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Lord, we ask that true scientific standards will be upheld in relation to Covid and all illness. We ask You to protect our God-given right to make our own medical decisions.
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Below is an opinion/analysis by Senator Ron Johnson:

The COVID-19 pandemic has been the most disruptive and costly global event since World War II.  The human toll and economic devastation are incalculable…Much of the human toll and cost was self-inflicted and avoidable.  The loss of freedom has been breathtaking, with too many accepting this loss [with]…little resistance.

Those who have asked questions have been vilified, scorned, suppressed, and censored…

We are relentlessly told by the COVID-19 gods…that they alone represent science, and any other interpretation of data…is labeled dangerous misinformation. This attitude contradicts what we’ve generally been told regarding any serious medical diagnosis: “Always try to get a second or even third opinion.” Such advice makes sense because every human body is different and reacts differently to medical treatments and drugs, and no one doctor has perfect information…

Many who survived have witnessed and, in some cases, have also been treating patients with vaccine injuries. Unlike the NIH, CDC, and FDA, their personal experiences have made it impossible for them to ignore the reality that Covid vaccines are not 100% safe or that adverse events are minor and rare…

The ethical standard that no one should be pressured, coerced, or fear reprisal for deciding against any medical treatment has been in place now for 75 years. It is a standard of freedom that has withstood the test of time and should not be ignored and violated.

COVID-19 vaccine mandates violate that standard without any significant benefit….

For the young, healthy, or previously infected with natural immunity, the risk of serious harm from COVID-19 is low, and it may be entirely rational for them…not to expose themselves to possible vaccine injury. Others may disagree with such a decision, but it’s not their body…

Significant practical problems exist. We are already suffering severe worker shortages throughout our economy, especially in health care. Vaccine mandates will increase these shortages, leading to disastrous consequences…

A little modesty on the part of those in authority admitting they don’t possess perfect knowledge or policy prescriptions would be welcome….[I]t would also be nice if everyone would afford each other much more respect as we all make difficult, personal choices regarding vaccination. Too much freedom and personal health autonomy have already been lost during the pandemic….

Do you question the “science?” Share in the comments below, and add a prayer!

(Excerpt from The Washington Times. Article by Ron Johnson, U.S. Senator from Wisconsin. Photo Credit: Senator Ron Johnson).

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October 9, 2021

I was shocked when I saw the video of a meeting of WHO (World Health Organization). I think it was held in January 2020, where they discussed they had NO DATA to substantiate the safety of the vaccine, although in public they say over and over it is safe.
You can watch a video of that meeting on this week’s episode of The Highwire with Del Bigtree.
Another eye opening video is Dr. Peter McCullough’s speech to the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons.

Father God,
ThankYou for Senator Johnson, Senator Rand Paul, and others in our government who are speaking out courageously for truth about this virus and “vaccine”. In the name of Jesus I ask You to grant favor, protection, provision and blessing to each of them, their family, and their staff. Do not allow their voices to be silenced or censored, but cause their voices and the voices of people with integrity in the medical community to become magnified more and more until every American knows the truth.

LORD, we ask not only exposure of the lies and liars, but also that we see Your justice manifested. Your word says, “Righteousness and justice are the foundation of Your throne, faithful love and truth go before You.” We know in Your kindness and mercy You offer people time to repent when they do wrong, but if they are stiff necked and rebellious there is a time for judgment.

American citizens have been greatly harmed by the lies and corruption, so now we come before the Supreme Judge of all the universe asking for justice. As we see this take place, we give You all the honor and praise. We glorify Your Name. Amen

October 8, 2021

I agree with Senator Johnson and thank him for his courage in standing with “we the people.”
“Do thy patient no harm!” That’s what every doctor swears to do…..then WHY, have many doctors REFUSED to treat patients, with medications they KNOW, will help and literally SAVE some people’s lives!!! It is a national disgrace and God will hold them accountable!
Every honorable doctor I know is appalled at what they have seen Fauci, WHO, NIH, CDC, doctors, pharmaceuticals, and hospitals do!! They cannot believe American doctors would EVER do this, and neither can I!! This has nothing to do with science! It ALL has to do with GREED and CONTROL!!!
My late husband, who was a physician, would be livid at what we are seeing!! He would be standing with Dr. Peter McCollough and other brave physicians, who have lost a lot, but have not lost their integrity!!
God bless Senator Johnson and bring others to stand with him. And, God bless the brave doctors and nurses who are standing for the patients!

Street pastor Tom
October 8, 2021

The 75 year old medical law, I didn’t know that. I am encouraging everyone I know who is requesting a medical or religious exemption to also file an exemption under their state Constitution and USA Constitution. Under these Constitutions we don’t have to rely on the Supreme Court for relief, we simply ignore their unlawful rules. We live in a nation of laws, how dare they ignore them. We have recourse, declare your freedom and stand. If they threaten you, threaten them back with equal force (epitomy of turning the other cheek), they are our subjects, we are not theirs. If they come to take you by force, repel them with equal force. The Constitution gives us the rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Nobody is happy. Must we all die?

October 8, 2021

Watch “The Rulers of Earth Are Rising Up, Plotting Together, Against The Lord & Against His Anointed” on YouTube

October 8, 2021

There is no “science” regarding these vaccines. They have no history, no true clinical trials, no truthful reliable data, no time even to determine what happens over time to bodies that took the vaccine. My nurse friend sent me information that the Red Cross wasn’t accepting blood from vaccinated people because of low antibodies. I was not able to confirm that. The numbers of people that took the vaccines and died are either kept secret or blamed on other things even before an autopsy or coroner’s exam. The pharmaceutical companies have been given immunity from prosecution. Why, if the vaccines are so safe? Why the insane push to vaccinate the entire planet? Bill Gates said vaccines are the way to depopulate the planet. I believe this is the biggest coup attempt to take over the world by the same type of evil people that were in sodom and ghomorrah. The ones standing against them are the believers of JESUS CHRIST and many moral people. Who ever heard of Americans being forced to get a vaccine or lose their job? We don’t know what might happen to bodies of the vaccinated over a long period of time. We know they are still catching and spreading
and dying from covid. FATHER GOD please protect and bless Senator Johnson for speaking out truth for us. Please send YOUR angels to surround and protect YOUR people and all of them that will come to salvation. We take authority over the bodies of the innocent people that took these vaccines and decree that if they take any deadly thing it will not harm them. FATHER GOD please supply all of the need of those that have lost or will lose jobs over these unrighteous decrees from biden, governors, and other countries’ leaders. Please give us the words to pray to over turn this wickedness, and please continue to send YOUR angels to fight for us in JESUS MIGHTY Name! Amen!

    October 8, 2021

    Yes! Thank you Lord for sending us protection and exposing the wickedness and thank you for protecting the innocent. Everyday we read some new confirmation that there were false news stories surrounding the virus and our government’s responses are slaying liberty. I frequently ask favor for truth in America because our country has been pelted with volumes of false information. God answers– He is exposing this pernicious deceit.

    We have awakened. I praise God for the Senator and the remnant of Christians in our government. Give them courage and favor as you protect them while they stand for the inalienable rights YOU have given us. Please hear all these humble beautiful prayers on ifa. America is YOUR creation, God. We belong to YOU. We truly cherish this country you have built. Amen

October 8, 2021

Father God, I praise You for Senator Johnson and all the others willing to ask questions and seek Truth in this time, bless them and strengthen them please. Please Lord would You deliver our nation from evil? Please Lord would You have mercy on these ones being forced to take this shot or loose their jobs and soon the children? Thank You for throwing these mandates into the sea. Holy Spirit please lead us into Truth and May the Truth set us free. In Your powerful Name Jesus

October 8, 2021

God, would You bless those that are publicly taking a stand standing up for personal medical choices and freedoms? Bless them. Protect them and their families. Let them encourage others to stand for what is right, just, and true.

In Your mighty and powerful name…


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