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Father, we thank You for the spread of the Gospel. Continue to bless this ministry, Lord, and bring even more youth to You.
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Praise God! What an encouraging story! Let’s pray blessings over this ministry for 2023 and beyond!

From Faithwire. A digital evangelist is celebrating an incredible milestone: bringing 1 million people to Christ.

Join others crying out to the Lord day and night.


Sean Dunn, the founder of Groundwire, told CBN’s Faithwire he is incredibly humbled to see his ministry impact so many lives.

“It is actually very humbling, and I am not just being modest,” Dunn said. “When God does something so big that only He can do it, you can’t take credit for it. You are just along for the ride.” ...

Dunn explained the secrets to Groundwire’s evangelistic success: meeting young people where they are and intentionally using technology to open their eyes to the Gospel message.

Groundwire turns to social media platforms to get the message out. With some youths looking at their phones more than 100 times a day, encountering them where they gather has been incredibly effective. …


Groundwire targets young people asking inquiries like, “Do I matter?” and “What’s the point of life?” among other curiosities. Then, these individuals are connected with digital evangelists who offer to pray with them and point them to the Gospel.

These Groundwire coaches are … volunteers trained to speak with young people about biblical truths.

This week, Groundwire coaches have seen their one-millionth person embrace Christ since 2017 — a remarkable feat. …

Dunn said he’s excited to dive into 2023 and to push deeper into his mission of spreading the Gospel message. …

“The primary goal is to introduce as many as possible to Jesus,” he said. “And we are just getting started.”

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(Excerpt from Faithwire. Photo Credit: Simon Maage on Unsplash)

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Barb Kriegshauser
January 1, 2023

My question would be does this ministry also see to discipling these one million? Many can profess Christ but then fall away without being fed.

    Jessica Renshaw
    January 1, 2023

    Good point, Barb. We should be praying that Sean’s ministry will partner with local churches or discipling organizations like Navigators to help new believers grow in their new faith (as Billy Graham crusades did).

Darlene Estlow
December 31, 2022

Thank you Father for providing new means to reach people where they live! Keep leading people into new ways that will reach out for you! Praise your name.

Ken Budz
December 31, 2022

Lord thank You for calling people to You. Please Heavenly Father call more and more people unto Yourself. We need You Lord and Your help. I’m glad You love us enough to give us salvation through Your Holy Son. Please redeem more people. I pray this in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Patricia Britton
December 31, 2022

we need to stand together in prayer for our country, school,job, children, and the nation for christ, and his people in every state,and our church home for the body of christ. and the kingdom of God.

Donald Vader
December 31, 2022

Thank you Lord for this ministry that is reaching out to the youth and having an effect on them with your good word and may these youth continue to reach out to you and serve you for the kingdom and to make a difference in the world in the mighty name of Jesus… Amen

Daniel Callahan
December 31, 2022

We will see Godly Kingdom Princilples be excused in all 7 mountains in USA and the start of a Billion souls from all over the world and all walks of life cone into the Kingdom of God and walk in their destiny in2023 and test families will be rest I red and with new spirit and fire from the Spirit ans should would d will all be solved in the Love of God . Millions of prayer groups Fite up new in 2023. The Rifhtyeous is exalted and the evil and proud ones are brought low with them paying for evils deeds injails or prisons in 2023. That’s GODS PEACE AND WAYS WILL INFUSE EVERY FIBER OF OUR CTUR AND CULTURES OF THE WORLD AND IN OUR VERY BEING .. IIn JESUS NAME AND FOR THE HONOR AND GLORY GOES TO GOD. AMEN ZAMEN.


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