I Prayed have prayed
Lord God, thank You that before we call, You will answer, and while we are still speaking, You will hear.

Can we really change history? The short answer is yes.

Recently, IFA reported that through a seeming “coincidence,” one of the participants in an IFA state prayer call found herself locked down in a mall during an active shooter situation — even as the prayer call was going on: IFA Prayer Call Interrupts an Active Shooter.

Pray for your fellow intercessor.


Susan S. from Alabama posted this comment on that article:

“Amazing testimony about God using prayer during mall shooting, encourages us to obey Holy Spirit guidance.

“Another favorite prayer report was in IFA’s “Miracles in Ukraine” article on web that included big wind suddenly blowing parachutes 🪂 of Russian soldiers back to their Russian side so they didn’t land on Ukranian soldiers (following soldier earlier telling his family in Ukraine to gather prayer support since Ukrainians just got intelligence Russian paratroopers planned to land in their area).

“I was impressed because, unaware of any of this situation, I had ‘happened’ to trustingly pray 1) for God to use weather (knowing Jesus calmed storm) to help Ukrainians (in conflict) and 2) for God to keep both Ukrainian and Russian soldiers alive longer so they have more time to turn their wills to trust Jesus and be saved. The ‘Miracles in Ukraine’ report encouraged me God used my prayers, answering both requests!

“I’ve mentioned this parachute story at Christian academy where I substitute. During a tornado alert, I thought this story would help the students turn fear into trusting our all-powerful, loving God. So I told them this story about how God controlled the weather in Ukraine.

“One student exclaimed, ‘You changed history!’ … ”

The entire 50-year history of IFA can be summed up in the belief that God inspires us to pray the prayers He intends to answer. And then He shows us through the IFA platform that He has used us. Susan prayed a very specific prayer about the weather. Then, she read on IFApray.org how God answered. Can’t you just imagine the delight of the Father in making sure that Susan saw that her prayer was answered?

Please join IFA in Washington, D.C., to celebrate the moving of God through the lives and prayers of individuals to impact history. This prayer experience will be unlike any conference you have ever attended. Find out the details at IFA50.org.

Please post an answered prayer in the comments. Let’s encourage each other that God is working!

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Priscilla Meyenburg
September 30, 2023

God is working through prayers and dreams: Pray with Me: We shall impact History because we finally listened God. 🧎🧎‍♂️🧎‍♀️👅

“Father, You made us dreamers just like You. We can’t help but look ahead. Today we dream of a different America. We dream of an America that honors life, that honors You and Your Word. We dream of a generation that embraces, once again, Your passion for delivering the good news of Your Kingdom to the ends of the earth. We dream of young people who know You and are secure in the identity and destiny You gave them. We dream of them as passionate worshipers of You and followers of Your ways. We dream of a government that lives our national motto, In God We Trust, and honors our national pledge, “…one nation under God.” We dream of a church that is filled with life, fire, and power.
And for people around the world, we dream of salvation, freedom, health, food to eat, and prosperity. Send revival. Defeat and remove evil leaders who oppress people and create war. Remove them from power. Destroy their evil yoke. We pray all this in the authority of Christ, Amen.”
(These words are a message of Hope and answers)
Our Decree:
“We declare that no comfort will create passivity or complacency in us. We will dream big dreams for God”. Pray and let the banks overflow “ Let the blessings flow from our believers who are praying

September 24, 2023

Our amazing God answers and has such a sense of humor. I couldn’t help but visualize God saving the soldiers. Praise God for his
Many blessings!

Sarah Beth Kump
September 24, 2023

Jesus said our joy would be full in John 16:24 when we ask and the Father grants us our prayers and petitions. It is a humbling thing to be so used by Him when we pray the things He wants prayed and to see Him get the glory and praise for those answered prayers.

Rita Pope
September 23, 2023

I am so encouraged when I hear testimonies of how our God is answering prayers at specific times when and where they are needed. But then, He is an “on-time” God!!! Hallelujah! Praise God!

Ron Deere
September 23, 2023

This is amazing, but as we faithfully follow Christ, He enables us all to “walk among miracles.” Praise the Lord. We used to work for a worldwide ministry. We all would pray for the work in other parts of the world and God would answer with MIRACLES. My first use of the walking among miracles was during our time in this ministry – from which we retired.

Sid Abma
September 23, 2023

I am an Over The Road Long Haul truck driver, and I know that God is my co-pilot and is riding with me All The Time. He is in control of the weather and has as I watched move storms out of my path, and melted snow and ice on the roads I had to travel. He provides places for me to park when I am getting tired.
I get to see His handy work in the beauty of the landscape I get to travel, and I have confidence in knowing He is listening to me as I talk to Him during the day.

    September 23, 2023

    God Bless you Sid for your testimony. What a blessing for you to know that God is with you on your journeys across the country, and what joy you bring to God when you spend time with him !!

September 23, 2023

Thank you for your prayers and sharing with others the good news. Little is much when God is in it. We can all help with a prayer among many.

September 23, 2023

Hallelujah Praise You Lord God. Thank You Jesus

Martha Walker
September 23, 2023

My friend lives in Virginia Beach where the storm was to dump a lot of rain. Contacted her this morning and she said they had rain and today is the wind like Genesis 8:1.

Brian Lynch
September 23, 2023

Praise God! He still moves! Why are we EVER surprised?

Cari nicholson
September 23, 2023

The bills were encroaching upon us due to my temporary physical status. After the healing, i began praying for financial breakthrough toward a job that had benefits, that i would be able to sit stand or walk at my need and that i would enjoy going to.

On my search, i applied for an opening to an autistic school. The interview went well, however they chose another.

My response was one of faith. I affirmed and declared, “thats ok, God is going to open a door for even something better.

In a week another job popped up on my phone screen that was only a short distance from my home on a beautiful country drive into the morning sunrise, even better hours, benefits and duties and i didnt even have to seek it out. The job came to me.

The first thing the interviewer stated was “this place is about relationship.” I jumped for joy inside and new the Holy Spirit was here and involved. I am able to get to know all the kiddos and adults and i am able and expected to be relational. The best part is they have a prayer group within the building. So i have lots of joy and my bills are being taken care of. God loves me and made me for such a time and place as this.

Thank you Jesus for your blood and presence in my life.
Free indeed.

September 23, 2023

It’s a shame you support the war in Ukraine. The country needs cleansed of the deeply embedded evil.
Innocent people suffer at the hand of the wicked
Do not support this war .

    September 23, 2023

    There are always 2 sides to a story or in this case, a war. No “one” side is responsible for all the evil. Our aim should be the same as Jesus wants – to pray for an end to the war for both or any nations involved. God knows the evil on “all sides” but he isn’t taking sides. He simply wants us to be faithful in what He has commanded – then He will be faithful to work out the justice.
    If you want to come on this thread & suggestively point fingers at who is “responsible for the war” – then make sure God alone is directing what you are saying with absolutely zero error… not anything that is filtered through human news articles.

    Carol G
    September 24, 2023

    Don’t you know this is a prayer site? The article stated above simply details how God has faithfully responded to prayers. This site does not take a legalistic or political position. We simply get informed about matters that require prayer…and then we pray about it.
    So how could prayer be a problem? Are you praying?
    Lord God, thank you for the reports of answered prayer! We give you praise for the confirmation that you hear us and want to go to work through our petitions. You are providing us great encouragement to continue interceding. May you receive great glory for your faithful answers and powerful involvement in bringing help and resolution where it is needed.
    Father, I lift up Annalee to you now. Please remove her confusion and draw her close to you. Please protect our group from being divided, which is what the enemy is trying to do.

Louise Kingston
September 23, 2023

Being strong and independent is celebrated in our culture. We are rewarded with money, accolades and other worldly desires.

I know this to be true, because I have lived it. I have been offered many opportunities to become what this world calls amazing.

Instead, a loving Savior and dear Heavenly Father guided me by the Spirit to reject certain paths. It was not easy to understand, but trusting in the Lord carried me throughout.

I see it as being enlisted in God’s “training program” which includes trusting Him always and humbling my own tenacious strong will. It has been a constant battle to put off my own desires and focus on being humble before Him. By doing so, life has been FULL of miracles.
First, I did what He says to do. I began asking for miracles, believing He could deliver.
Then, the miracles started raining down from above. Nothing is too big or small to ask Him. Some of His miracles in my life range from answers for renewed health, a car working-just long enough to get through a trip, help in finding lost keys-even lost toys, immediate intervention for a struggling child living away from home. Basically, I ask for help with day to day obstacles, whether big or small.
When we ask “if You are willing, Lord,” and then have faith in His will, miracles happen!
This scripture is fulfilled over and over again:

“above all, taking the shield of faith with which you will be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one.” —Ephesians 6:16

Focus on the “ALL.” It is truly a miracle that He intervenes for us all the time when we have faith!

Our Father in Heaven wants to gently lead us to ultimate dependence on Him.
That is when the miracles continuously pour down and we are truly sustained by His hand..
And we can proclaim constantly, “All honor and glory be to our God!”

    Shirley Bonard
    September 23, 2023

    Amen Sister! I agree with you..I am 85 years of age and have seen and been blessed by many miracles from healings and seeing the majority of my family coming to the Lord and spiritually and finically blessed throughout my years.. praying the living Word and faith believing is the road to it ALL !

September 23, 2023

Billy Graham said it-
Christ belongs to ALL people
He belongs to the WHOLE world 🌎

September 23, 2023

THANK YOU for sharing this encouraging word! It has so touched my heart, and inspired my spirit!

September 23, 2023


September 23, 2023

Lets pray GOD’S will for leaders from our cities to capitals to the Nation! Not ours! He knows who will stand faithful and who will bend with fear. With GOD all things are possible.

Jerome H.
September 23, 2023

For whom have we in heaven but you owe God? And, besides you, we desire nothing on this earth. For we love you and your word, and your word is our meditation all the day. Oh how our nation is in need of your counsel. You frustrate the plans of the people for they have gone astray. Return their minds back to you. Oh God in Jesus name amen.

Sheila Price
September 23, 2023

For months now I have been praising Yehovah God for pouring His prayers into me so I will speak them out, so that He can direct the Holy Angel’s, or the wind and other elements to accomplish His good will.
He’s amazing❣

Maria Fillyaw
September 23, 2023

Thank You God, You are awesome!!!!!


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