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Lord, we lift this arraignment and these charges up before You. Let Your will be done, O God of justice and righteousness.
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Hunter Biden is to be arraigned in person early next month.

From CBS News. Hunter Biden, President Biden’s son, must appear in-person for his arraignment on three felony gun charges that is set for Oct. 3, according to a court order issued Wednesday.

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U.S. Magistrate Judge Christopher Burke of the federal district court in Delaware said in his brief order that the president’s son “should not receive special treatment in this manner — absent some unusual circumstances,” and therefore must be physically present for his initial appearance and arraignment.

Lawyers for Hunter Biden had asked the court to hold the proceeding by video conference, writing in a letter to Burke that the “financial impact on government resources and the logistical burden on the downtown Wilmington area are significant in having him travel across the country for what should be a rather short proceeding.” Hunter Biden currently lives in California, and the courthouse is in Wilmington. …

Special counsel David Weiss, who is overseeing the case against Hunter Biden, opposed the request for a virtual initial appearance and arraignment. …

“An in-person hearing is important to promote the public’s confidence that the defendant is being treated consistently with other defendants in this District and in other Districts,” Weiss and prosecutors on his team wrote in a letter to the court. …

Hunter Biden was indicted on three counts related to his purchase of a firearm, a Colt Cobra 38SPL revolver, in October 2018 while he was a drug user, according to the charging document. …

The three counts are felonies, and if Hunter Biden is convicted, he could face up to 25 years in prison.

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(Excerpt from CBS News. Photo Credit: By acaben – flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0, Wikimedia Commons)

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Grant Windholz
September 24, 2023

Lord God Almighty, you are the provider and ultimate judge for all of mankind. Bring truth to America this broken country!!!

Deborah Ryder
September 24, 2023

Lord, you expose the hidden things! Let justice prevail

Ann NMN Shaw
September 24, 2023

Father God, you know the truth and I trust that whatever you want us to know will come forth. I pray that toy would soften Hunter’s heart so that he will know you, Almighty Father, and your love for him. You do not desire any of your children to continue living in darkness.

In Jesus’s name Amen

September 24, 2023

Lord, we pray for your perfect will be done in our land. You are God of love and Justice. You and You alone is our hope and salvation. No one else can deliver us from this great evil that has gripped us. Let this be just the beginning of the destruction of the corruption and evil that so many leaders and people are so blatantly practicing in our land. Bring our country and this world back to you. In Jesus name, Amen

September 23, 2023

Hunter is being arraigned during the Feast of Tabernacles. Tabernacles is a time to celebrate God taking His people out of the bondage of Egypt and His faithfulness in the hard times, His protection in the wilderness. No enemy defeated them in the wilderness.

Teresa Bohlander
September 23, 2023

Hunter Biden should be treated the same as anyone in this country and has already had several other proofs of drug abuse and financial illegal dealings with China and other countries! God I ask that truth and justice prevail in this country! I trust that God will intercede in the truth!

September 23, 2023

LORD let your will be done as it’s written in heaven: for You are the true judge that can see the innermost heart issues in Hunter ,his attorneys, the attorneys of where he did the crime and the judge:not to quiver under pressure: but that be truthful to the law.

Marta Gallegos
September 23, 2023

PRAYERS AND THAT FATHER GOD’S WILL BE DONE I don’t discount the fact that Hunter may be an innocent victim of his father’s evil perversions I would prefer to have Biden be dealt with first and Stop all the evil he is doing now with his policy’s Yes he may be demented but why evil This is why PRAY PRAY PRAY AND FOR FATHER’S WILL CHRIST JESUS IS LORD AMEN ✝️

Pamela Derrer
September 23, 2023

Sorry , but I didn’t know what that one thing meant.
I s prayer???

Pamela Derrer
September 23, 2023

I am so sorry about Hunter.
Jesus is sad, because Jesus loves every one and Jesus knows Hunter and his Dad. Jesus loves them ,. But I am praying that Hunter and all that he did and his Dad, be revealed and everyone will know the truth.
May his socalled punishment be of the truth. May Jesus open the eyes, Brain, and heart to what is really going on because 1,000 of people Are being affected 💔.
What we sew is what we reap.
Praying for truth and justice, God’s, to be done at this trial and in the US. Amen

September 23, 2023


🛑Victor D. Hanson’s article provides a reliable truth to the trajectory of the Biden criminal family and their personal criminal abuse of America’s government, criminal abuse of America’s citizens taxes, and targeting American citizen Trump and MAGA message supporters while abusing America’s Justice system to mislead the public and escape liability for their corruption and lies. Please read the article but here are some of his words:

🛑“Despite years of Biden family and media disinformation, we are finally learning President Joe Biden really did fire Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin for looking into state corruption involving the oil company Burisma and Hunter Biden — and ultimately Joe Biden himself.”

🛑“So, what is Congress to do now — un-impeach and exonerate an innocent, impeached Donald Trump, and instead impeach a guilty Biden for essentially the same allegations?

After all, the Left redefined the impeachment bar in 2019 as leveraging foreign aid to Ukraine to benefit one’s political career.

And that is exactly what Joe Biden did to ensure his son could continue to raise millions for the Biden family with foreign governments, while being shielded from political consequences.”

🛑“The Bidens will lose the only impediment — Joe Biden’s political machinations — left in the way of an honest, full-blown felony investigation into what is likely the most corrupt presidential family in American history.”

🙏🏻Abba, please, please reveal the Truth to all the world of the corrupt Biden family, their lies, and all those like them especially since and including Clinton and Obama. Please reveal the Truth of every person, and influence surrounding the inhuman hate and malicious evil against Trump and MAGA message supporters especially in observation of the Two-Tier system of Justice which in itself is demonic. And if Trump is not guilty, may You bless him with Your Justice and those who support the MAGA message and January 6 Truth. We know You appoint leaders and rulers and trust in Your perfect plan and perfect time in doing so, and petition You for righteous judgment. We know that we genuine Christians are only Ambassadors on this dying earth and may we always seek Your Justice being in like mind, spirit, and body with You. We praise You and honor You and glorify You for Your ways are mysterious and perfect. Thank you. It is in the Blood of theMessiah, Jesus Christ, I pray that Your Will be done. I love you LORD. Amen. Amen.

❤️“Behold, I am making all things new.” -Jesus Christ
(Revelation 21:5, 95AD)

    September 25, 2023

    Father God release the Jan 6 prisioners. Give them care and help for their unjust imprisionment. In Jesus’ name amen.

September 23, 2023

Let’s do our level best to keep in mind that Hunter is a sideshow, a distraction… from the real cowardly criminal & fraud prez Biden. Don’t think for a minute that the people representing this crime family don’t know what they are doing – they know exactly how far they can push this narrative with the appearance of “we’re finally going to get one prosecuted” headlines that “they allow & instruct to be released”…but only (eventually) before they find a pre-planned technicality to derail it (again). The present scenario gives them time to cross all the T’s, dot the I’s, secure bribes, etc. with the judge, jurors, etc. to see that Hunter never serves time. The goal, with the present misdirection, is to bury & erase 50 years of corruption within Joe Biden’s career as a compromised politician. Hunter’s crimes, via the media, are designed for you to focus on. That’s why you see the same laptop pictures circulating when there are thousands more available that would make you & I gasp. It’s so thick & deep we can barely comprehend it. Hunter most certainly is guilty of so many crimes that it’s hard to believe – from illegal drug purchases to using underage girls for sex, to prostitution solicitation, bribery, child porn, etc. It’s endless. But remember, Joe has been violating laws , through illegal use of his office, much of his entire career – not to mention his complete knowledge of the theft of the 2020 election. Joe has lied (denied) repeatedly his knowledge of Hunter’s activities. Meanwhile, the present admin is using your tax dollars for legal defense of the Biden’s. It’s not coming out of their pockets. And we need to continually complain to your elected officials that that is completely wrong.
I’m like you – I’m asking God for His perfect justice to finally come forth. I sincerely pray that, through desperation & brokenness, the Biden family, with their backs to the wall & nowhere to turn…. will call on Jesus for salvation. But God has to bring that about & it’s looking like only He can do that because our justice system continues to fail us… through corruption, compromise & outright cowardice. We still serve the God of the impossible – when it’s so dark, He alone can bring light to the utmost hidden places.
Let’s ask God to help us never to seek justice from a heart of revenge but according to His perfect will for law & justice to take place because He requires order in a society…and that no matter what people have done, He still offers His hand of salvation to the worst of sinners. For some, only complete brokenness causes them to call out to God.

Brian Lynch
September 23, 2023

Hunter needs to show up in person. I hope and pray that this is just the beginning of legal woes for the Biden crime family. Their evil actions must be exposed, and dealt with according to the laws of this nation.

September 23, 2023

What about his crimes against humanity? Lord, we call on You for justice for the bigger picture!!

September 23, 2023

I pray that Hunter doesn’t get a PRESIDENTIAL PARDON from daddy if convicted! Thank you daddy God in Jesus’ name Amen!

September 23, 2023

Lord we pray for justice to be done in this situation. We ask you to set in place those you have ordained to handle this case and not be biased in any way. We stand together for truth justice and righteousness to be established in every case of corruption in our nation. Thank you for your faithfulness to your people who cry out to you day and night. We stand on your promise to deliver us from evil and that America shall be saved! In Jesus name. Amen


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