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At the end of last year I wrote that the next two years would be a battle between Mercy and Truth and our increased division within the body of Christ. It has been increasingly obvious that we are not a very united country or united Church. (See that article HERE.) In that article, I wrote:

We are not in a war of parties but of principles. It is because of our values and personal priorities that this division cannot be settled simply by winning an election. We shouldn’t be surprised at the outcome because our nation’s government is but a reflection of the Church. Because we are not united, these states are not united. Thus, we must dig deeper if we are to see any positive change for the future.

I went on the describe how some believers sympathize more with the Democratic party than the Republican party because of their heart for mercy and social justice. I said, “Reminding them of the platform they stand on and its devaluing of life and biblical family, has not been enough to win them over. We must engage at a deeper level of conversation if we are to overcome our division and find common ground for the greater good of the Kingdom.”

Since writing that article last year, the division has continued to grow as we battle with ourselves just as much as with our spiritual adversary. We have battled with the fear of man even more than with our theological and moral beliefs. We are still at odds with our call to love others unconditionally as well as to be set apart as holy. With various streams of the Church leaning one way or another, we must reach for a higher goal than simply favoring a party or winning another election. As I wrote last year:

Our battle cannot simply be between political parties. There are deeper spiritual realities at war. If we truly believe that the Ekklesia has the overriding spiritual authority in this land, it is this battle for Mercy and Truth walking and working together that we must face. It is when these two marks of heaven come together that we will see the needed breakthrough in our government, as well as unity of heart and purpose within the Church. The poisoned root system of our nation’s government cannot be fixed by our votes. It is only when we as believers stand together for something greater that we will see the shift we so desperately need.

In early December of 2019, a group of worship leaders from around the globe were invited to the White House to lead in worship and prayer. These were Christians from various streams and various backgrounds, all coming together to lift up the name of Jesus from the oval office. President Trump even asked them to pray for him. Eddie James, one of the worship leaders present, was so moved, he wrote on his Facebook page: “There was an open heaven over the White House. Republican, Democrat, or Independent; If you are a Christian, you would be moved at what God did on this day.”  I believe it’s this kind of unity that heaven is looking for.

And His mercy is for those who fear Him from generation to generation. (Luke 1:50 ESV)

Perhaps this is a first fruit sampling of what’s to come. Because of the united focus to lift up the name of Jesus, believers were able to come together for a higher purpose. This is the power of our worship and the power of making God’s name greater than any man, any agenda, or any political platform. I suggested last year that the Fear of the Lord would be the most powerful unifying factor in the days ahead. I pray that is still the case:

There is no true mercy apart from God’s truth. Nor can we walk in absolute truth apart from His mercy. It is these two extremes that must turn their focus towards what it means to walk in the Fear of the Lord. This is what keeps our hearts in check and our motives pure (Heb 10:28-31). No Republican Party or Cyrus President can fix our deeper issues. WE THE PEOPLE of God must guard our hearts and minds and learn to cross the aisles of political rhetoric and personal opinion in order to form a more perfect union of a heavenly kind. I pray we have the grace to walk it out and come out, not only on the right side of history, but on the right side of eternity.

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Theresa Brooks
January 1, 2020

The church leaders who did not understand our constitutional provisions for the church, failed where Jesus was successful in speaking the word of God to Satan’s testing. The church has kicked out the Holy Spirit in exchange for prosperity. We have allowed the enemy to convince us it’s better to murder our children than to love them. I am guilty of wanting a neat tidy predictable life. It’s what was preached to me. Blessings. Well someone’s idea of blessings has become America’s curse. The 5o1c3 was created for the government s benefit not the church’s. We market religious programs. Come up with what would please us, and have looked the other way. Father God I repent for looking the other way. And allowing Abortion to murder little ones made in your image and likeness. You said it would be better if a millstone was tied around the necks of those who would harm one of these little ones that belong to you. Children are a heritage of The Lord, the fruit of the womb is a reward. Women are saved through childbearing. Give us wisdom to want life. The way you created us to live it.

John Curry
December 31, 2019

Thank you, Wanda, for reminding us ! You are not only perceptive, but faithful. It is clear in the Gospels that our Lord Jesus intended us to love each other, as our highest obligation after loving God.
“I give you a new commandment, that you love each other as I have loved you.” and “By this shall all men know that you are your disciples: that you love one another.” And John said, “He laid down His life for us, so that we might lay down our lives for the brethren.” All the other examples of ‘the sin that so easily besets us’ pale in comparison to our neglect of this commandment, to love each other. I imagine you could walk into any congregation in the United States, enter the pulpit, and preach this message: “Your greatest sin, as a church that is part of the Body of Christ, is that you do not love each other.”
Brothers and sisters, on my knees I plead with you — this is a matter that must begin with conviction of our sin and REPENTANCE. Until we realize this is a failing in OUR hearts, confess it to each other, and implore the Father to forgive and cleanse us by the Blood of His Son, The Holy Spirit will not be free to fill us with Love for our fellow Christians. Only then will that revival, for which we all have prayed so earnestly, break forth like a spiritual Niagara Falls.

Dwayne Armand Desmarais
December 31, 2019

A powerful and true word for the coming year! Jesus said in (Mt. 24:12) ***Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold*** Not some, not half, but most! He was not talking about the world, he was speaking of the Church! I believe it will be a remnant of God’s people who have been hidden and tested in the fire that will emerge in the coming days to reunite the Church as a whole with the true gospel of the Kingdom.

They will come as fire breathing world changers anointed with God’s power and authority, sent to right the wrongs of complacency and to awaken God’s people who have been drunk on the wine of indifference. It will be a time of testing and even judgement for a rebellious people who have ignored the word of God’s messengers. Unity will only be possible through a bust heaving, sackcloth and ashes travail where repentance will be key as we humble ourselves before a mighty God. I ABSLOUTELY AGREE the fear of the Lord will bring us under His mighty hand, as we wait on our marching orders for 2020…

To long has the Church asked God to bless them, heal them, love them…but not challenge them!! God’s Word is not meant to make us “feel good” but to challenge us! This will take a sacrifice like never before, and is not for the faint of heart nor the nominal Christian. There will be a price tag on our freedom in coming days, that may cost us everything! The tide will change when the Church realizes her mandate and fall in line with the heavenly blueprint about to unfold. Spiritual warfare will be the order of the day as the enemy will do all in his power to derail the coming holy train of God…


PS…there should be a thousand comments here on this post, where are the Warriors? The Watchmen? Prophets? Seers? Gatekeepers? There is always chaos before a mighty move of God, and a fire is coming that will glorify or burn, and we MUST decide which side of the flames we want to be on…..Be blessed…..><(("<

Sharon Smith
December 31, 2019

I conquer with Pat: I as well remember the days of Aglow. It was huge, people in all walks and churches, those with division in their lives found God/Jesus through Aglow. The truth of God’s word was being preached and taught by the Men and women of God and it was moving across the country quickly. The power of the Holy Spirit was moving, people were being healed, lives mended, broken hearts were living again, churches were uniting, Christians were coming together declaring the enemy satan had no power or hold on the United States or its families. There was a renewing and joy of hope in the air, people smiled and actually acknowledged you with a greeting from the Lord. Where did that enthusiasm for the Spirit of God moving across our nation go? We are drowning in lies, cheating, and such hypocrisy as has never been before. We need to come back to that stand for our homes, and our government, our country. This includes our church, not the building we go to for a church service, but, the people “WE ARE the Church”. Let us gather together and PRAY for our nation.

December 31, 2019

I agree with what you wrote. In the 1970s we had a mighty move of God in the US. There where Christian organizations that brought people of faith together. It did not matter what church you went to but you where Christians. These organizations where Women’s Aglow for women and Men’s Full Gospel Business Mens Fellowship. These two groups reached out to all different churches. They had weekly bible studies and monthly meetings in homes and restaurants with Christians from all denominations. They had speakers give there testimonies. They drove or went to larger meetings in there states. I remember the men gathered bin Atlantic City and walked the city praying . I went to an Aglow meeting in San Diago,California and we walked and prayed. We where 10,000 women from different countries praying. I don’t know what happened to these organizations but there was unity in the Body of Christ. This is needed again. Joining together as the Body of Christ putting aside our divisions and joining in prayer for our nation, our children and our churches. Father we need your help to bring unity into the Body of Christ . It doesn’t matter what church we go to or if we are Republicans or Democrats. What matters is putting our differences apart and join in prayer for our nation, our cities, our elected officials in local, state governments. Pray for our churches, church leaders etc. Lord we need your help. Amen

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