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Father, we ask for Your healing over our border crisis. We speak Shalom over our nation and pray fervently for wisdom and clarity for our leaders as they make weighty decisions regarding our border.

. . . Republican state attorneys general are taking an aggressive approach to suing the Biden administration for its southern border policies and consider themselves “the last line of defense,” attacking the Democratic regime’s policies on multiple fronts before President Biden hits 100 days in office. . . .

Brnovich has brought multiple suits or filed motions to intervene to halt Biden administration polices, including three focused on immigration. Arizona, leading a multistate coalition, filed to intervene in a suit against the Biden administration to force it to abide by the public charge rule in March. Arizona is also suing the administration for essentially halting deportation. The third piece of litigation, filed earlier in April, turns the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) against the Democratic administration.

“It is the pinnacle of hypocrisy for the Biden administration to claim it supports protecting our environment while simultaneously ignoring laws established for that very purpose,” Brnovich said, adding that each migrant who crosses the border leaves behind 6 to 8 pounds of trash.  . . .

The Republican Attorneys General Association has brought together attorneys general from border and non-border states to push back against the administration.

“The key thing is the states are being very aggressive right now,” Republican Attorneys General Association executive director Peter Bisbee told Fox News in an interview. “If there’s something unconstitutional that a state can challenge, it’s going to challenge it in court.”

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody have also led on such lawsuits, including Paxton’s recent suit against the Biden administration for allegedly encouraging the spread of coronavirus at the border by allowing large numbers of migrants into the U.S., often into overcrowded facilities. . . .

In January, a federal judge temporarily blocked Biden’s attempt to put a moratorium on deportations for 100 days after Texas filed suit.

Such court battles can take a long time to play out, but with Democrats in control of Congress, many Republican state attorneys general feel that taking action is the only way to get things done.

“If you’re able to score a nationwide injunction on a policy, it is stopping it in its tracks,” Bisbee said. “The one thing it does every time you challenge policy from the  federal government … resources are going to have to be shifted to defend what they’re doing in court.”

“Agencies … are now having to shift to the defensive and explain why what they’re doing is constitutional,” he continued. “That allows the opportunity for that agenda to be whittled away piece by piece. It’s not rapid … but the seeds become sown for these policies to slowly dissolve.” . . .

Brnovich said he will use all “the tools in my toolbox” to combat Biden’s border policies that affect his state and the nation. . . .

Share your thoughts on Biden being overwhelmed by border lawsuits in the comments below. . .

(Excerpt from Fox News. Article by Evie Fordham. Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

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Connie Rae
May 2, 2021

Father, I pray that you will give courage and persistence in prayer to all people who are standing for our constitutional liberties in this country. Give us gracious speech as we contend for the inalienable rights our Founders gave us. Lord, in the Name of Jesus, I stand against the spiritual principalities and powers that are deceiving and trying to destroy America. Give our legislators wisdom. Let deceptive scales fall from the eyes of those who call themselves Christian and at the same time think the right of infanticide must be preserved. How that must break the heart of all who believe that you are the Almighty Living God. Lord, send the POWER of your Holy Spirit to cleanse us once again and turn this nation back to YOU.

Nancy Bryda
May 1, 2021

In Jesus name I bind the insane policies that the Federal government have instituted and loose a return to the effective policies of the previous administration. I decree a division in the democratic party against radical left policies and for righteous leaders to rise up and say no to evil policies. Righteous people in government rise up. I decree voting out of government leaders not serving their people effectively. I decree justice to dc in the Lord’s timing.

Laura K
May 1, 2021

Thank you all for the law suits that you have filed.


Mr Biden, how stupid are you?

Lord God I ask for commonsense to prevail over this problem and over the many problems this administration as perpetuated. I pray for an end to this insanity, in Jesus name


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