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Lord, we pray for Justice Barrett and her colleagues, particularly as they examine this case with services for children in need at its center.
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Praise God for the successful confirmation of Justice Amy Coney Barrett at just the right time. She joins the U.S. Supreme Court just in time for one of the biggest contests in Washington this season.

No, I’m not talking about Election Day. I’m referring to the day after.

On November 4, a potentially pivotal religious liberty case comes before the high court. During oral arguments, Justice Barrett and her colleagues will have a chance to explore a conflict between our nation’s first freedom and the radical application of sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) mandates.

This case started in March 2018 when The Philadelphia Inquirer published an article zeroing in on two faith-based foster care agencies— Bethany Christian Services and Catholic Social Services (CSS) — for their commitment to a biblical understanding of marriage as the union of a man and woman. In that article a spokesman for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia explained why CSS’s fundamental beliefs precluded it from directly assisting same-sex prospective parents. He said this element of its work helping children in Philadelphia is a “well-established and long-known one in our relationship with DHS.”

City officials apparently did not like that statement and soon the Department of Human Services (DHS) came knocking. Both agencies were effectively pushed out of partnering to help foster kids as long as they held to their beliefs. Bethany made changes in order to continue its work, but CSS refused to comply.

Now Fulton v. City of Philadelphia has found its way to the highest court in the land. Sharonell Fulton has a heart for foster children and has invested herself in 40 of them over decades.  A partner with CSS in helping these kids, she decided to lend her support to the faith-based agency in the legal battle started by the city’s discriminatory decision. They are being represented in court by the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, a hero in the Little Sisters of the Poor victory as well as a recent case of New York state discrimination against Orthodox Jews.

In its case summary, Becket highlights the long history of CSS’s success helping children in Philadelphia. “Catholic Social Services has loving families ready to care for kids today, but the government is keeping them on the sidelines,” Becket says.

It is notable that the city admits in its court filings that CSS “has long been a point of light in the city’s foster care system” and “it has performed its contractual duties with distinction.” But that is not enough for the city. Even a willingness to refer same-sex or unmarried individuals to other agencies without religious objections is not enough.

Becket’s Executive Director Montse Alvarado recently called this a “landmark case for religious liberty” in an interview with CBN News.

“It’s about the power of the government: whether the government can force you to change what you believe when you’re trying to be a part of the solution… when you’re trying to identify a social ill and really be there to make a difference,” she said.

This case certainly has all the makings of a landmark case, and it has its day in court next week. Will you be praying?

Aaron Mercer is a Contributing Writer with two decades of experience in Washington, D.C.s public policy arena. He reflects on faith, technology, and the public square at FTPolicy.com. (Photo Credit: Getty Images.)

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Joan Diane Bartruff
November 10, 2020

In Jesus Name, Heavenly Father I rebuke the powers of darkness in this “landmark” case. I pray for Bethany Christian Services and Catholic Social Services who serve children and families. Prevent a radical movement which does not respect, or honor freedom of religion, from hindering the wonderful work these agencies have done over the years.

I pray those who challenges religious freedom to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus
Christ as their Savior. Cause them to cease and desist in this matter, and I pray the Suprement Court will
rule in favor of these services. Amen.

November 3, 2020

Most people have not reasoned that humans do not know everything. No one can tell how much we know either. So then it is highly possible God could exist in what mankind does not know! We that believe in the One true God Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth know He lives and speaks to us. His word is sure and comes to pass because He makes reality with His words. This is what His word says: Ezekiel 18:25 King James Version
25 “Yet ye say, The way of the Lord is not equal/fair. Hear now, O house of Israel; Is not My way equal/ fair? Are not your ways unequal/unfair?”

So it is when unrighteous laws are made by power hungry people to force all people to what is “right in their eyes” only but not in the eyes of God who made them. They make hideous laws like killing children even up to birth and say it is ok, that it is their right, and have unrighteous judges secretly approve of the same, making it a law, one such is the “The Equality Act” when it is NOT anything to do with equality at all but the forcing of lgbtq+ agenda on all who do not believe it is right. It makes it illegal to even defend yourself in court should such a disagreement arise re: rights of Christians and our God-based beliefs, verses any disagreement with lgbt+ rights, thus discriminating against the Christian beliefs. It is all wrong. If the lgbt+ community wishes to do their beliefs, then do not make it mandatory that others cannot have their rights.

November 3, 2020

Lord bring your justice to America, bring your influence over our nation. We need more of you Lord more of you for no other goverment can right all our wrongs. Help us Lord Jesus!

November 3, 2020

Father God, thank You for sending Justice Barrett into the SC. May You use her and other God-fearing Justices to protect the freedom of faith for the Christian and Catholic adoption agencies as they face next week’s court judging and ruling. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Zam K L Joseph
November 3, 2020

Hon. Amy C. Barrett, we praise Lord God, honor congress and jurisdiction committees, and thanks for your confirmed as new US Supreme Court Justice ( Judge ). Psalm 106:3 – Blessed are they who observe justice, who do righteousness at all times!

Yvonne Pendleton
November 3, 2020

Our prayer is for Justice Barret to interpret the Constitution to protect all people in this Republic,one nation under God.Are we moving in that direction or is it just about what we want?

November 3, 2020

Let the little children come to me for such is the kingdom of heaven! Abba, fight for those without a voice. War for these children already going through hard places by being removed from their families. Overthrow the ruler of the kingdom of darkness who is behind all these evil acts against your precious little ones. Restore families and send revival to America. And THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for answering our prayers and speedily confirming SCJ Amy Coney Barrett! Use her for your glory! Protect her and her family and inner circle. Help them adjust to this new position and bless them! Overthrow the enemies plan to stack the Supreme Court. Allow President Trump to appoint 3 more SCJ’s. We give you all the praise and all the glory both now and forever more. In Jesus name we pray, Amen!

November 3, 2020


November 3, 2020

Dear Heavenly Father,
We have all been placed where we are “for such a time as this”. And I thank you humbly for placing Amy Coney Barrett on The Court now!
For your glory, work through the courts to expand religious freedom’s national awareness. And to highlight believers’ compassion while walking in truth. I pray for distinctions.
Your grace and unction, and anointing be on our highest court!
Through Jesus and his blood. Amen


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