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Thank You for these ten governors who are using their influence to protect their states. Father, we ask You to bless their efforts. And we ask that President Biden's administration will respond well to their suggestions.

Ten Republican governors gathered in Mission, Texas, on Wednesday where they unveiled a 10-point plan to end Democrat President Joe Biden’s border crisis…

Many directly blame Biden for the crisis, saying that his policies and messaging has created enormous incentive for migrants to illegally enter the U.S…

The governors released the following 10-point plan to end Biden’s border crisis:

  1. Continue Title 42 public health restrictions: The Biden Administration should continue to invoke Title 42 to refuse entry to individuals coming into the country due to the COVID-19 public health risk, which was initially issued by the previous administration…
  2. Fully reinstate the Migrant Protection Protocols: The Biden Administration should comply with recent federal court rulings and fully reinstate the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) established by the prior administration…
  3. Finish securing the border: The Biden Administration should reopen construction contracts to continue building the border wall and invest in infrastructure and technology…Upon taking office, President Biden…stopped all border construction, and redirected funds to build the wall.
  4. End catch and release: The Biden Administration should end the Obama-era policy of catching and releasing apprehended migrants into U.S. cities…
  5. Clear the judicial backlog: The Biden Administration should dedicate additional judges and resources to our U.S. immigration courts to end the growing backlog and expedite court appearances for illegal migrants…[B]acklogged cases total more than 1 million, the most ever.
  6. Resume the deportation of all criminals: The Biden Administration should enforce all deportation laws of criminally convicted illegal aliens…
  7. Dedicate federal resources to eradicate human trafficking and drug trafficking: Due to the rapid increase of cartel activity, the Biden Administration should dedicate additional resources to eradicate the surge in human trafficking and drug trafficking..
  8. Re-enter all agreements with our Northern Triangle partners and Mexico: President Biden should re-enter the prior administration’s agreement with the Northern Triangle countries…and Mexico. The countries agreed to enforce their respective borders, fix their asylum systems, and receive migrants seeking asylum before they journey north to the United States…
  9. Send a clear message to potential migrants: President Biden…and Biden Administration officials…should state clearly and unequivocally that our country’s borders are not open…
  10. Deploy more federal law enforcement officers: Due to overwhelming needs at the border, the Biden Administration should deploy more and provide greater resources to U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents…

“The Biden Administration’s open border policies have led to complete chaos at the southern border, and pose a threat to the safety of Texans and all Americans,” said Governor Abbott…

“We’re not going to sit around while Biden refuses to act,” said Governor Ducey. “We’ve tried to meet with the president and be part of the solution, but he refuses. No, worse — he ignores us, just like he’s ignoring the border and the well-being of the American people…”

Share your prayer in the comments below for the success of this plan and for our border’s security!

(Excerpt from Daily Wire. Article by Ryan Saavedra. Photo Credit: Montinique Monroe/Getty Images).

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October 8, 2021

FATHER GOD thank YOU for these governors acting together to protect our country. Please give them YOUR Strength and Ability to do above even what they can ask or think. Please protect them and their families from every snare of the devil and all demons. Let every one of them coming up for re-election win with such an overwhelming majority that no cheating will be possible in JESUS Name!


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