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Lord God, thank You for the good laws that were passed this week in some of our states. We pray for more breakthrough in the states.
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This legislative season multiple state legislatures have been busy enacting laws to protect your individual rights and state sovereignty in response to new federal laws and executive orders. Pro-life, Critical Race Theory, and 2nd Amendment bills were signed into law or are in process in multiple states. These actions are producing a momentum for other states to follow thanks to the prayers and action of many who are insisting on protecting the inalienable rights inscribed in the Constitution.

Pro-Life Legislation

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt signed four new pro-life bills this week and stated recently he is, “proud to be called the most pro-life governor.”

  • H.B. 2441 is a new heartbeat bill
  • H.B. 1102 states that doctors who perform abortions that are not “medically necessary” can lose their medical licenses.
  • H.B. 1904  It requires that those performing abortions in Oklahoma be board-certified in obstetrics and gynecology

He also signed the “Trigger” bill that would immediately outlaw abortion in Oklahoma if the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the 1973 case.

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signed bill SB 1457 into law banning Down syndrome abortions. It also expands protections for unborn children with a prenatal diagnosis of a disability. “Every life holds immeasurable value — regardless of genetic makeup,” Ducey tweeted. “Today I signed legislation to prioritize life in our preborn children and protect those with genetic abnormalities. Arizona remains among the top pro-life states in the nation, and my sincere thanks goes to Senator Nancy Barto for her leadership and work on this life-saving issue and to those who supported this bill.”

Florida House of Representatives passed bill HB 1221 to ban abortions because of fetal disability diagnoses.

Idaho Fetal Heartbeat Preborn Child Protection Act (House Bill 366) was signed into law. A baby in the womb is capable of feeling pain as early as 12 weeks or by at least 20 weeks gestation, according to the Charlotte Lozier Institute.

Montana Governor Gianforte signed pro-life bills HB 136HB 140, and HB 171. Among them was a ban on abortions after 20 weeks. The law will prevent babies capable of feeling pain from being aborted. “Life is precious and ought to be protected,” stated Governor Greg Gianforte (R-MN)

Today Lubbock voters will decide if it will become the nation’s largest “sanctuary city for the unborn.” The measure outlaws abortions within the city’s limits. Pastor Mark Lee Dickson is behind the Sanctuary Cities for Life movement in Texas and other states. Under his activism 25 cities and towns have passed similar ordinances. “We see abortion as the ending of human life. We see it as murdering little children,” Dickson said.  We need your PRAYERS! And TAKE ACTION to help other Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn initiatives by clicking here. Your involvement can assist cities in outlawing abortion within their city and pray for this ministry–your city could be next.

Critical Race Theory

Idaho State Legislature has become the first in the nation to ban critical race theory from being taught in public schools. Arkansas, Oklahoma, Iowa, Missouri, Texas, and West Virginia are among other states.

Texas is moving forward with a bill to ban Critical Race Theory from Texas classrooms.

Second Amendment

Arkansas passed a gun rights bill, HB1957. The move was passed to prevent future gun control measures proposed by the administration of President Joe Biden. If enacted, HB1957 would be called the “Arkansas Sovereignty Act of 2021.”

Oklahoma S.B. 631 reaffirms in state law that the Second Amendment right to bear arms “shall not be infringed” by federal, state, or local authorities.

Intercessors, know your prayers are making a difference and courageous leaders in our states need your prayers. Find out what’s happening in your state at PrayforAmericasLeaders.com.

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May 1, 2021

Keep praying for and contacting your representatives in your state governments. Texas, as well as other states, are in the last 30 days of the current session and many bills still need to get passed. Since Texas legislators meets every two years, there is no time to waste. In two years it will be too late for protecting girls sports and stopping the chemical castration of minors. These are two issues that still have not been moved through in Texas. We have to put pressure on now and hold members accountable.

May 1, 2021


Karen E. Kendrick
May 1, 2021

So greatful for some “good news”
Our prayers are working..
These good Governors and legislatures in some states are leading the way.
Some of us live in states that do not have Godly Governors or legislatures. and its hard ground but we intercessors keep pressing forward..intercessing..calling our leaders..signing petitions..voting and any other way God leads us..WE WILL PREVAIL!!!

May 1, 2021

Oh God,

Let Your will be done. Help us to celebrate the victories when righteousness wins and goodness prevails. Help us to remember that we are in this through the long haul and to not be discouraged for the victory belongs to You! Keep us steadfast, immovable and fixed on You! Forgive us of our sins and renew our weary hearts! We love You and praise You for You are good! Always good! Thank You for never leaving us nor forsaking us (Heb 13:5). We pray in Jesus Name. Amen

May 1, 2021

God you’re so good. God you’re so good. God you’re so good. You’re so good to me. He answers prayer. He answers prayer. He answers prayer. He’s so good to me. Thank you Jesus for your righteous cause being established in our land. in Jesus Name Amen


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