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Father, we pray for the women facing oppression in Muslim countries. Give them courage and, above all else, bring them to Yourself.

Muslim women are making progress in the fight against the sexist oppressiveness of Islam. Let’s pray for their safety and that they would find the Lord.

From Israel National News. On the front pages of newspapers around the world, we are now privileged to witness the extraordinary strength of women oppressed by fanatical forms of Islam. In Iran, these women are emerging as our heroines. Young and old, they are willing to expose themselves to imprisonment, violence and potential death in order to achieve liberation. In Iran, they are leading the charge for regime change and thus the end of one of the most evil dictatorships of this century. …

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In Afghanistan, misogyny reared its ugly head, as the Taliban government banned women from university education and working with local and foreign NGOs.

It is remarkable that today’s loudest cry for freedom and democracy is coming from one of the most oppressed and vulnerable populations in the world—women in Muslim countries. Theirs is not only a struggle for those rights and freedoms that, since World War II, we have considered humanity’s birthright. In fact, the seeds of this revolution were sown as early as the seventh century, when the first Islamic laws restricting the status of women were enacted. In our time, these iron-fisted laws that define women’s clothing, gender roles, culture, freedom of movement and much else are, at last, under siege. A great revolution is stirring, a liberation movement that the Muslim world has never seen before. …

The West is often accused, including by various Muslim women’s movements, of being imperialist, ethnocentric and, above all, Islamophobic. This is a very imposing accusation, since it effectively interdicts all discussion, meaning Islam cannot be criticized as Christianity or Judaism may be criticized. The charge, in effect, demonizes any realistic debate over the oppression of women in Muslim countries; even when, as in Iran, female Muslims are heroically rising up against it.

If we want to help these heroines, then we must insist on talking about them and the reasons for their uprising honestly and straightforwardly, and face down the accusation of Islamophobia. We must face reality, because the oppression of women in the Muslim world is the reality, and it is now being challenged as it has never been before.

Editor’s note: This post excerpts a secular article that makes important points. Be encouraged by the fact that Iran is possibly where the Church is growing fastest and is increasing among Muslim women who are willing to suffer dearly for the gospel. Watch the powerful documentary Sheep Among Wolves for the true story, or read this from IFApray.org: Pray for Light in Iran.

How are you praying for Muslim women? Share your prayers and scriptures below.

(Excerpt from Israel National News. Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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March 21, 2023

Praying for our sisters in Muslim countries, especially Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Let your Holy Spirit hide them. Amen

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