness. Expose the corporate interests lobbying for this legalization, and raise up voices in the younger generation to oppose the legalization of marijuana.

The legalization of marijuana, while more popular than ever, will lead to behavioral problems, mental issues, and health consequences for our nation, especially the next generation.

From The Hill. Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) is facing significant obstacles in his legislative push to legalize marijuana, with resistance from Republicans and members of his own party threatening chances of passage in the upper chamber.

Schumer has said that his aim is to bring a comprehensive marijuana reform bill forward later this month, weeks after the House passed a bill that would remove marijuana from the federal controlled substances list.

“We hope to do that towards the end of April,” Schumer said in remarks last week, noting discussions with Sens. Cory Booker (D-N.J.), Mark Warner (D-Va.) and Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), who are involved in the push. He also added that he has been reaching out to “a few Republicans to see what they want.”

Staunch Republican opposition to legislation legalizing marijuana is one of the biggest hurdles Schumer faces in passing a measure through the evenly split Senate, where Democrats would need the backing of all of their members and at least 10 Republicans to make the bill law….

Schumer also faces a tall task in unifying Democrats on a path forward to legalization, as a few in his party have continued to express reservations about recreational marijuana….

The reality presents a stark contrast from the Democratic-led House, where members this month voted 220-204, largely along party lines, to pass the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement (MORE) Act, which would nix marijuana from the federal list of controlled substances, expunge certain marijuana-related convictions and impose a tax on marijuana sales to help communities disproportionately impacted by the nation’s war on drugs.

The uncertainty also comes as public support for legalization steadily grows. More than two-thirds of Americans want to legalize recreational weed, according to a November Gallup poll, the highest figure on record. The survey found that 83 percent of Democrats, 71 percent of independents and 50 percent of Republicans back legalization….

Senate Democrats are expected to bring forward their own measure in the weeks ahead, after previously releasing a draft of the Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act (CAOA) last year.

Senate Democrats released the draft plan in July, while also asking for feedback from the public and stakeholders as well as government and state officials. Backers have said the plan seeks to build upon the text seen in the MORE Act, with proposals aimed at addressing items like drugged driving and safety standards, among other measures….

“The issue has been talked about quite a bit more in the House than it has in the Senate, which so far has not really had a substantive hearing on cannabis policy generally,” said Morgan Fox, policy director at the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.

Fox said the House has led the charge in passing both incremental and comprehensive bills, pointing to passage of items like marijuana and banking legislation, the MORE Act and a recent medical marijuana research bill that was approved this week….

Cannabis executives, wary that the bill won’t pass the Senate, are pushing Senate Democrats to prioritize bills that have bipartisan support, like the SAFE Banking Act, which would enable operating cannabis firms to use banking services….

The fast-growing cannabis industry, which employs more than 400,000 U.S. workers, has suggested that lawmakers could pass the banking bill alongside other bipartisan bills to expunge weed convictions….

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(Excerpt from The Hill. Photo Credit: Jeff W on Unsplash)

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April 16, 2022

I do not believe that marijuana should be legalized. Lord cancel this assignment of the enemy and loose your spirit upon those who will stop this action from becoming legal.

ofelia claudio
April 13, 2022

Daer God! First, I Thank you that “the House passed a bill that would remove marijuana from the federal controlled substances list” And
now, the fool Schumer “has said that his aim is to bring a comprehensive marijuana reform bill forward later this month.” He has supporters in the Senate; fools like him. (The Bible says, the fool says in his heart, “there is no God.”) I call upon You, O God, to sweep away like dust these fools in public office, and replace them with Your people who uphold Your Law. In Jesus’ Name, I pray!

April 12, 2022

In my opinion, chemical coping can be destructive. In my work as a therapist, I find that people with “medical” marijuana cards use the substance to get high and re-sell it. Why not have medical Jack Daniels, medical Coors-light, it’s all numbing substances that prevent one from being sober-minded. Look back at the history of nicotine, government, and profits.
Cannabis is especially damaging to young-developing brains and can be a factor in the on-set of psychosis. Do you want your Dr. smoking a bowl before surgery??

Christine Stott
April 12, 2022

Lord God of all the herbs of the field, Please protect our nation from this push for drug dependency & legalization. Please make us a nation of sobriety and holiness. Please expose the corporate interests lobbying for this legalization. Thank You for all the medicines You created, please give us self-control to use these wonders appropriately and raise up voices in the younger generation to oppose the legalization of marijuana for sheer recreational abuse.

Christine Stott
April 12, 2022

Lord God of all the herbs of the field, Please protect our nation from this push for drug depe ndency & legalization. Please make us a nation of sobriety and holiness. Please expose the corporate interests lobbying for this legalization. Thank You for all the medicines You created, please give us self-control to use these wonders appopriately and raise up voices in the younger generation to oppose the legalization of marijuana for sheer recreational abuse.

Karen Secrest
April 12, 2022

Our state legalized weed after lots of hype about benefits.
So far teens with $10. Of weed are no longer jailed without bond or bail. That’s because police are increasingly busy with finally imports that have reached epic proportions.
The schools were supposed to benefit from weed tax. This ended up being $200k divided among 200 schools which wasn’t enough to buy t.p. The problem: this law allowed people to grow weed on their balcony thus elimination purchase involving taxes. Further, medical pot is supposed to be available if you can find a Dr. Willing to buck the system and have a resource without government or insurance.
Yet the beat goes on. The party animals who closed churches but allowed strip joints, liquor stores and sex trafficking, (you remember Epstein), to continue will keep at this until communities protest..

William Tobey
April 12, 2022

I lived in San Francisco during the “Summer of Love” which was really a POT driven “how to escape from the world movement” Many of the kids moved from POT to hard drugs and died from overdoses. The POT was 10% or less as potent as the stuff sold now.
I am not surprised by the drive to legalize recreational POT after all we have become a nation of escapism & rebellion.
If you want to learn about the consequences of legalezed recreational POT talk to any California Highway Patrol person. There is no way to determine whethr a driver is under the influence of POT. The menace on the highways is epidemic.

Most governments are totally in favor of legalizig POT, it is a HUGE revenue source!

April 12, 2022

We in WA, have legalized marijuana use and it has destroyed a generation of people with lack of motivation, unemployment and poverty. This drug when used medically has its benefits, but recreational use, is a destructive device for individuals and families. We see it daily. The special interest groups are only out for their own benefit, mostly the money of the industry. It does nothing for schools, education of harm, especially in the young brain. It’s proven disastrous in this state! Look at our unemployment rate! The decline happened long before COVID.

Cassandra Stern
April 12, 2022

Praying for the protection of America against the push for legalizing RECREATIONAL MARIJUANA is correct!
There’s a difference between CBD oil, Medical Marijuana, and Recreational Marijuana and how it all plays out in real life when legalized.
So Jesus, I repent on behalf of my nation for the worship of SELF, worshipping other gods before You, for the worship of Asherah/Asherim, Baal, and Anti-Christ. We renounce the following of Anti-Christ and the Anti-Christ agenda. CLOSE EVERY PORTAL that has been opened to allow Anti-Christ to fully come into America. Lord, protect our country at the federal level from laws being passed that would blanket the whole country. Let the decision lay solely at the feet if each State and let that state be judged individually and accordingly.
Shut the mouths of these corporations and special interest groups that are pushing for recreational marijuana. We say “NO! Our state of _____ (mine is South Dakota) will NOT have recreational marijuana! Our state lines are the line in the sand and they cannot be crossed by this Anti-Christ agenda!”
Lord, cause your ppl to rise up and place a DEMAND on their faith and in the spirit, to be as a wall of authority that blocks this Anti-Christ agenda from coming to their state.
Holy Spirit, You are our sound mind. Come upon our nation, deliver us from evil, gives us a Sound Mind, a sobriety of heart and mind to SEE, HEAR AND SPEAK TRUTH!!!

April 12, 2022

I believe in the medicinal use of Cannabis and think it should be legalized nationwide for that. With consequences for operating heavy equipment while under the influence. When used properly it is a much better option than even some of the pharmaceutical drugs out there.

L Kardolus
April 12, 2022

Marijuana is meant for medical use .healing of cancers etc
( not for smoking )
Fast growing and has many advantages..

    Chelsea P
    April 13, 2022

    Completely agree! What most people don’t understand is that it is not the government’s job to regulate ANY plant whatsoever. The government even as prescribed by God is for punishment of real evildoers. Not going after people for what they ingest – harmful or not. Just because it leads to harder substances for some, absolutely is not the case for all. And i would just as soon go to my medicine cabinet for a PLANT than any pharmaceutical drug out there with the nasty side effects and poisons we know they are concocting. Is there going to be abuse of this? Absolutely. But people will abuse anything and it’s not the substances fault. If people knew the history of the sugar epidemic and how dangerous sugar really is (it’s as addictive and harmful as coke and yes I and pretty much most people have it in their diets daily) they would be fighting far more against it than pot. The bottom line – it was never the government’s job to regulate pot in the first place and it’s prohibition (just like with alcohol) only led to more illegal activity around it. And btw, Paul endorses the drinking of wine for health purposes and alcohol is not condemned – drunkenness is. Over use of ANY substance can be a problem. Telling people pot is evil and is the forbidden fruit and don’t touch it is not going to help anyone. It is way more nuanced than that. The Church must be balanced in our approach to this topic or we will once again miss the point and lose the ultimate battle. For many, like my husband who is 31 years old and already has dealt with the excruciating pain of 3 herniated disks, marijuana is an absolute blessing from God.

      April 29, 2022

      With respect, are we not to speak the truth with love? Government does have a God given responsibility to serve and protect. And our founding fathers, by grace from the Almighty, made our government with 3 branches, knowing humans need to share power as absolute power corrupts! One of those branches makes laws. Some good, deliberately taking a life is murder, most times against the law. Some, all degrees of bad.
      This RN is glad for regulation on tobacco and alcohol. Frankly, I’d like to see more thoughtful regulation!
      And while marijuana does have evidence of benefit for some specific medical uses, I want us grown ups to have courage and compassion for our kids, to have laws to forbid gummies and smokable marijuana! Already we have enough evidence to show significant damage to kids with both modes of delivery! Spend a day in a busy pediatric ER and you will see the evidence too.

Roger Collier
April 12, 2022

I do not know who they asked and say that 2/3rds of the people want it?! That’s a lie from the pits of hell. I used marijuana started in the service during my many tours into southeast Asia. Really available over there back then. People do not know that this is just a stepping stone to the more harder drugs. As they say been there done that! It is true it will lead to more problems than you can imagine. As for the medical if it works yes fine but just so people can get it and they can tax it, no! This will lead more people away from the Gospel as they get high lay around and want hand outs just to find that they are worst off than before. This is just another step in the coming of the Lord as you see the day apporching, and man is it apporching very quickly. Look around and see how far the USA has fallen in just a few short years. Never thought in my lifetime would I see all this ungodlyness, but it is the way it says in the Bible it is going to happen and the fall will be great. That’s what they want so they can reset everything the way they want it to control all and set up their one world government. While they are all high they just want care and then it will be to late. Never let go, never give in, never let go of the unchanging hand of the LORD!

    April 29, 2022

    Bless you Roger! Thank you for your service. Thank you for speaking truth with tender loving care!

April 12, 2022

Being an older Christian in Canada….it has been legalized for a few years……and I am Grateful. I grow my own Cannibis and use it as a powerful medicine. We do not smoke it, but make our own creams and tinctures. It is just a herb and is very easy on your body.

I know there are worst things out there…like white sugar…..no that is a poison and has caused so many terrible health issues…

Please be open and take the time to see the good in this plant.

    Carroll Dannettell
    April 12, 2022

    We realize that CBD oil has health benefits, but we are dealing with those that want to authorize the legalized use of recreational marijuana for “getting high”. I live in Colorado, which was one of the first two states to legalize the recreational use of marijuana and it has been a disaster in this state. As with everything, God gives us something that is good and useful, and the devil corrupts it for his evil – sex, music, and now the medicinal properties of cannibis. I believe God gave us plants and herbs for our health, but because there is the side effect of causing a “high”, it is being perverted and corrupted. We can keep the benefits of CBD without legalizing the recreational use.


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