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Help us to be wise in our use of technology, Lord. Give our leaders wisdom on how to best protect our privacy.
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Facebook has admitted that it still tracks its users’ location even when “location services” on a device is turned off.

In a letter to Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) and Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE), Facebook admitted that “even if someone does not enable Location Services, Facebook may still understand information about their location based on information that they and others provide through their activities and connections on our services.”

“For example, if someone responds to an event on Facebook for a local music festival, uploads a location-tagged post, or gets tagged by a friend in a check-in at a restaurant, these actions would give us information about that person’s likely location.”

Facebook also admitted that it uses the IP addresses of its users to determine their likely location.

The social network admitted that it uses both user activity and IP addresses to target them with ads.

“When we receive this type of location-related information, we use it to customize people’s experience, including by identifying the appropriate language based on their location, showing ads and other content relevant to the area where they are located, and to comply with legal rules, including those that prohibit us from showing certain types of advertisements in particular jurisdictions.”

On Twitter, Sen. Hawley condemned Facebook for collecting location data even when a user switches off Location Services.

“Facebook admits it,” said Sen. Hawley. “Turn off “location services” and they’ll STILL track your location to make money (by sending you ads). There is no opting out.”

“No control over your personal information. That’s Big Tech. And that’s why Congress needs to take action.”

Sen. Coons was also unsatisfied with Facebook’s response. In a statement, the Senator said “I appreciate Facebook’s attempts to inform users about their privacy choices. However, I am concerned that these efforts are insufficient and even misleading in light of how Facebook is actually treating user data.”

(Excerpt from Breitbart News. Article by Allum Bokhari.)

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December 30, 2019

I know this story first hand. My ex-husband was in military and to make a very long story short we was under heavy surveillance by what I now see as a take over they planned many, many years ago. Their abuse and disregard for American citizens with the surveillance and using it against us is unbelievable! Looking back now I see a whole lot of this. They used surveillance and have created auto accidents, lots of interference with my last job.
My phones not connected to Facebook I have an account but they still monitor. I believe after years of dealing with this they all network together(big corporations) and have placed(paid) people strategically to live in our neighborhoods or cities to monitor the Christians/ conservatives and to harass. I’m speaking from many years of experience in dealing with these people and know they’ve been given the keys so to speak to our privacy.
I pray people actually get to know the entire truth about the surveillance systems we are under and it’s combined with witchcraft. Our city is infested with demonic symbols, events, businesses, monuments. I’m shocked at the occult participants in my very small city if it’s this bad for me what’s going on in the big places? Our new bridge is illuminated in 2 big triangles with purple at night. Purple to me represents royalty I didn’t design the bridge tho and now that I’ve done my homework and researched this type of stuff I understand it’s an agenda. It appears harmless but satan is a deciever.
I can say so much more about this agenda they have for all of us but I’d like to give God the glory for removing their plans and dissolving the works and agenda they had/have against us. I do believe since our President has been placed in office it’s pushed their plans back and a lot of the things they were doing they are not doing as much anymore. Their evil plots and plans will not succeed in Jesus name amen!

Sylvia Berg
December 30, 2019

IBM was responsible for providing locations of Jews to the Nazis…. derived from collecting miscellaneous information.

    January 5, 2020

    Thanks, Sylvia for that reminder. I don’t know if you’ve seen the book, “IBM and the Holocaust”, by Edwin Black. He says, “Unless we understand how the Nazis acquired the names, more lists will be compiled against more people.” (Fakebook anyone?) And, ” Massively organized information quietly emerged as a means of social control and a roadmap for group destruction. … Dignified professionals were Hitler’s advance troops.” Police officers, lawyers, and doctors and businessmen all defiled and disregarded their duties to aid and abet huge crimes against humanity. It is a striking and breathtaking parallel to today. We do need to learn accurate history to avoid repeating it and to acquire more specific prayer points and again implore the God of all mercy in all these abuses against mankind. Coincidently, I just finished reading, “Killing the Planet”, by Rodney Howard Browne and Paul Williams. They wrote about the Rockefeller family, who had already started a eugenics movement here in America and they were able to “help” Hitler with his plans. This criminal family have infiltrated all levels of US government, monopolized Big Oil, Railroads, Big Med and Big Cancer/ Vaccines, Climate Hoax, Smart Cities, initiated the CFR, Bilderberg, the FED, dumbed down education and seminaries, control the CIA for regime change and too much more to say now. Any and all disabled or nonconformists were on the Nazi hit list also.

Caroline Eagan
December 30, 2019

Lord, we pray for people to seek the Lord but it can only happen if you draw close to them so, please dear Father God, draw near to them for without our Lord Jesus as their Lord and Savior, there is no hope and especially, eternal life

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