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Father, we pray that you would the teenagers and children being taken advantage of by the cartels. Deliver them from their suffering and allow them to truly flourish in the plan you have for them.
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Mexican cartels are using children to perpetrate their crimes. We must pray not only victims affected by these cartels, but for the underage members who need deliverance.

From The Epoch Times. A sheriff’s office in Texas announced in a press release that a traffic stop over the weekend has brought newfound attention to how Mexican cartels use underage teenagers to carry out human smuggling….

Kinney County is an agricultural community in southwest Texas on the border with Mexico. According to the sheriff’s office, at a traffic stop over the weekend on Ranch Road 3008, a deputy “spotted another vehicle with a load of what appeared to be illegal aliens.”

In the truck were crammed “about half a dozen illegal aliens, mostly from Mexico” and at the front of the truck there was a 61-year-old Colombian driver, next to whom sat a 14-year-old boy who came from Mexico but was found to be living in Austin, Texas.

“It turns out, the Colombian man was a subcontractor and driver—and the 14-year-old was the shot-caller with the connections,” the office stated. “The Colombian man told authorities that he’d met the boy on a couple of occasions in an Austin laundromat, and at some point told him about how he was having health problems and that money was tight….”

The Texas Department of Public Safety back in 2011 warned that Mexican cartels seek to recruit Texas students as young as 11 to support their illicit smuggling operations, whether those involve drugs, humans, or weapons. Then-DPS director Steven McCraw told Reuters at the time the drug gangs have a chilling name for the recruited young Texans—”the expendables….”

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(Excerpt from The Epoch Times. Photo Credit: ia huh on Unsplash)

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March 5, 2022

Father, destroy every stronghold and principality that steals, kills and destroys children, whether it’s for adrenochrome by the affluent political insiders and others, abortion, drug cartels, pharmaceutical cartels that push hormone poison or prostitution / labor, all for profit.
God of heaven and earth and everything in it, Who owns the cattle on a thousand hills, Who has a millstone for everyone who leads children to destruction, rebuke, cast down, expose and expel these demonic strongholds and principalities.
Cause Your light to shine like when You said “let there be light” when You separated Light (Owr – Goodness, Shekinah) from darkness (Choshek – evil, foreboding darkness) and expose those who purposes are evil, who say to themselves You do not see them (“Yet they say, “The Lord does not see, Nor does the God of Jacob understand.””
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭94:7‬ ‭NKJV‬‬
Father, release Your angel armies and rescue these children.
In the name of Jesus. Amen.

March 4, 2022

In all of these prayers that I’m seeing on the IFApray.org site, none of them are being prayed in the name of Jesus! What is going on!?!

Allena Jordan
March 4, 2022

Lord, draw the children to Yourself. Protect them from all kinds of abuse including this type. Let Your kingdom come and Your will be done in these children’s lives. Amen.

Jessica Renshaw
March 4, 2022

Heart-rending. Prayiing!


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