I Prayed have prayed
Lord, thank you for Kirk Cameron and his boldness to bring Your love and witness to America through these library readings. Multiply his efforts to embolden the millions who desire America to return to You.

An overflow crowd showed up for Kirk Cameron’s reading of his children’s book As You Grow at the Scarsdale (NY) public library on Friday, Dec. 30. Other public libraries had refused to allow Cameron to read his book.

In Scarsdale more than 400 people were turned away, although Cameron and a team of staffers from publisher Brave Books held two sessions of 170 people each in the room they had rented.

The publishers reportedly asked if they could extend the room rental beyond the hour originally booked to accommodate the crowd, which began to gather at the upscale community library as early as noon for the 3 p.m. ET event. Library leadership, who originally had denied Cameron’s request to host a reading, declined to extend the rental, despite not having another booking for the room.

The Scarsdale event followed immediately upon the heels of a reading in Indianapolis, IN, which attracted more than 1,000 people, with many hundreds waiting outside the library.

A dozen police officers, including county sheriffs, were on hand in Scarsdale for crowd control. No one protested this event.

The Scarsdale crowd was comprised of families and individuals of faith and patriotism, and included many homeschoolers. Most people had children in tow, and many indicated a desire to support Cameron’s efforts. At least one family drove five hours to attend the reading, while many parents took off work in order to bring their children.

Children were eager to interact with Cameron, whose parenting experience with six children and easy manners served him well as he read the book and solicited engagement.  Cameron opened by thanking the crowd for attending, saying:

As some of you know, I’ve tried to go to a lot of different libraries to read this new book, which I can’t wait to share with you guys….But some libraries didn’t want us to be there. And I’m so thankful that we got to come here, together with you. And I just wanted to say that, for anybody who’s curious,…why are we all here?

We’re here because we love God.

We love our families and our children. We love our country. And we love Scarsdale Public Library, and we’re so grateful that we get to be here and read this story, and I hope that you all like it too.

As Cameron read the story about a little acorn that grew into a big tree, he engaged the children with questions about the pictures, the story, and related subjects, such as pets. He related the tree’s growth to the children’s growth, saying, “Okay, I’m going to read you the story about Sky Tree. As seasons change, you will grow. Spread your branches and put down roots like this story of Sky Tree. And as you do, let your fruit be sweet.”

At one point, Cameron explained his home state California doesn’t have fireflies, and he asked the children to describe them. One child said the flying insect was a mosquito that glows, and a little girl said the insect was like a beetle that flew and “on its booty, it has fire!”

Cameron continually pointed the children to God, saying at one point that just as Sky Tree pointed up, “You were made to point up to the One who loves you best.” Later he told the children “Love is always worth the try,” “Always take time to enjoy the little things,” and “Because you’ve been cared for, care for others.”

As the seasons passed, Sky Tree begins to house a number of animals. Cameron’s lesson for the children was “When you’ve grown big, be excited to join something even bigger than yourself.”

When great misfortune falls upon Sky Tree, Cameron said, “This is a very sad day for Sky Tree. Sometimes you will be sad and afraid. But brokenness is never the end….Remember the greatest sorrow can also lead to the greatest joy.” About a plot twist that restores the tree, Cameron told the children, “Remember to grow in your love for God, love for your brothers and sisters, your mom and dad and your friends, and love for your country, and learn to comfort people just like they comfort you.”

Cameron closed the first of the two sessions in Scarsdale by thanking the parents, teachers, and librarians. He also opened that session up to questions. One child shared he had light sabers, with which the dark side and the light side always fight, but the light always wins.

Most of the adults thanked Cameron for doing the reading. One woman suggested she might do similar readings at her local library, an idea Cameron encouraged for several reasons, saying:

We have these beautiful libraries like this — that have an opportunity for us to gather together — not just to hear a story. To meet each other.  

Doesn’t this feel good to be together with people and say, “I’m not alone. I’m not going to be just sort of pushed into a corner because I love God and my family and this country.”

…. This is a chance for you to connect. And this is a chance for you to talk about how to take all these beautiful things that you know and love and raise your family with and bring them to others [in] your community.

Cameron addressed the difficulty of these times, saying:

We don’t live in unexciting times. And history really is His story, as some have said, and we’re somewhere in the middle of the book. And the very best books have dark times, they have challenging times. And I think we’re in one of those chapters where it’s a nail biter right now, but we can trust the Author, because He knows how to write the best stories. And what’s necessary is men and women, young men and women, older men and women of faith and character, who do the right thing over the long haul, even when the odds are against them and they’re under pressure. And that’s when He multiplies the light, and the good. And that shines in the dark, as my little buddy over here always says, and that’s what you’re doing by being here. And so in this critical moment, keep up the good work. And you’ll be rewarded.

One woman thanked Cameron for not writing off New York, a progressive enclave. Cameron said:

And I’m so thankful when people come to California, with good things to share with us because people write us off on the West Coast out there. And here we are reaching across the entire country — California to New York. And this is exactly what we need to see. And us gathering is sending a message all across the nation to all 50 states that what we’re doing is really, really important.

Cameron encouraged parental involvement with their children’s education:

And it’s a chance to remember that God gave your children to you — not to the government — and you’re in charge of teaching them and their education. However you decide to do that, nobody is better qualified and loves your children more than you. And I thank you for taking up that mantle and that sacred duty to invest your time and your resources into the hearts and minds of the future leaders of our country.

Cameron quoted from Founding Father Samuel Adams, who said — about standing up to an oppressive government — “It does not take a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.”

Cameron said, “This afternoon, we are setting brushfires of faith, family, and freedom here in Scarsdale, New York— yesterday in Indianapolis, and it’s happening all across the country. Because we’re getting involved. We’re standing up and speaking up, and I hope that it spreads across the entire nation.”

Cameron encouraged the group to mingle.   ‘There’s more of us than we thought. And there are millions who want to go this way in our culture and in our nation, but they are often afraid, and they’re silenced, and they feel alone,” Cameron said. “So take advantage of the time to make new friends and have contacts and get together for coffee. Schedule your own story hour in this library and others, and we’ll watch and see what this…does.”

The final question was a request that the crowd sing God Bless America. The group lifted up the song as if it were a prayer.

Lord, use this movement to start brushfires of faith, family, and freedom. Convict the many who have allied with evil that they might repent and turn to You. Stir the millions who have been cowed into silence to stand up, speak out, and pray for Your blessings upon America once again. Save the children from the evil agendas of Satan and the people now in his thrall. In Jesus’ Name.

To get a free book from Brave Books, use coupon code: AYGFREE.

To hear from some attenders, click here. To hear a prayer by the Swingles prior to the event, click here.


Post your prayers for blessing America in the comments. How might you start a brushfire of faith, family, and freedom?


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Joyce Baumgardner
January 6, 2023

Dear Father God,
We thank you so much for Kirk Cameron who presented himself for who he is! Thank you for his wonderful testimony and the burden he has for our children. Manifest your glory, we pray, so others will be touched by your Holy Spirit! We are so grateful for the gift you’ve given him. We pray that he will be blessed and received wherever he goes! Thank you Dear Lord Jesus, in your name, we pray. Amen

Kathy Emahiser
January 2, 2023

Father, we thank you for opening the library doors for Kirk Cameron to read his book to the children and engaging with them as well as the parents. May his impact on their lives give them boldness to share with others the principles they learned. We also pray that others will follow suit. We ask this with thanksgiving in Jesus name, Amen.

Debbie Martin
January 2, 2023

I praise God for this ministry. I praise God Almighty for opening the doors for me to be able to share this story once I receive our order. I praise Him for His strength to raise our 3 Martin boys…grandsons Kolton (11), Jaxon (9) and Kyle (8) until their father (Shea) and his new family from Georgia are able to move to Texas! I pray for the deliverance of Kayla, the boy’s mother and for her salvation. Most of all, I praise you Lord for the future and the hope you have for each and every child and for a true living salvation in each of their lives. I praise God for redeeming my oldest granddaughter, Paige Cene from a perverse lifestyle and her brother Caden from video games. Awaken their parents to set healthy boundaries.In Jesus’ precious Name

Devanah McGinnis
December 31, 2022

God bless this wonderful man of God! Deliver him from evil and may his word go around the world! May many be saved through his work and come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior! Amen

Nan Johnson
December 31, 2022

More Faith, Freedom, and Family, Father, all over this land and then to all the world. Great idea Kirk Cameron ! Definitely God-Given! What if everyone who read this news did the same in a library close to you ?? The impact would be significant. 😊❤️🙏

Aileen Dyson
December 31, 2022

Dear Heavenly Father, we come to you with sincere love, prayer and praise for your love for each individual in America and this world. You created us and we are thankful for your love, grace and mercy upon each individual. Thank you God for strong men and women in this Nation who are keeping the faith. Praise your Holy Name!

Rebecca J Gring
December 31, 2022

I want one.

Darlene Estlow
December 31, 2022

Father, thank you that Kirk Cameron could read his book. Open up more libraries to reading that will draw children’s hearts to you. Elijah cried to God that he alone was left, when God actually had 7000 more faithful to him. May we see the others who believe in you and join with them to be strengthened and serve you. You didn’t mean for us to be lone soldiers; soldiers always work in groups. May we be those kind of soldiers.

Anne Marie
December 31, 2022

God Bless Kirk – he stood up for truth and now those children have an opportunity to hear the truth! How precious the children are in God’s sight and I am encouraged to seek out opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children.
Can’t wait to get a copy of his book

Shirrell Fischer
December 31, 2022

Thank you for being a dad an agreat leader for God and country.
great grandparents

Donald Vader
December 31, 2022

Jesus Jesus Jesus thank you for these opportunities like this for people to come in your name that we may encourage each other of the freedom that you gave us and to stand with each other in your name and to teach our children about you and your ways of life and thank you Jesus… Amen

Linda Vaughan
December 31, 2022

Thank You God for Kirk Cameron & others who are standing up for Faith, Family & Freedom!

Thank You for being my Savior! May You be my Stronghold in 2023! Thank You for Your Faithfulness to me, my family & America!

God Bless each of us & help us to serve You better. And, God Bless America!

God continue to protect our families spiritually, physically & financially & emotionally.

In Jesus Mighty Name, Amen!

Tony Smith
December 31, 2022

Sometimes it is hard to discern if God is speaking but is this not one of those times? Jesus’ last great prayer in John was for unity in His body. Is this is one of those moments in our nations history? This message of oneness, holiness, love for our brothers, sisters and our world sounds like Jesus speaking to us His people. It comes in the simplicity that even a child understands. Our enemy is united as never before. Is this Jesus speaking to us His people, no matter, how sophisticated or simple we are, right now?

karma Sweet
December 31, 2022

I’m so proud of Kirk and Candace Cameron Bure and the way they have stood up for Jesus and used their famous names for good. I’ve watched them grow up on the TV shows and it makes my heart glad.
I hope and pray others will catch the fire they are stirring and the flames will ignite to more and more Christians. May God bless them and protect them . In Jesus’s holy name I pray.

    January 3, 2023

    Amen! May we all be this kind of freedom fighter❣️

December 31, 2022

What a delight to see so many Hoosiers attend the reading and hearing them singing God bless America confirmed to me the decision my husband and I made to move to this blessed state from California. We ask Lord that your Holy Spirit will overtake the State of California and any other state that is straddling the fence. We ask it in Jesus name

December 31, 2022

I’m very encouraged by this and I’m thankful that God has blessed us with such amazing and talented leaders like Kirk Cameron. God is amazing. For 2023 it’s my hope that God will wake up the masses and that the masses will return to the discernment God places on their hearts not rely so much just on what the media says or what pop culture says. I pray that in 2023 God will remove the blinders off the masses and help them see that there really is just one truth and that’s God’s truth and that God is very specific. I pray that God will remind the masses the most important thing is to not rely on their own understanding in how they interpret the Bible but that they are reminded trust in the Lord for God is good even when we don’t understand. I pray that God continues to encourage families to seek Him more not the approval of what is perceived as Popular opinion. For 2023 I pray that God will remind the masses that who we are should not be ultimately defined by our political views but that we are Gods children first. I’m thankful for Christian Music and radio ministry as well as faith based movies because the music reaches down to our souls it seems like. The Ministries provide practical Bible teaching and spiritual growth. Finally the faith based movies provide understanding and remind us what faith in action looks like as well brings us the realization and hope that God is alive and doing things in these people’s lives that God could do the same for us. I know for me I have struggled and each time I do these alone lead me back to God and the word of God.

God I am so thankful for Kirk Cameron and folks like him who are on the Frontline and making a difference. Lord I’m thankful for the families that have stood up and have said enough is enough. God I pray that you continue to not only expose the darkness with your light but God that you also encourage us to seek you before we make any decisions. I pray that you will lead us back to you God and remind us of who we are and the roles we have. I pray that we will return to your word that we would use your word to help discern what Government (or the world whatever it maybe) says verses what you say God and that we would take that and apply it for our lives and if it ain’t of you God that we would fight back. God we know that you are creator and your words of wisdom holds the answers we seek if only we’d spend time with you and seek your words. If we want to change the world into a more positive one we know it starts with you God. I pray for your will to be done. In Jesus name Amen 🙏

Brenda Davis
December 31, 2022

I so thank God for putting it into the heart of Kirk to go and plant good seeds into the hearts & lives of not just the children but all who listen to what he says. I pray blessings over him and his team and may this happen World wide and start an out pouring of the Holy Spirit that will blanket the Earth.

December 31, 2022

May our heavenly Father bless Kirk Cameron and his book, which I pray will be read in many, many libraries in America in 2023. AMEN!!!

December 31, 2022

There is a time to stand and that time is now.
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Stand and act.

December 31, 2022

Father God, I pray you would bless Kirk with a fresh anointing of your Holy Spirit. Allow this fresh anointing to increase his platform to bring people to Jesus.

We declare 1 Chronicles 4:10 over Kirk and others who already have a platform, asking that you increase their territory/platform. We pray for the protection of the blood of Jesus over him and his family and all that he is doing to build up your kingdom.

1 Chronicles 4:10 Jabez cried out to the God of Israel, “Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my territory! “Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain.” And God granted his request.

Jill Carrero
December 31, 2022

Thank you Kirk Cameron! thankful so many came out with kids to hear you and support you! This will go national Amen!! because we appreciate your wisdom, your humbleness in representing a Godly father / husband/ Christian man much needed rolemodel and teaching kids and encouraging parents to stand up and be counted! to have fun, that they are loved by God in a creative, interesting, thoughtful story. Then encourage parents and the kids to be a good example to care for others too. Strange they sent the police to guard Christians. Thankful they were a good example of God’s kindness and goodness how to treat other people. How to trust God. They probably cleaned up and straightened up after themselves as a good example to the library staff too!! praying for you and your family, for this to grow in momentum nationally. Hope you will continue to reach far more than they tried to silence your thoughtful message of God’s love and living for Him with good character and purposeful responsibility kindness to all. Be Blessed!!

December 31, 2022

Kirk Cameron should run for public office.

God bless Kirk Cameron for fearlessly defending God and Country and America’s families.

Praise the Lord for raising up a faith warrior like Kirk Cameron!

Mona C
December 31, 2022

Dear Lord,
Thank You for Your protection over this real family friendly event in New York and all future family events that honor You. Thank You for bringing together hundreds of people who love You and Your Word. Please hear and honor all our prayers, we are excited to spark brushfires of faith, family and freedom that spread throughout the country. Please protect all who take on the mission to spread Your Light and Truth throughout the United States. Thank you, Lord, for the boldness of Kirk Cameron and all who spread Your Gospel to children and adults. We ask for their protection and promotion in the fight against the darkness. Thank You for all the blessings You are pouring out on our country. We love You, Lord ❤️.

Toni Hixon
December 31, 2022
Ron and Sue
December 31, 2022

God Bless Kirk Cameron for his continual efforts to bring people of all ages to our LORD!! This latest effort with young children particularly timely. We will never forget his powerful documentary movie “Monumental” and the impact it had on some in our own family to take a STAND for the LORD and “Freedom”. If you haven’t see the movie, we would highly recommend it!

We PRAY for a Spiritual Reawakening, and ask our LORD to lead HIS Pastors, and HIS Children to come together in PRAYER, and by taking peaceful action steps like Kirk has so accomplished in this report, to STAND for OUR LORD!!

Joanne Sullivan
December 31, 2022

Lord, I pray for the conversion of the heart and soul of the United States by following the Founding Fathers’ Constitution and principles and Father God’s 10 Commandments. Lord, hear my prayer.

Roger Collier
December 31, 2022

Yes very good and thank the LORD for getting this out. These kids enjoyed this and that is what we need more Godly characters in our and their lives. Thank GOD He lives inside all who will follow Him!

Diane Glover
December 31, 2022

God bless Kirk Cameron for this most important work he is doing. Our country needs more men of Faith like him to stand up for the children and families of America. He is spreading truth and light. My heart is rejoicing! Praise God!

Laura Inman
December 31, 2022

Great news that he is getting places. I saw him on Flashpoint when he couldn’t get any spots that were accepting such a gentle and loving message. The TIDE is TURNING! We WILL PREVAIL!!

Rose Drown
December 31, 2022

Thanks.Very good news!

Laurie Comstock
December 31, 2022

Praise God. Thank you Lord for Kirk Cameron and his family, his witness of you and his efforts – multiply them Lord. Bless this effort, bless Kirk, keep him safe. May this effort spread all across to all 50 states. Don’t write off the liberal states Lord!! Start a revival with us!

    December 31, 2022

    Yes God! Multiply our efforts! Do not write any states off! Praying for Revival Lord! We come into agreement Father with the move we see you making, creating small fires in regions and connecting them. Father, may we move boldly with You to connect regions, then states, then nations!
    Let Your Fire Fall!!!

December 31, 2022

Father God shake your church shake your people to get out into this world and to go up against the evil that confronts us every day we have a spirit of boldness and courage that we allow the devil to always make us feel like we are timid in in fear that is not your army Lord your army is to rise up and walk beside you and let the world know who is Almighty and all powerful and stop allowing the devil to control the masses of Christians that walk around in fear thank you Father God in Jesus name I pray

    December 31, 2022

    Amen!!! Yes Lord. Thank You for preparing Your Bride for this harvest of great yield, by coming into their fullness in Christ! Thank You for sparking fires in the hearts of The Body, to return to deep abiding in Your Truth and Spirit! We break off fear and religious pride from church administration, by the Blood of Yeshua and We loose Your Truth and Your Spirit as their only guide! We declare we will proceed in victory through Christ! Amen!


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