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Lord, we thank You for the overturn of Roe v. Wade. Continue to stamp out abortion across the nation, God, and protect the unborn!
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The Dobbs decision was not just the result many pro-life politicians’ plans. It was also the result of years of constant prayer from intercessors like you!

From CBN. In Mississippi, abortion is illegal, although few people know the state’s attorney general also paved the way for the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark decision.

Have you taken your place on the wall?


“The power of prayer, for us, kept us going,” said Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch. …

As the attorney general was preparing for one of her most important cases, Fitch believes God played a central role in overturning America’s abortion law.

“And when we got ready for oral argument (Dec. 1st) Oh, you could just feel this energy — the prayers were there,” Fitch said. “We were very calm going in front of the justices. And the excitement outside in the rally with thousands of people: people were praying.”

Fitch and her office spearheaded Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization — the case responsible for overturning the 1973 Roe v Wade ruling that legalized abortion nationwide. …

Before her daily push for the people begins, the attorney general and her staff arm themselves with faith.

“I have many favorites, but Philippians 4:13 (comes to mind), ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me’,” Fitch said. “This is a very Christian office, we pray together, that’s how we open up activities in our office.”

Fitch credits God and hard work for overturning Roe v Wade, followed by several trigger laws nationwide, including one in Mississippi which bans all abortions except to save the life of a woman, or in cases of rape or incest reported to law enforcement. …

As for what’s ahead, Fitch says she remains steadfast in her duties as a female trailblazer, not just for Mississippi but the nation. Despite the hardships accompanied by being a single mother of three, Fitch shares her story to empower women to choose life while modeling what she believes is noble, excellent, and praiseworthy.

“We believe in the next steps, and as I talk about next steps for this new Dobbs era,” said Fitch. “How do we empower those mothers and those children? What are we doing for the future — as we’ve really evaluated next steps, it involves everyone.”

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(Excerpt from CBN. Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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April 3, 2023

Praise God! for your victory! for your answered prayer! for showing us that you can do the impossible! Please protect your truth! Stop satan’s countermoves; lead us to support godly views in our government. In Jesus’ name, Amen

April 1, 2023

GOD SAVE THE UNBORN111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Francis Mula
April 1, 2023

A.G. Fitch you and your staff are a shining light in a very dark world. I pray you will be given, by Our Lord and Savior, all the strength and courage necessary to dismantle Satan’s evil schemes. Thank you and your staff for all of your Godly driven works. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Darlene DeAngelis
April 1, 2023

Father God it’s absolutely barbaric what they do to an unborn child father God this needs to stop completely these unborn children have a right to live father God I always say we’re not only killing the mother but we’re killing the child father God push him down like dominoes and make them all non-existing these abortion Mills these barbaric murder sites in the name of Jesus it it’s time for people to rise up and help these women that are pregnant in some way thank you Jesus

John Crawford
April 1, 2023

Father, we thank You for Mississippi AG Lynn Fitch. We thank You that she is a powerful woman of God. We agree with Your Word of protection in Psalm 91 for her and her family. We thank You for continuing to use her as a trailblazer in the state of Mississippi. We declare that Mississippi is a catalyst for Godly reformation in the entire United States. We declare this truth in the mighty name of Jesus.

David Lelli
April 1, 2023

We can know that God still loves our country because of His gift to us of lifting the burden of the unjust edict Roe v Wade. With this knowledge we can be confident that He will continue to bless us if only we turn to Him.
Lord God please rescue the United States of America from the tyrrany we are now enduring. Forgive us our sins and bring us back to You. As you did in protecting Your most innocent children for us, please now extend Your mighty hand and bring Your true justice to this once great nation so that we can praise your name and once again be one nation under God. We ask this in Jesus name. Amen.


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