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Lord, all this new technology is frightening. Help us to discern what is safe and useful and what is invasive and unnecessary.
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Keeping track of vaccinations remains a major challenge in the developing world, and even in many developed countries, paperwork gets lost, and parents forget whether their child is up to date. Now a group of Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers has developed a novel way to address this problem: embedding the record directly into the skin.

Along with the vaccine, a child would be injected with a bit of dye that is invisible to the naked eye but easily seen with a special cell-phone filter, combined with an app that shines near-infrared light onto the skin. The dye would be expected to last up to five years, according to tests on pig and rat skin and human skin in a dish.

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The system—which has not yet been tested in children—would provide quick and easy access to vaccination history, avoid the risk of clerical errors, and add little to the cost or risk of the procedure, according to the study, published Wednesday in Science Translational Medicine.

“Especially in developing countries where medical records may not be as complete or as accessible, there can be value in having medical information directly associated with a person,” says Mark Prausnitz, a bioengineering professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology, who was not involved in the new study. Such a system of recording medical information must be extremely discreet and acceptable to the person whose health information is being recorded and his or her family, he says. “This, I think, is a pretty interesting way to accomplish those goals.”

The research, conducted by M.I.T. bioengineers Robert Langer and Ana Jaklenec and their colleagues, uses a patch of tiny needles called microneedles to provide an effective vaccination without a teeth-clenching jab. Microneedles are embedded in a Band-Aid-like device that is placed on the skin; a skilled nurse or technician is not required. Vaccines delivered with microneedles also may not need to be refrigerated, reducing both the cost and difficulty of delivery, Langer and Jaklenec say.

Delivering the dye required the researchers to find something that was safe and would last long enough to be useful. “That’s really the biggest challenge that we overcame in the project,” Jaklenec says, adding that the team tested a number of off-the-shelf dyes that could be used in the body but could not find any that endured when exposed to sunlight. The team ended up using a technology called quantum dots, tiny semiconducting crystals that reflect light and were originally developed to label cells during research. The dye has been shown to be safe in humans.

The approach raises some privacy concerns, says Prausnitz, who helped invent microneedle technology and directs Georgia Tech’s Center for Drug Design, Development and Delivery. “There may be other concerns that patients have about being ‘tattooed,’ carrying around personal medical information on their bodies or other aspects of this unfamiliar approach to storing medical records,” he says. “Different people and different cultures will probably feel differently about having an invisible medical tattoo.”

When people were still getting vaccinated for smallpox, which has since been eradicated worldwide, they got a visible scar on their arm from the shot that made it easy to identify who had been vaccinated and who had not, Jaklenec says. “But obviously, we didn’t want to give people a scar,” she says, noting that her team was looking for an identifier that would be invisible to the naked eye. The researchers also wanted to avoid technologies that would raise even more privacy concerns, such as iris scans and databases with names and identifiable data, she says. . .

(Excerpt from Scientific American. Article by Karen Weintraub.)

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January 1, 2020

This is also known as The Who’s ID-2020 program. All of this is leading to the elimination of open debate and the censorship of opinions and free speech. The Pharma propaganda under the auspices of the UN, the WHO, HHS, and CDC and a part of the misleading Sustainable Development, the code for globalism and Agenda 2030 and social credit scores. The alliance also includes Microsoft, GAVI and Bill Gates eugenics philanthropy and with the rollout of 5G networks every human on earth will be tracked, DNA known, and monitoring of vaccine compliance. Researching Operation Paperclip, (see the book by Annie Jacobson) we will find how the US government was infiltrated after WW II with Nazi biowarfare scientists, while the Nuremberg Tribunal verdicts, the Nuremberg Codes and the Declaration of Helsinki were entirely ignored and the pharma-vaccine program were put in place. This again is not for making people healthy but will contribute to sterility, shortened lives via cancer, infection and weaponized pathogens and the surveillance state. https://vaxxter.com/ministry-of-pharma-the-2020-national-vaccine-plan/

December 31, 2019

This is mark of the beast, Bill Gates depopulation at work. This is not “science”, nor is it humanitarian. This is eugenics disguised as philanthropy UN-WHO at work and the stealing of parental rights.

Jana Lutovsky
December 30, 2019

Give us wisdom oh Lord and discernment to do you Holy and perfect will. Save our children to the uttermost. Heal our land. Did you not give us all we need? Yet a new form of polio from Bolivia infiltrates some of our children, ignored by the CDC and the medical community. We decree supernatural health and immune defenses over our kids, adults and elderly in Jesus’ Mighty Name!) Job ch 22.) Help us to know the times and hours and our part in praying, let’s not despair but rise up and demand what You reveal to us in Jesus Holy Name!

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