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Father, protect that which is sacred in our lives. Give us Your wisdom in knowing where to draw boundaries to protecting our privacy.
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News reports about Britney Spears being a one-woman surveillance state are troubling on many levels. A recent New York Times investigation uncovered the details. According to a whistleblower, the pop star’s father monitored her every move, then used that information to manipulate or directly control her. This was done under the guise of a court-ordered conservatorship and implemented by…a private security firm.

The public was shocked by the degree of invasion Spears endured. But considering how thoroughly each of us is digitally tagged, tracked, and fed into the algorithmic mill, her story should be all too familiar…

The desire for privacy is intrinsic to human nature. Most of us enjoy the sense we’re organic creatures exploring the world, our secrets known only to a forgiving God and the infernal Accuser…

Skeptics are quick to dismiss privacy concerns as paranoid. “You aren’t that interesting,” they often say…

If regular people were not that interesting, then Google, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, Microsoft, Zoom, countless third-party data brokers, and the intelligence agencies that enjoy backdoor access wouldn’t be vacuuming up the details of our lives. If these companies were merely trying to improve their products, they wouldn’t pretend they weren’t spying—only to get caught time and time again.

It’s not that they want to know everything about you, as an individual…Rather, it’s the value of our data in the aggregate that draws them…

The more information that corporations, governments, employers, or stalkers can gather about our outward habits and inner worlds, the more easily they believe they can manipulate our thoughts and behavior…[T]here’s no limit to the power one can wield over any population or individual…

As the Western approach begins to mirror China’s social credit system…you have to wonder how long Americans will have the choice to opt-out…

No corporation has done more to normalize in-home surveillance and biometric tracking than Amazon…

Last week, Amazon’s subsidiary company Ring launched an invitation-only pilot for its Always Home Cam. The device is a small drone that lifts off from its countertop cradle to hover around your house along predetermined flight paths…

This home drone can be synced with the Ring doorbell camera, which allows law enforcement—as well as multiple third-party trackers—to watch over your neighborhood and personal habits. Ring has contemplated adding facial recognition technology, too…

…[T]he power of facial recognition is reserved for Amazon’s new bug-eyed snoop, Astro. Not only does this wheeled creature use infrared and ultrasound to map your home, it employs a visual ID system to recognize you, your friends, and your family members.

Animated by everyone’s favorite eavesdropper, Alexa, the robot also listens to your personal conversations, ostensibly waiting for her “wake word.”…

Perhaps the most nauseating product on offer is the Amazon One biometric payment system. Once you’ve scanned your unique palm print, Amazon links that information to your personal identity and credit card…

Two weeks ago, Amazon One announced that Red Rocks Amphitheater in Denver, Co. will implement these digital palm-readers for ticketing…[T]he system is already installed in Amazon 4-Star retail outlets and Whole Foods grocery stores across the United States.

…After scanning your palm at the door, ubiquitous cameras monitor your every step and every item you touch, allowing you to walk out the door without ever speaking to a human being. The only thing you leave behind is a piece of your soul…

In his articulate testimony before the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Antitrust, Competition Policy, and Consumer Rights, the political philosopher Matthew Crawford warned about the dangers of in-home spy devices…

“The business rationale for the smart home,” Crawford told Congress, “is to bring the intimate patterns of life into the fold of the surveillance economy, which has a one-way mirror quality. Increasingly, every aspect of our lives—our voices, our facial expressions, our political affiliations, and intellectual predilections—are laid bare as data to be collected by companies…”…

Presently, we have the choice to purchase these devices or not. As monitoring systems become more integrated and opting out flags you as a “person of interest,” that freedom will certainly fade…

Do you have the sense that we are on a slippery slope with this? Share in the comments below, and share a prayer for wisdom and guidance in establishing boundaries.

(Excerpt from The Federalist. Article by Joe Allen. Photo Credit: iStock).

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Cedric M. G. Proctor
December 26, 2023

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Lydia B. Miller
October 9, 2021

No we have not come to the point of no return, as far as surveillance.
Just because we are in the end times does not mean we should take the attitude of getting run over!
God says those that dig a hole will eventually fall in their own hole.
There is going to be a massive revival, and when these evil doers get sick of their own pain and destruction, They will start searching for something better and maybe call on the name of Jesus.
It is never too late for God to redeem what is taking place with big tech and other fBI surveillance!
My prayer is for more intercessors to rise up and learn how to “travail in the spirit” Allowing God to use them to see His kingdom come on earth , to see many saved , healed and restored.
God is a God of hope.
We need to get in tune with what is on His agenda.

October 8, 2021

Watch “The Rulers of Earth Are Rising Up, Plotting Together, Against The Lord & Against His Anointed” on YouTube

Margaret Gail Segars Rainey
October 8, 2021

We are at the doorstep of war as prophesied in Ezekiel 38 and 39. Next is the Great Tribulation as the Book of Revelation unfolds. This will not just be spiritual warfare. This will be World War III and nuclear holocaust. We are to NOT live in fear, keep our eyes on Jesus/Yeshua, and prepare our hearts for His rapture of the Universal Church on Earth, those who are not yet martyred. Does anyone know when this occurs? No, we are to be ready and that means continuing to be in the will of God Almighty up until the twinkling of an eye when King Jesus takes us home. A remnant of saints will be taken home before seven-year GREAT TRIBULATION OF HELL ON EARTH. ARE WE READY TO BE CAUGHT UP IN THE CLOUDS? We are to continue praying, praying, praying and to TRUST JESUS!!! I love all God’s people, but He loves you more!!!!! Keep sharing John 3:16, keep evangelizing, keep congregating in your churches, watch for everyday miracles, signs, and wonders! JESUS IS ALIVE!!!!

    October 8, 2021

    Thank you Margret..
    We will fear no Evil fir our Gods is an Awesome God, faithful and true. He is the Victor and sits at the Right hand of God. He waits also fir the day Yahweh says go.
    For many still need to know of his saving grace. We must not get distracted or burdened by the chaos around us.
    Come Lord Jesus. Amen


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