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Father, we lift up the people of Nashville before You. Comfort the brokenhearted, Lord, and bind up their wounds. Bring Your peace to Tennessee.
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Intercessor, Nashville is hurting, but God is still in control!

Sean Feucht will be in Nashville at 5 PM Saturday, April 1, 2023 to pray for the community in the wake of Monday’s shooting. This will be a powerful time of seeking the Lord and interceding in prayer.

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Perhaps what is most special about this time is that it is evidence of God’s provision and timing. According to Feucht, this time of prayer was scheduled and planned “just days before the tragedy.” God knew what His people needed, and He preordained this day of prayer for such a time as this.

This will be such an important time of prayer! If you are not able to attend, pray in agreement where you are! Let’s intercede on behalf of this grieving community!

Share your prayers for Nashville below.

(Video from Sean Feucht. Photo Credit: Brandon Jean on Unsplash)

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April 2, 2023

Father God, My heart is burdened because of the waning of love and relationships becoming distorted and tainted for those bodies and souls who submit to the Devil’s calling. You have created all of humanity including those who have chosen Satan over you. It is not your creation that is at fault, it is the soul who has been bought by Satan who has used deceit to achieve a distorted and broken relationship with his victims. Only you Lord, can know these individuals and can decide if they are worthy of your mercy. WE look to You for Your will to be done. Amen

April 1, 2023

Deliver these Nashville residents from evil and cause your grace and mercy to comfort them in this time. I pray for your protection according to Psalm 91 over local children and families. Please deliver them from evil. Please deliver those local residents from evil plots of murder and all forms of destruction. Send now help from your holy habitation. In Jesus Name


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