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Father, we lift up the people who regret their transition. We pray that you would heal their bodies and comfort them. We also pray for every youth in the country struggling with feelings of gender dysphoria. Give them the help they need, Lord, so that they never have to harm their bodies.
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Gender and sexuality are certainly hot topics today, and many accuse schools and doctors of manipulating youth into taking permanently damaging treatments instead of pursuing counseling. On “DeTrans Awareness Day,” many formerly trans individuals spoke out to confirm these fears and accusations, as well as to offer hope to others who may be struggling.

From The Daily Wire. People who formerly began gender transition procedures flooded social media with their de-transition stories on “DeTrans Awareness Day,” sharing stories of depression, anxiety, and fear….

“I started taking testosterone at 18 because I was tired of not fitting in with other girls so thought I’d make a better man instead,” tweeted user Allie. “An autism diagnosis later and it all makes sense now.”

Allie, who does not use her last name to preserve her privacy, told The Daily Wire that “there’s a big problem right now with how hormonal therapy is being given as a rushed treatment for gender dysphoria in young people.”

That hormonal therapy “takes precedence over explorative therapy that might help dysphoric people understand why they want to be the opposite sex,” she added….

“That is the state of activist-controlled health care,” said [detransitioner Twitter user] Michelle. “There is one narrative that is acceptable, and every person who does not fit that narrative — who regrets transitioning, who returns to living as their sex, who talks about the potential for issues — is told to shut up….”

“Why are we doing this? Why are we talking about detransition,” detransitioner Twitter user “Watson” asked.

“Because it is important,” Watson continued. “Because it is *happening.* The stories will not be easy to accept – medical scandals never are. But that doesn’t mean they should be ignored. Quite the contrary, actually.”

Watson cited a 2021 study by Dr. Lisa Littman, physician-scientist whose research is focused on gender dysphoria, showing that out of 100 detransitioners who participated in the study, 60% detransitioned after they became more comfortable identifying as their biological sex.

The peer reviewed study also found that 49% of that group detransitioned over “concerns about potential medical complications from transitioning,” and 38% detransitioned after “coming to the view that their gender dysphoria was caused by something specific such as trauma, abuse, or a mental health condition.”

“The majority (55.0%) felt that they did not receive an adequate evaluation from a doctor or mental health professional before starting transition and only 24.0% of respondents informed their clinicians that they had detransitioned,” the study’s abstract says….

Another detransitioner and outspoken commentator Grace Lidinsky-Smith shared photos on Twitter depicting her transformation.

“On the left: me shortly after top surgery, 2017,” tweeted Grace. “This was the darkest time in my life. On the right: me recently. Life goes on, life gets better.”

In a February 2021 SubStack piece, Lidinsky-Smith shared that no other decision in her life has impacted her “so indelibly, or caused as profound regret, as my 2017 decision to transition FTM: female-to-male….”

“When I realized that being a trans man wasn’t what I wanted anymore, I fell into despair,” Lidinsky-Smith wrote. “My body was permanently changed. The surgery was the hardest thing to deal with. The scars hurt. I missed the feeling of having an intact, unscarred body. I was convinced my life had been ruined….”

“Above all, I just want to say: you can come back from this,” she continued. “People have lived through a lot more. I am not a guide, I have no special wisdom, but I come to you humbled, scarred, and holding out my hand. You can get through this, and build a life.”

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(Excerpt from The Daily Wire. Photo Credit: Erick Zajac on Unsplash)

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March 18, 2022

Our Father who art in Heaven..please open the eyes of these children to reach out for help from parents, pastors or therapists before they leap in to transgender surgery. Amen

March 17, 2022

There is NO RIGHT TO BE DAMAGED. ‘Transism’ is a form of self-deception and Masochism. Every human being has, of course, the right TO BE WHO S/HE IS, and that is determined by Nature. Therefore, we will, normally, live through childhood and youth to grow up, as our body tells us.
If there are errors -and such faults happen- like testes not come out, or an oversize clitoris mistaken for a penis, or a person being hermaphrodite, or xyy male, or hyper female, or simple hormonal mis-programming – for all such cases medical and psychological help should be freely available – if need, be even surgery!
These are, however, not what the “Transim” is about. That is built on the assumed and dogmatically followed theory that (we have to go back here to post”feminist” doctrines that “we are all born the same – and all differences between me and women, boys and girls are only inserted through environment and patriarchic doctrines”.
Under this pretext, each of us has only “been forced to be a man or woman, boy or girl”, and can “free itself – or themself to be what they want to be.” That dogma is, however, lacking any scientific, biological, or human reality! It is pure dream and phantasy dogma and an attempt to escape from the reality of life and the world.
There are phases in our development, before the sexual evolution fully sets in in Puberty, when boys play with ideas like “girls have it better – the don’t get slapped as much as I” – or girls see that “I always see men in those chique sports cars and strong motorbikes – I want that, too” – and similar dream-plays. To fix that as “Necessity of gender adapting surgery” would be criminal ignorance of children’s psychology!
Our sexes, in a normal healthy person, are set in weeks 6 to 8 in utero and that works on the shaping of our bodies. That differentiation is NOT 100%, but every man has female, and every woman has male traits – for instance a small part of opposite hormones. But that does not change our sex nor sexual personality.
So, what does it – change our self-perception? Events -traumatic or rewarding- that cause a preference, or influence -or even “grooming”- by parents, teachers, facebook, instagram, advertising, etc. Look at all these INFLUENCERS around us who have interests in – for instance, creating new markets for Fashion and Consumer Goods – and the “gender theory” has already produced billions of profits!
We’re talking here about a dangerous DUMBING DOWN planned to be world-wide. That is worse than Hitler!

March 17, 2022

Holy Abba Thank You for these ones who had the courage to detransition..I pray in Yeshua’s Holy Name that you would give them an even bigger platform and a voice to speak out in truth about this evil deception of the enemy to mar Your creation…I pray that by speaking out they might save others from falling for the enemy’s deception…may their spiritual eyes be open to “see” and their hearts be receptive to the truth…Amen

March 17, 2022

Thank you lord for these brave young people who are not afraid to tell the truth.
Help them in their road back to the person you intended them to be, give them your words of comfort and love and acceptance. Use them for your glory.

March 17, 2022

My niece started identifying as a boy at the age of 12. Her parents started hormone treatments and let her change her name and gender with her school. I pray daily for her eyes to be opened and to reclaim what God made her to be. She’s been hospitalized with suicidal thoughts and needs our prayers. Please join me in praying for her, and others like her, who are being deceived.

    March 22, 2022

    LLC, praying in agreement with you for healing and restoration for your niece, in Jesus’ Precious Name. By Jesus’ stripes may she be healed and made whole.

    May she come to know Jesus and his great love for her. May she realize that Jesus understands her, and may she find peace and happiness as the girl God made her.

    In Jesus’ Wonderful Name, amen!

March 17, 2022

Praying for the children who have been deceived by Satan, author of lies. Rescue them, Lord Jesus.


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